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Posted on November 13, 2017

Parent Meeting November 9, 2017

Parent Partnership Meeting
November 9, 2017

PRESENT: Annette Heinrich, Katie Gilbert, Annie McCutcheon, Holly McGraw, Katie Clement, Liz Ulrich, Ashley Bryson

Minutes from the October 2017 meeting were approved.

TREASURER”S REPORT: Jill submitted the treasury report via email; the bank balance is $9,965.16.  Jill is waiting on monthly bill from Van’s for snack program $174.26; Spelling City (5th grade) $119.90 (Jill is waiting to hear from 5th grade teachers); “Wonder” movie field trip
$250.00 (Micah is figuring out who the check goes to); HMS rental fee for the holiday program (Lolita said we can pay it once they have billed us, amount unknown).

Treasurer’s report from the month of October was approved.

Total raised this year from the annual fundraiser: $7,551 The group feels that we might need an additional fundraiser.  Annette shared of creating Kessler cookbook; more discussion in January.

PARENT COUNCIL: Liz will attend the meeting next week; she asked if there were any issues at Kessler that the District should know about.
One concern came from Mrs. McGraw regarding a request Mrs. Kimball has made for new desks for her 3rd graders.  She has received some, but not all. Annie is checking with Mrs. Kimball & Mrs. Lowney in regards to this.

Installation of the new water stations are delayed due to the resignation of the district’s plumber.  Kayce Koeler was going to check with her husband to see if he knew of someone that might be willing to donate that installation project for us.  I will touch base with Kayce to see if she has any leads.

KIDS COLLEGE: Katie Clement shared the kids college program she runs in February.  We determined that at the January meeting we will get focused on volunteers, etc. Holly was to visit with the staff about some potential dates for kids college; the group is leaning towards 3 Wednesday’s in February, the 7th, 21st, and 28th. (We agreed to not hold a kids college on the 14th, which is Valentine’s Day).

SCIENCE FAIR: the science fair is on the calendar for January 31st.

1. A request for shovels (for winter fun) has been made by the playground staff (Mrs. Rambo).  Numerous individuals have concerns over buying plastic shovels for the kids as they break easily, are sharp, are used for other things that have caused students to get into trouble; there for the group has recommended some other ‘winter’ toys, such as ‘snow brick’ molds.  Annette was going to do some price searching and report back.

2. A request for outside play equiptment (basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, tether ball & jump ropes) has been made by the playground staff.  PP agrees with this request but would like to wait until a little closer to springtime.  Holly McGraw mentioned having a color coded system (such as kinder has all red game balls, 1st grade – green, etc.) might help students keep track of their equiptment.
Holly was to check with Mark McCauley about who he orders through and if he had any recommendations.  Holly will report back to PP.

Aimee, will you please let Mrs. Rambo know that these are still in discussion.

CLAY DAYS: Jenni S. & Katie G. visited last week about Clay Days.
Jenni said she would call Mary W. and see if she was still willing to use her kiln to fire students clay projects. Currently waiting to hear back from Jenni.  Katie will help to move this forward as well.

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE LUNCHEON: Next Tuesday and Thursday the PP will be providing lunch for the teachers starting at 11:30. Jenni and Katie have come up with a menu (Tuesday/Soups & Sides; Thursday/Tailgate). Jenni emailed the PP and has assigned individuals with various foods/dishes.

HELPING KESSLER FAMILIES: We will extend our donation jar into the December holiday season as we haven’t received much yet; Annie is working on a schedule that will give students some opportunities to wear PJ’s, hats, jerseys, etc for
$1.00 (if they choose to participate) to help with donations.

HOLIDAY PROGRAM/DVD: The holiday program will be on December 8th at HMS at 9:30am. In the past the program has been video taped and DVD’s have been sold at the front office to parents/families. There was conversation brought up regarding Kessler students privacy, and some parents/guardians have signed paperwork stating they do not want their children in pictures/videos, therefore the PP has decided to get more information. Holly McGraw is to speak to Mrs. Lisa Lowney regarding this topic.

