Parent Partnership Meeting May 14, 2020

Parent Partnership Zoom Meeting
May 14, 2020

IN ATTENDANCE: Liz Ulrich, Lisa Lowney, Katie Gilbert, Mandy Needham, Amber Chenoweth, Jill Burger, Heidi Heavrin, Meghan Larson, Annie McCutcheon


  • PP purchased 48 $10 coffee cards for all staff at Kessler for Teacher Appreciation Week. We are grateful for our teachers and staff for all they are doing to support their students during remote learning.
  • Mrs. Lowney reported that Jessica Pickens has been hired to teach 1st grade this coming fall; Micah Kemper will be the fulltime counselor at Kessler as of the fall.
  • We have two teachers retiring: Mrs. Gates and Mrs. Mundt ~ we are grateful for their time at Kessler!
  • There were 7,000 chromebooks sent home for students for remote learning. They will stay checked out to students over the summer as we don’t know what the fall school year will look like yet.
  • Teachers are planning end of the year video conferencing with students and parents to get feedback regarding how remote learning worked for their student/s. Teachers will be in contact with the families to set up a time to share.
  • There are currently no funding requests from the Kessler staff to the PP group. The PP will be attentive to the balance in the account, which is currently, $3,880.00. The PP group is on hold as to whether or not we will be purchasing Scholastic for the teachers in the fall. We are hoping to find out if there are some online options for teachers/students as this typically runs $2,000 to purchase.
  • We voiced our appreciation to Jill Burger and Aimee Shanight who have dedicated a great deal of time to the PP over the years and we appreciate everything they have done to help support the students, staff and parents of Kessler. Thank you Jill and Aimee! PP positions were voted on for the fall of 2020; some positions will be run in pairs again as this has worked well.

Presidents: Liz Ulrich and Mandy Needham
Vice presidents: Abigail McLane and Meghan Larson
Directory: Amber Chenoweth
Treasurer: Heidi Heavrin
Secretaries: Annie McCutcheon and Katie Gilbert

*Lastly, the carnival baskets may be used in the fall during ‘Open House’ time as a way to kick off the year. The PP will be meeting this summer to discuss the possibilities of having a virtual auction of some kind for the carnival baskets that were collected in March.