Parent Partnership January 2021

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
Thursday, January 14th, 2021, 6:00 PM
Virtual – Zoom

Attendees: Mandy, Lolita, Kylee Hauck, Katie, Heidi, Abby, Lisa, Holly, Annie

Outstanding Action Items

Treasurer’s Report
Account Balance – $6,013.88
Recent Expenses – $74.50 ($50 gift card for Mary Werner and $24.50 for clay supplies)

Upcoming Expenses or Events
Carnival – Think about replacement ideas for it and bring to meeting next month, anything for remainder of the year
Mandy to follow up on restaurant fundraisers
Spring Cat/Griz – March 27th
Kids’ neighborhood parties outdoors; class party treats
Drive In movie
Something fun for kids or families
Lisa to check on testing schedules

Thanksgiving Fundraiser raised $590 for Kessler families
Received a $1500 donation that was used for Kessler families over the holidays
Pet SlideShow raised $436 to be used for future needs of Kessler families
Panda Express raised: $160.15

Is anyone interested in taking over with Katie’s departure next year?
Tracie Thompson interested in doing this (contact via Holly) going forward – Katie will send her contact info to board members
Teachers asked liked doing it in their classroom;
Maybe make a lesson out of it with pictures and write ups in a slideshow to share with kids in class?
Organizing begins ~ early November
Pick date(s) (if doing in the gym) – target date earlier December
Coordinate #’s with Mary
Gather supplies to be distributed
Organize Parent Volunteers (if parents are allowed in school)

Parent Advisory Council Update
Bozeman now 5 days a week; Missoula considering it
Teacher vaccinations deprioritized, March/April timeframe
No expectation for HSD to move to 5 days a week in the near future, which would mean no social distancing and higher risk for students and staff
Optimistic for 5 days a week in the fall
Legislative Session –

Scholastics for next year (approximately $2200 for 11 classrooms) – Lolita/Holly

Upcoming Dates
January 18th – MLK Day – No School
January 19th – A Day in school
January 20th – B Day in school
January 21st – C Day, Noon Dismissal
January 22nd – No School
February 5th – 100th Day of School
February 11th – next KPP meeting
February 15th – Presidents Day – No School

Action Items
Everyone – bring activity or simple fundraising ideas for the remainder of the year to the next meeting
Lisa – bring test schedule to the next meeting
Mandy – look into restaurant fundraisers
Mandy or Katie – Send links to meeting agenda/notes to Lolita to add to our KPP page

If we know of any returning families please have them call the school so they can get an idea of numbers for next year.
Conferences will possibly be the two weeks before spring break, still tentative; virtual
Teacher appreciation, first week in May