We will not be meeting in December. Our next meeting is scheduled for THursday, January 11th at the Downstairs of the Brewhouse at 6pm.

Posted on November 10, 2017

Highway 12 Concerns

Just a reminder. Here is the link below where you can share your comments and concerns about our students safety crossing on Highway 12.

Posted on October 16, 2017

Parent Partnership Meeting Minutes October 12, 2017

Kessler Parent Partnership Minutes; October 12, 2017
Downstairs of the Brewhouse 6pm

IN ATTENDANCE: Annette Heinrich, Katie Gilbert, Annie McCutcheon,
Jenni Swartz, Lisa Lowny, Lolita Carter, Hanna Marron, Amber
Chenoweth, Micah Kemper, Terah McClain, Agibail McLane, Ashley Bryson,
Mandy Needham, Liz Ulrich, Sarah Perry

BALANCE: Terah McClain
Current balance is $5,596.
$3,276 has been raised from fall fundraiser; those in attendance
tonight have decided to extend the deadline to this coming Wednesday
Oct.18th.  Jill just informed me that after picking up today’s
envelopes there’s an additional $3,140; therefore our fall fundraiser
is currently up to $6,416. Business fundraiser forms will be emailed
out next week.

Two motions have been passed:
1. PP will fund the headphones for the 3rd grade (Ms. Wacker)
classroom; total of $119.70.
2. PP will pay the fee for the use of HMS for the holiday program, a
cost of $140.  (The busing will be covered by the
school/transportation budget, which will cost them $350).

Here are the highlights from the meeting Liz attended;
*The search is underway for the new Superintendent
*March 2018 ~ East Helena will vote on new High School
*Community Service project: Bruin Pantry is underway
*One School, One Book: Central School is looking for a partner school
to read/get together with
*Technology insight: Parent council is asking if each school is
feeling ‘up to par’ with technology in their buildings; Lisa Lowney is
going to ask the her staff and give an update.

*Lisa Lowney shared that both 4th grade classrooms received chrome
books through Title 1 funding.

*Jess Krogue has been working on a logo for our parent partnership to
use ~ thank you Jess!

*Safety: Thanks to Ann, Liz (and her husband) for helping as crossing
guards in the mornings; if there are other interested in helping
please us our Kessler Signup Genius ~ thank you! More helpers are
always needed.

*Aimee & Jill were contacted regarding the business letter for the
fall fundraiser.  Liz Ulrich found and an email will be send out on
Monday to parents asking them to reach out to a business they may know
of that might be willing to donate.

*Bravo Store: due to lack of storage space and feedback from parents;
there is no longer a Bravo Store happening, but students are still
receiving bravos and they are being collected within their classrooms.
Michah Kemper debriefed the group on this topic.

*Directory: Jenni & Amber said the directory is currently a work in progress.

*Costume Event: Annette said that the first annual ‘costume swap’ was
good.  Even though there were only a few that showed up; the school
acquired some costumes; Lolita said that those will get used the day
of the parade, as many students don’t have a costume to wear.

*Trunk-or-Treat: will take place on October 30th, from 6-7

*Jenni S. & Katie G. will be coordinating the food for the staff for
Parent/Teacher Conferences this fall. We will either set up a sign-up
genius or contact individuals over the phone for help. Thank you!

