Parent Partnership November 2020

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
Thursday, November 12th, 2020, 6:00 PM
Virtual – Zoom

Attendees: Lolita, Abby, Mandy, Kylee, Holly, Heidi, Lisa, Katie, Annie, Kyla Kauffman

Outstanding Action Items

Treasurer’s Report
Account Balance – $5,782.01
Recent Expenses – $60.00 for teacher coffee gift cards

Upcoming Expenses or Events

Projector thank you email sent
Ended up not doing conference meals this year
Basket Auction
Baskets – $1875
Donations – $240
Panda Express Fundraiser
Thank you for setting up, Jessie.
Lessons learned
Clay Day
Lolita sent numbers
Mary creating and cutting them to deliver the first week of December, may put together a write up on what went into making them (i.e. firing process)
Katie will bring paints, glitter, and wrapping supplies, teachers allow 20-30 minutes to decorate
$50 gift certificate to Mary from Downtown Helena

Thanksgiving and Holiday family support
Combining with Mrs. Kemper’s “Change for Food” drive in November to raise funds for Kessler families in need
Micah collecting all the money, will give to Abby to grab the gift cards
Lolita identifying families, 3 of them; goal of $80/family
Abby to work with Lolita on the best thing to do (i.e. cards)
Set amount per family
23rd & 24th of Nov is PJ day if the school makes $250
Fundraiser goes through the 20th, need to send out a reminder
Lolita send out the document again that was put together for this
Lolita will add info on Facebook
Thanksgiving basket coordination
Dress up days will be moved to December – decide on date
Change collection with a thermometer the first two weeks of december to earn dress up days (Katie has it), Lolita and Lana collect/count the money and fill out the thermometer.
Week before winter break for dress up days (Dec 14th-18th)
Abby will put together the flyer, Katie offered to help
Have done Walmart gift cards in the past, variety of values ($25, $50, $100)
Decide on what doing this year via email
Lolita willing give to families week of Dec 14th, get them to her by Monday
Lolita will add info on Facebook


Upcoming Dates
November 18th – Second day of parent teacher conferences
November 25th-27th – Thanksgiving Break – No School
December 10th at 6:00 pm – next KPP meeting
December 21st-January 1st – Winter Break – No School
January 14th – next KPP meeting

Action Items
Lolita – Send out reminder for November change drive (done)
Lolita – Add change drive information to Facebook (done)
Micah – Collecting November money and get it to Abby
Abby – Get $80 gift cards (the number we can buy) from change drive and get to Lolita by morning of Monday 11/23
Kylee/Holly/Katie – Look into possible video for a holiday program replacement
Mandy – Send out email to coordinate December fundraising
Katie – Get thermometer to Lolita and Lana for December
Abby – Create a flyer for December fundraiser

Christmas program
Nothing planned this year at a school level
Unsure what teachers are doing individually
Would be virtual if do it
Nicole Evans did the staff video to students last year. Maybe something like that with kids singing? Holly will ask Nicole tomorrow if something of this was possible.
Maybe a slide show of kids and art with holiday music.
Confidentiality always needs to be considered
Katie willing to help Kylee and Holly with ideas
Plenty of snacks left with parent donations and kids bringing own snacks
Playground Equipment
Do we need any? Amanda Rambo says not right now