Parent Partnership Meeting October 2021

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
Thursday, October 14th, 2021, 6:00 PM
Sommeliers (Bert and Ernie’s)

1. Attendees: Mandy Needham, Abigail McLane, Heidi Heavrin, Andrea Reveley, Heather VanBuren, Liz Ulrich, Kylee Hauck, Nicole Evans

2. Treasurer’s Report
a. Account Balance – $9,251.89 ($6,097 raised for fundraiser as of 10/8)
b. Recent Expenses – $58.74 Amazon (stickers & pencils for fundraiser)

3. Updates
a. Directory
i. Forms received, working to create
b. Parent Advisory Council (full notes)
i. Not perfect, but we have the kids still in school 5 days a week
ii. Lots of kids in and out for quarantining and isolation
iii. Spoke with Dr. Harkins at St. Pete’s – finally slowing down a bit this week. Hoping that means we are on the back side of the surge. Need to keep guard up.
iv. Staggering bus routes (Special Ed and Peak will remain the same)
v. Rapid Tests – Same rules as before, but can now call the school to schedule too
vi. PT Conferences can be in the building, masks required if so
vii. Surveys coming out
viii. Staff appreciation
c. KPP Annual Timeline/Notes – Continuing drafting them up here
d. Fall fundraiser

4. Decisions/Planning
a. Monthly meeting reminders and location scheduling
i. Abby to set up and communicate out in advance
ii. Add a zoom option when possible
b. Facebook Events
i. Mandy to talk to Lolita/Lisa about using Kessler one; Liz has an old Parent Partnership Facebook account we can consider
c. Amazon Smile reminder
i. Liz will put together a reminder for Mandy
d. Basketball hoop
i. Trying to find a storage location, possibly the shed.
e. Flying Giant Spirit Night email
i. Abby to prepare reminder email with COVID disclaimer
f. Trunk or Treat – Who will be there to coordinate people?
i. No extra stuff required.
g. Parent Teacher Conferences
i. First Tuesday & Thursday after Thanksgiving break (11/30 & 12/2)
ii. Will discuss the food order next month
h. Recycling Fundraising
i. Lost grant funding for recycling, Hat Day Friday 10/15/21, Liz brainstorming possible grants and funding sources.
i. Thanksgiving fundraiser – 11/15-19, $1 donation requested per day:
i. Monday: Kessler Color day
ii. Tuesday: Hat day or crazy hair
iii. Wednesday: neon color day side out day
iv. Thursday: PJ day
v. Friday: Cat/Griz/Saints gear, dollar buckets for teams
j. Christmas craft and vendor show opportunity (Nov 27th)
i. PP will not participate
k. Snack request form
i. very successful, can do again as needed!

5. Requests
a. Nicole Evans – Music K8 Subscription – $62.48 split with Hawthorne – approved
b. Nicole Evans – Xylophone, from, ~$650
i. On hold until end of fall fundraiser

6. Upcoming Dates
a. October 19th – Kessler Flying Giant Spirit Night
b. October 21-22 Educator Conferences – No school
c. November 11 – Next Parent Partnership Meeting
d. November 24-26 – Thanksgiving Break – No School
e. Winter Program – Recorded, Link will be sent date TBD

7. Action Items
a. Recycling Funding, Liz brainstorming funding sources
b. Flying Giant Event, Abby will add COVID disclaimer to flyer and send out
c. Amazon Smile, Liz will put together a reminder email to get sent out
d. Facebook Events – Mandy to talk to Lolita/Lisa about using Kessler one; Liz has an old Parent Partnership account we can consider

8. Notes
a. Who can Mandy reach out to about 5th grade things for activities going on and planning?
b. Depending on COVID situation, consider an outdoor carnival later in the year.
c. Consider coordinating and promoting Amazon wishlists or Sign Up Genius for teacher holiday gifts
d. Christmas program will be virtual this year, recording on Dec 16th