*PP has helped food share in the past and there was discussion again
regarding how to help.  We have decided as a group that for this
Thanksgiving season we will have a large jug/container for students to
put coins/cash into that will help families this season.  Annie is
creating the jug/container.  It will be a the front office and will
begin prior to the trunk-or-treat night and finish during the week of
Thanksgiving. There was discussion that there will be another
opportunity to provide to food share (canned/boxed food); maybe at the
holiday program at HMS and/or the carnival.  This discussion is

There were three written requests:

1. Micah Kemper, the school counselor, is working with the fifth grade
students on a kindness project which will conclude by taking the fifth
graders to the movie theater to see, Wonder. Her request is for $425;
50 people, $5.50 for a movie ticket and $4.75 for a snack pack.  Mrs.
Kemper is grateful for any dollar amount that the PP will donate is
willing to do other fundraising activities with the 5th graders in
order to cover the cost.  Many students do not have the opportunity to
go to the movie/nor have they been.
***PP made a motion to contribute $250 to this outing for the fifth graders.

2. Angie Daily, speech pathologist, has a written request for a newer
speech assessment that would help students with articulation.  There
were many questions regarding what Angie currently uses that Lisa
Lowney answered to the best of her ability; but the group concluded
that there were so many unanswered questions, we would like to invite
Angie to visit with us at a future meeting regarding her request and
provide some clarification. Lolita said she would ask Angie to come to
a future meeting.

3. All schools get to attend the Helena Symphony at the Civic Center;
Lolita said the fee is $200; the ***PP has approved this request.

Lolita has asked the PP to discuss & decide which individual from the
PP will be in contact with her regarding all emails that go out to
parents & when. It has become confusing to her when several PP members
are emailing her with slightly different information.

The next meeting PP meeting is on Thursday, November 9th at 6pm in the
Downstairs of the Brewhouse; Annie M. has this reserved for the group.

This concludes my notes from the meeting; If I have forgotten
something/there are errors or additions, please respond back to this
email. Please inform my by noon on Monday, Oct. 16th; then I’ll make
the additions/corrections and the notes will be sent to Lolita to be
posted. Thank you, Katie Gilbert

Posted on September 11, 2017

Parent Partnership Meeting August 23, 2017

PRESENT: Lisa L., Lolita C., Aimee S., Katie G., Annie Mc., Jill B.,
Ashley E., Annette H., Abby M., Kyla K., Jess, Emily H., Sarah.,
Mandy, Terah M., Hannah M., Courtney K.

Welcome & introductions

Tuesday Aug 29th, Kyla will pick up Costco pizza (30 total; 15 cheese,
15 pepperoni); Katie will call in the order; Jill will bring cash;
Annie is picking up 4 flats of water, otter pops, plates & napkins.
Business cards for the PP will be in each classroom for parents to
pick up.  No brochures.

Jill B. reviewed monies spent from last year; current budget is $7,171.
$894 was raised last spring at carnival for the water stations; one
water station costs $600. Jill was looking into the cost of

School is asking for their movie license to be renewed, cost of $419;
we will wait until our fall fundraiser to determine if we will
** Other ideas…
1. Playground safety on Euclid, by highway 12; some kind of barriers
on street side.
2. Conflict managers might be interested in putting together a video
for their training.
3. Swing replacements of some kind

September 10th; Memorial Park
Annie volunteered to help from 11-12; we need more people to sign up;
Kessler has a snow cone station this year

Amazon Smiles… Annette shared how to use to benefit Kessler

Unanimous vote to continue with the ‘effortless’ fall fundraiser.
Terah & Kyla were working on revisions; Katie & Terah will get in
envelopes and out to teachers.

We need helpers all day in the gym.

Ann R. has volunteered to help kids cross Granite street to enter the
parking lot at drop off.

September 14th @ 6pm

Posted on May 10, 2017

Parent Partnership Meeting April 2017

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting Agenda

April 13, 2017

6 pm, Kessler Library


In Attendance: Craig Crawford, Lisa Lowney,  Lolita Carter, Justine Alberts, Michelle Ford, Claire O’Connell, Annette Heinrich, Jill Burger, Jenni Swartz, Julie Vollertson, Terah McClain, Mandy Needham, Kyla Kauffman


Special Guests: Pam Attardo and Luke Muszkiewicz; both candidates for School Board.


