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Posted on May 12, 2016

Parent Partnership Minutes 4/7/16

Kessler Parent Partnership Minutes
April 7, 2016
Kessler School Library

Attendance: Claire O’Connell, Annette Heinrich, Katie Gilbert, Holly McGraw, Ashley Buresh and Jenni Swartz

Items of Discussion:
Pending Items: Weekly Readers (Approx. $1800.00), Give Locally fundraiser $50

2016 notes needed from those who helped to organize. 2017 needs a shadow for Claire, someone who will take over in 2018.

Teacher Appreciation
Staff 40 people and Teachers only 15 to include Ginger, Marc and Laura.
Monday-Sharpie gift (Annette), Tuesday-Flowers (Claire), Wednesday – “May the 4th be with you” (Jenni), Thursday- Chili O’Brien’s (Claire), Friday-Carmel Apples (Katie)

New Officers
To be decided and voted on at next meeting.

Teacher Requests
Both Ashley Buresh and Holly McGraw expressed their appreciation for Parent Partnership purchasing the Rigby Level Readers for their classrooms. There are 6 each of 28 titles for both the Kindergarten and First Grade. (This purchase was $1,008.00)

-Discussion of how to get more participation from parents and teachers at our Parent Partnership meetings. Some ideas were 1) Teachers to directly ask select parents to attend and represent their class. 2) Offer child care during meetings.
3) Try a different meeting time. 4)Have a monthly update sent out to parents with what the current projects are and who they can contact if interested.

-Fundraising committee to coordinate their efforts with Conflict Managers and 5th Grade Party and 4th Grade Science Camp fundraising efforts. Annette suggested an AVON challenge to other schools may be fun as well.

-The trash along the fence lines and in the landscaping has been excessive. If we provide gloves, could this be one of the “jobs” for the Jobs Program? Communication with the contractor (source of most of the trash) building the along Overlook might help, as well.

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Parent Partnership Minutes February 11, 2016

Kessler Parent Partnership
Feb 11, 2016, 6pm Craig’s office (due to conferences)

In Attendance: Claire, Jenny P, Marc, Craig
Many people had conflicts on this night.

Balance: $7,200

Replace soccer goals : Jill ordered, Diego says they arrive 2/15, we will need to store them and then set them in the field and line the field, this is progressing and should be up early March

Kids’ College – Great event! Thanks Katie! She will do it next year as well.
We will spend $220 for shoelaces so all the kids have nametags, and gift cards and thank you cards for the volunteers as we have done in the past

Carnival – March 11th, Western theme 4:30-7 pm

-Baskets/Auction: Annette
-Games: Claire- has contacted Jay Sherley for 3 games (free!)
-Photo Booth – Jenni has ordered
-Food: Jenny P/Jill/Pat Quinn: We looked in the shed which is cleaned out and the paper products remain in good shape, the fishing game is there and the basketball game will go in the week before the carnival. We will need new containers and tickets.
-Craig will not be in town
-Set up and clean up: 2pm and 7pm

Justine Alberts: $1,790 for Epson Bright Link Interactive Projector with $1,000 HEF grant (mid-March)- This was approved after discussion.
Marc McCauley requested $500 to continue the Cubs Companion program which was grant funded by HEF but they lost the grant. He will also request funding from Hawthorn and CRA schools. We may need to revisit this if more funding is needed and Craig can also put it into his budget. It is a great program that we would like to see continue. Request approved.

Next meeting: April 7th , This is one week earlier than our regular date.
Topics: Carnival wrap-up, teacher/staff appreciation, new officers, requests.

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Parent Partnership Minutes January 14, 2016

Kessler Parent Partnership
January 14, 2016, 6pm School Library

New Secretary: Kayce, Jenni and Claire will trade off until May elections

In Attendance: Claire, Kayce, Jenni S, Jenny P, Jill, Annette, Katie C, Brock Smith, Craig

Balance: $11,805.23

Big Ideas/ Goals for the year:
1. Play ground equipment and safety
-replace tire swings: This idea remains on hold.
-replace soccer goals : Brock Smith (Approx $3,000) This was approved by the group, Jill will order goals and balls, Brock will help with the set up/installation and with lining the field, Claire will call Diego as well.
-replace soccer balls, pinnies, basketballs, tether balls, etc.: At this time we plan to get new soccer balls for the PE classes and the playground

Teacher Conferences:
February 9th – This was funded by a business.
February 11 – Jill organized and others brought food and supplies.

