Parent Partnership Meeting March 2021

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
Thursday, March 11th, 2021, 6:00 PM
Virtual – Zoom

1. Attendees: Mandy Needham, Lolita Carter, Heidi Heavrin, Abigail McLane, Jessica Pickens,
Katie Gilbert, Holly McGraw, Lisa Lowney, Annie McCutcheon
2. Outstanding Action Items
3. Treasurer’s Report
a. Account Balance – $5,775.10
b. Recent Expenses – $54.89 Oriental Trading (Pencils), $17.22 Amazon (Smarties),
$179.80 Holly McGraw (Classroom Snacks)
4. Events for the Remainder of the Year
a. Spirit Week – Cat/Griz/Saints – Week of March 27th
i. Dress up days
1. Kessler Day
2. Favorite Sports Team
3. Crazy Sock/Hair Day
4. Hat Day
ii. Carroll bucket was created by Holly, others were in teacher’s break room
iii. Abby will send the flier to Lolita next week on the days we want it to go out
(multiple emails)
iv. Lolita will send it out each day
b. Class Trivia
i. Options
1. Free options: FamilyEducation, Poll Everywhere (limited to 25), Slido (1
quiz per event)
2. Does the school already have a Kahoot! account? Free option looks quite
limited (10 players).
ii. How do we want to run trivia?
1. Categories
a. Classes/teachers willing to submit 10-20 questions?
b. Fun pre-created quizzes/trivia?
2. All classes compete against each other? Just by grade?
3. K-2 and 3-5 split up or compete the various classes in each grade against
one another?
iii. Maybe last half hour of school before spring break
iv. Something small for participating? What for winners?
c. Fundraiser Nights
i. MacKenzie River – No response to second email (after speaking to the manager)
ii. BWW – No information after multiple calls
iii. Slim Chickens – Tuesdays from 5:00-8:00 PM – Not started doing them yet
iv. Taco John’s – Submitted questions about the option, waiting on a response
d. 5th Grade Fun Day
i. Katie has sent an email out to parents to bring fun things to the kids in the school
e. Kindergarten Graduation – not usually involved with this
f. Field Day – Discuss next month
5. Parent Advisory Council Update
a. Introduction to new Superintendent, Youth Connections information
6. Parent Teacher Conferences (online)
a. Jimmy John’s order submitted for the 17th, Katie will pick up and deliver – $156.50
7. Requests
a. Virtual Helena Symphony Youth Concert – Historically we have given $200 – approved,
will use funds from last year
i. April 15th at 1:00 PM
ii. Will show in the classrooms
iii. Lisa will follow up on check from last year that wasn’t cashed
8. Upcoming Dates
a. March 17th and 24th – Parent Teacher Conferences (11a-6p)
b. March 26th – Trivia Day
c. March 29th – April 2nd – Spring Break – No School
d. May 3rd-7th – Teacher Appreciation Week
9. Action Items
a. Katie (17th)/Abby (24th) – Coordinate with Heidi and order Jimmy John’s for conferences
b. Katie – Send info on what we usually do for field day to Lisa (cc the board for future
c. Lisa – Follow up on Youth Symphony check from last year that wasn’t cashed
d. Abby – Send the flier to Lolita the week of 3/15 on the days we want it to go out (multiple
e. Mandy – Create a Google sheet for teachers to input trivia questions
f. Holly – Share the trivia Google sheet with teachers and ask them enter 10 questions by
March 19th
g. Mandy – Create online trivia for K-2 and 3-5 with questions provided (test with Holly) by
March 25th
h. Annie – Pick up trivia treats (fruit snacks) and deliver to school by March 26th
10. Notes
a. Annual business filing completed for 2021 – Thank you Heidi!
b. Trivia
i. Have asked for classes for questions from classes before (Holly and Jessica are
ii. Run it at a class level (by class) at a minimum
iii. No prizes, maybe a snack (fruit snacks) – Annie will pick up the treats (250)
iv. Last half hour of the day on the Friday before spring break (March 26th) –
1:40-2:10 pm
v. App choice – timer on the questions
vi. Have it be K-2 grouped and 3-5
vii. Asking teachers for 10 questions – due to mandy by March 19th – Mandy to start
a Google sheet and share with Holly
viii. Mandy to test with the teachers/Holly – teachers answering the questions