Introductions and question of the month: Claire


Review and acceptance of February minutes: Jenni


Treasurer’s report/Balance: Jill

Balance                  $9,672.85

Outstanding          -$   460.80   (McGraw’s books Previously approved)

                             -$1,845.43   2017-2018 Scholastic Subscription


Kids’ College recap: Claire

Katie Clement will organize again next year.


Carnival recap: Claire

Our net is $2,005.46  This is already in the “Balance” of the account

Claire will help with organizing next year


Requests: 3

Craig – 4 basketball hoops; $3,400 or a partial amount-Approved $2,000

Shanna – online Mystery Science subscription for 3rd and K; $99-Approved

Laura – music band; $83-Approved

Justine and Michelle – Subscript Grades 3,4,5-Approved up

up to $1,500.00 Subscript Grade 4    $114.48-Approved Subscript Grades 4-5    $200.00-Approved





Teacher Appreciation Week: May 8-12 (Day is 5/9)

Mon- Katie Gilbert: Apples and Caramel Sauce

Tues- Luncheon

Wed- Support Staff brings breakfast

Thurs-Kyla & Terah: fun supplies

Fri- Claire: Flowers


Mrs. Begler is retiring

Mrs. Terrio is leaving

Mr. Crawford is moving to Bryant School


Next Meeting: May 11, 2017; Kessler Library, 6pm


Agenda Items: New officers, Field Day and Water Fundraiser, Retirements and leavings, Tentative August meeting date


Posted on January 17, 2017

Parent Partnership Meeting January 2017

Kessler Parent Partnership

January 12, 2017

6 pm at the Kessler Library


Introductions and attendance:

Claire O’Connell, Holly McGraw, Annette Heinrich, Craig Crawford, Annie McCutcheon, Jenny Peterson, Katie Clemmet, Mandy Needham, Carmen Lay and Katie Gilbert


Review and acceptance of August minutes: look at Kessler school website to see them


Treasurer’s report/balance: $8,700

  • Books for Holly McGraw (1st grade) is the only outstanding bill


Kid’s College: Katie C

February 8th, 15th, 22nd

  • Provide $5 gift certificates for volunteer teachers
  • Set up is between 2 and 2:15 each wed.
  • Classes start at 2:30 and last 45 to 50 min.
  • Still looking for more volunteers to teach. Katie will have Lolita send out another e-mail.


February Conferences: February 7th and 9th

Tuesday’s Theme: Taco Tuesday

  • Mandy: condiments and cut up veggies
  • Annie: tortillas, chips and sour cream
  • Katie G: ground beef and setup
  • Kelly: salsa and guacamole
  • Holly: dessert
  • Claire: water (both days)
  • Kyle: paper plates, forks (both days)

Thursday’s Theme: Pizza and Desserts

  • PP providing dessert (Jenny P, Katie G, Claire and Annette)


Carnival: March 17th 4:30-7pm

  • Theme: St. Patrick’s Day
  • Possible games: climbing wall, bounce house, blow up obstacle course, Pie in the Face game and Velcro dart board
  • Climbing wall – Craig is checking into liability issues
  • Food: Need some people
  • Auction: Annette


Basketball hoops: Craig is working out the details


Requests: none

New Business:


Fundraiser: Put Craig in the Water for New Water

  • To raise money for water bottle refill stations
  • Goal is for each class to raise $100
  • Every child would have the opportunity to try and dunk Mr. Crawford in the dunk tank on field day.
  • Start fundraiser on May 1st
  • Looking at putting the fundraiser on “Go Fund Me”. This would need to be in place by April.


Holiday Music Festival: School has reserved HMS for Dec. but Craig is wanting input on having the festival at Kessler instead. Each grade would have a specific time they would perform. This would allow parents to come see their child/children and then leave. Doing this would also allow Mrs. Curtis to spend more time helping the children with the music. Any comments or concerns about this idea please e-mail to Craig.



Next Meeting:

February 16th, 6pm Kessler Library



Posted on December 6, 2016

Parent Partnership Meeting November 2016

Kessler Parent Partnership

Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2016

6 pm, Kessler Library


Introductions and question of the month: Claire


Attendance: Claire, Annette Heindrich, Mandy Needham, Paula Golson, Liz Ulrich, Holly McGraw, Jenni Swartz, Lolita Carter, Craig Crawford, Kayce Koehler, Kyla Kauffman, Katie Gilbert, Aimee Grmoljez, Terah McClain


Review and acceptance of October minutes: Jenni


Treasurer’s report/Balance: $9,936.99


Parent Advisory Council Report: Liz reported to us the points of discussion were the fire at HHS, EH working on getting their own High School, Helena High’s accreditation and online giving to the schools.



Thank you letters to donors: Aimee


Business sponsorships: Rocky Mountain Computer Supply,, Drake Law Firm, Dick Anderson Construction, Greta Wacker Tupperware, Robert Peccia & Assoc, Jessica Mongelli, PLLC, Performance Injury, WIPFLI CPAs and Consultants


Amazon Smile: Annette


Video of Christmas Program: Parent Partnership will charge $15 for the DVD’s.  Kevin Hamm will produce it.


Requests: Mrs. Crase and Mrs. Suchy have requested a subscription to Sum Dog and Spelling City for the 5th Grade classes.  Costs are $192 and $105, respectively.  This was approved.


Mrs. McGraw requested, for the 1st Grade and 2nd Grade, the following Rigby Reader collections….Nonfiction  6 copies of 18 titles for $691 and an additional 6 copies of 6 titles for a total of  $921.  6 copies of 6 titles were okayed for $230.40 + freight.


Craig Update: He is going forward with the four basketball hoops at a cost to Kessler of $3,300. The district will provide the installation in the gym. He hopes to have this done before Christmas. The water dispensers cost $1,500 each; this is ongoing and has been done at other schools.


Also noted,  on 12/21 Carroll College the Women’s  Basketball team play at noon.  The students will attend this game.


The Annual Students –vs- Teachers Basketball game will be 12/15.


November Conferences: Nov 15th and 17th

Tuesday’s theme: Baked Potato Bar

Thursday: Tailgating

The food will be ready for lunch which begins at 11:30 am

Please feel free to bring items!


Clay Days: Mary Werner, Claire O’Connell and Katie Gilbert will have Clay Days Nov 16th and 30th.


Bravo Store: 12/22 we will have gift bags for those items the kids will be purchasing as gifts.  Jenni S., Amie Renshaw and Aimee Grmoljez.


Science Fair: Feb 1st


Kids’ College: Katie C; February 8th, 15th, 22nd  Possible Read-A-Thon in conjuction with Kid’s College.  Aimee, Kyla, Katie and Holly will work on this.  Proceeds to go towards books.  The admin costs are $300 + 15%.


Next Meeting:

January 12, 2017; Kessler Library, 6pm



Posted on October 14, 2016

Parent Partnership Meeting October 13, 2016

Kessler Parent Partnership

Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2016

6 pm, Kessler Library


Introductions and attendance: Katie Gilbert, Emily Hankins, Annette Heinrich,

Kyla Kauffman, Holly McGraw, Terah McClain, Ginger Ratzlaff, Laura Curtis,

Kayce Koehler, Annie McCutcheon, Amie Renshaw, Liz Ulrich, Claire O’Connell and

Jenni Swartz


Review and acceptance of September minutes:


Treasurer’s report/Balance: $11,309.75



Effortless Fundraiser….How much did we make? $8,575


Effortless Fundraiser expenses? $94.48


Thank you letters to donors: Aimee (Possible delivery to parents at conferences?)


Business sponsorships: Aimee, Jill, Jenni Copies of the letter will be at all meetings and can be given out throughout the year.  Please let Jenni S. know which businesses you will be giving it to as we don’t want to bombard any single business.


Going forward? Claire will set up an Amazon Smiles Account for Kessler School.

Possible Community Night at a local restaurant.  Committee to discuss.


HEF Carnival: Went well; raised about $150.


Kessler Carnival:  Note that it will be March 17, 2017.


Bravo Store:  Amie R. proposed we have a gift wrapping table at the December store so the students can have any gifts wrapped.  10/14 update: Most items are small and in baggies.  Maybe small gift bags will work best.  The December Bravo Store is scheduled for 12/22 from 8:00-8:30 AM.  The Playground Paras have agreed to let us do this.


School Directory: Jenni


Parent Advisory Council:  Liz is the Kessler School representative.  She notes that Mr. Copps will stay through the next Bond, there are only 6.9 Full Time Nurses for the Helena School District’s 6,000+ students.


Recycling:  Liz will head up this project with the Recycling Challenge that the Parent Advisory Council is having that will take place from October to June.  There is a grant for $250 through this challenge to cover some of the expenses.



Ginger Ratzlaff, US Presidents set of books and ebook set; Cost to PP: $778.40 (library to pay the other half)

Marc McCauley: $750 for Cub Companions

Emily Hankins: $400 for 4 Osmo stations


Craig Update: He is going forward with the four basketball hoops at a cost to Kessler of $3,300. The district will provide the installation in the gym. He hopes to have this done before Christmas. PP will need to decide how much of this we want to fund.


The water dispensers cost $1,500 each; this is ongoing and has been done at other schools.


November Conferences: Nov 15th and 17th

Tuesday’s theme: Baked Potato Bar

Thursday: Tailgating

The food will be ready for lunch which begins at 11:30 am


Next Meeting:

November 10, Kessler Library, 6pm

Babysitter: Catherine B.


Posted on September 28, 2016

Parent Partnership Meeting September 2016

Kessler Parent Partnership

September 8, 2016

6 pm at the Kessler Library


Introductions and attendance:

Claire O’Connell, Terah Mcclain, Holly McGraw, Annette Heinrich, Kayce Koehler, Jill Burger, Kyla Kauffman, Craig Crawford, Annie McCutcheon, Jenny Swartz, Jenny Peterson, Aimee Grmoljez, Kelly Koon, & Amy Renshaw


Review and acceptance of August minutes: Claire O’Connell made motion, Jenny Peterson 2nds, all verbally approved


Treasurer’s report/balance: $3,990.97

  • Snack program: $409.49
  • Open house: made about $30.00
  • All expenses that have been approved are paid
  • Total = $2,972.23


Open House: Monday, August 29, 5:30-7pm

  • Went well
  • Welcome Parent Partnership Table: worked better than having PP members stand there – parents felt free to look at info. and sign up without feeling pressured
  • Thank you for the great display in entry way – many compliments
  • Suggestions: sell water next year and make sign with prices more specific


HEF Carnival: September 11, 11-4pm Basketball Game

Setup: 10:30-12pm – Craig: bring basketball game, Amiee & Annie bring banners, stickers, chairs, sign for $1 to play and table

12-1pm: Claire

1-2pm: need helper – ask parents to help with e-mail through Lolita

2-3pm: need helper – ask parents to help with e-mail through Lolita

Cleanup: Craig

Thank you to Emily Hankins for helping with Sign Up Genius.

Sign Up Genius – only one person signed up using this method.


Fundraiser: September 21 – October 12

Letters to Kessler Families

Kayla shared letter and suggested not to put separate section for snack program – others agreed. Possible suggestions to add to list of things Parent Partnership pays for: soccer goals, cub companions & snack program (be clear that is a supplement for children). Add to letter how much PP needs to pay for everything we do in a year. Have the option to do cash or check (make sure to put in letter who to make check out to) distribute paper copy to students to take home. Have parents sign and return with their children. Child gets a bravo for bringing back to teacher. Suggestion: Teacher who has the highest % of letters returned gets $100. Holly McGraw will check with Mrs. Gates about obtaining envelopes. Another option is to buy envelopes. Annie volunteered to fold letters and put them in envelopes.

Letter to Businesses

Specific request ideas to put on letters:

  • Basketball hoops for gym:
    • 1 goal with installation = $700
    • Need 4 goals for a total of $2,800 to $3,000
    • Suggestion: put the name of the business and the goal(s) they pay for, not all businesses should be advertised in gym (use discretion)
  • Water bottle filling stations: $700 ea.
  • Recycling for school: $450 a year
    • Note: Nestle has funded this in past years but has decided they are not going to this year.


Directory: Leslie Walton will help Jenny Swartz put directory together.


Requests: none


New Business:


Snack Program: Teachers and parents are confused about who the snacks are meant for. Clear up this confusion by informing parents and teachers the snack program is a supplement for students who cannot bring snacks or forget their snacks at home.


PP meeting suggestion:

  • start meeting by asking if anyone needs to leave early
  • if someone needs to leave early ask them if any of the topics of discussion are important to them
  • cover that topic before she/he leaves


Next Meeting:

October 10, Kessler Library

Babysitter: provided by Annette Heinrich


Posted on September 12, 2016

Parent Partnership Meeting August 2016

Kessler Parent Partnership

August 24, 2016

6 pm at the Brewhouse Downstairs


Introductions and attendance:

Claire O, Lolita C, Annie M, Katie G, Aimee G, Kyla K, Kayce K, Annette H, Holly M, Jenni S, Liz U, Craig C, Jill B, Kelly Koon & Amy Renshaw



Review and acceptance of May minutes: verbally approved


Treasurer’s report/Balance: $5,787.56

– Scholastic: $1,796.59

Total = $3,990.97

(Received a check for $270.20 from Spring Helena Area Community Foundation fundraiser. We should do this again if we are invited.)


Note: There was a net loss of approx. $6,900 for the 2015-2016 school year


Open House: Monday, August 29, 5:30 – 7 pm

Pizza: (Last year 15 cheese and 15 pepperoni)

Soda/Cups: Costco- Aimee and Katie

Popsicles: Costco- Aimee and Katie

Napkins/plates: Costco- Aimee and Katie

Welcome PP table: To be set up in foyer

Tri-fold: Annette will make a table top tri-fold

Brochures: Review, Claire

Sign up lists: Claire

Claire will also be the cashier

Teachers will be there from 5:30-6:30

1 slice of pizza+soda+treat=$2

2 slices of pizza+soda+treat=$3


HEF Carnival: September 11, 11-4pm Basketball game

Aimee will set up a Sign Up Genius and send it to Lolita to distribute


Snack Program: Lolita and Craig Cost is about $300 month.  Holly McGraw expressed her gratitude for the program.


Fundraiser: Review letter, Kyla Change suggestion to $50. Also an addition on the backside to support the snack program.  Letter to parents to go out mid-September.  Business letter will also include the option to purchase an ad space in the directory.



Lolita: Movie renewal licensing, $408 Passed


Requests (cont.)

Craig is looking to request water bottle filling stations in September.

Holly McGraw – Rigby Readers

25-30 licenses for I READ program



New Business:


Meeting Attendance:

  1. Ask teachers to invite a parent from their class to come to the next meeting.
  2. Contact those who signed up at Open House to volunteer and invite them to the next meeting.


Craig expressed the need to concentrate on getting classroom volunteers this year.  It is important to have the time planned and organized to make the most of the volunteers’ time.  It can be tricky with the school schedule with PE, Music, etc.


Staff changes:

  1. Nurse: Blanche Sturtz
  2. 5th Grade: Ali (Richards) Suki
  3. Para: Terry


Lolita has a new meal time system.


Next Meeting:

September 8, Kessler Library