Kids’ College – 3 weeks in February, Katie Clement to head – Thank you!
-Lots of variety, lots of volunteers, name tags for kids to keep and thank you notes and gift cards for the volunteers.

Carnival – March 11th, Western theme
-Baskets/Auction: Annette
-Games: Claire
-Food: Jenny P and Jill

Ginger Ratzlaff: $84.49 Legos for library -approved
Ashley Buresh/Holly McGraw: K and 1st books – $1,000 for reading materials for grades K and 1st for the range of needs in those grades
Miss Montana – $100 for visit with an anti-bullying platform
Next meeting: February 11th, Craig’s office (because of conferences)

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Minutes November 12, 2015

Kessler Parent Partnership
Craig Crawford’s office

Attendance: Paula Golson, Kaycee Koehler, Claire O’Connell, Craig Crawford, Jill Burger, Jenni Swartz, Jennifer Peterson, Annette Heinrich, and Lolita Carter

Items of Discussion:

Pending costs: $600.00. TOTAL-Discovery tickets, Magazine holders $80, Angie Dailey’s printer $259.00 (Lolita has receipt for this) Magazine Holders $80.00, Mirror $25.00, Mrs.Kemper’s Books$30.00 Leap Pad/Pen $280.00, $150 microwave, Angie Dailey Requests $88 (Swings for playground on hold)
Snack Program for 2016 will be $3,000

Raised: $11,781
Costs: $1,414.00 and Discovery tickets
Changes for next year:
• Photocopy a ticket and instructions on how to fill them out.
• List fundraiser information and copy of photocopied ticket on emails from teachers, Lolita, website, and Kessler School Facebook page. Lolita to attach the website link in each parent email.
• Have all the packets/tickets/money go through the front office. Lolita will keep all money in the safe.
• Buy prizes from our budget instead of donations. Cash donations would still be favorable. We now have an EIN, so this process should be smoother. Look into calling Community Credit Union and Valley Bank again. Send letters out to parents in regards to sponsorship with the raffle. For example, Mergenthaler’s sponsored the beef donation this year.
• Better track of ticket numbers, as per a request of a parent
• Tracking each student who takes a packet and who’s returning tickets

Shanna Kimble/Jessica Wacker: Approved and Jill paid already $35.00 for Exploration Works field trip (for students who were unable to pay)
Angie Dailey: Request 1) $20 for cards w/characteristics for model behavior. ( Approved.
2) Four sensory earphones totaling $67.96 Approved.
Microwave- Parent Partnership approved $150.00 (Lana)
Goals for the year
A replacement for the swing. Craig Crawford should have an answer to this and/or the hardware by January. Something similar to the boat swing in Centennial Park was mentioned as a replacement playground piece.
New Soccer Goals: Brock and Denise Smith volunteered this donation. Parent Partnership extending help with overhead costs if needed or any help with this process.

Changes to EIN/Non Profit Status: Completed!!
1023 Submitted, ID number established, Student Assistance Fund is now aligned with Parent Partnership Checking account. If over $25,000 per fiscal year, Parent Partnership must file a tax return. Fiscal year runs from 7/1–6/30
$400 paid for tax-exempt status. Fee paid out of the PP account.
Craig Crawford, Lolita Carter, Jill Burger are signers on this account
Jill Burger, Claire O’Connell, and Jenni Swartz are signers on the Parent Partnership Checking account.
Big Thanks to Jill Burger and Amie Shanight for working on this!
PDF copies, various binder copies left with Jill Burger and Lolita Carter.

Teacher Conferences
November 10: Lolita took care of the pizza order
November 12: Jenny Peterson-THANK YOU!! (Leslie Walton for spring conferences) Jill Burger and Paula Golson also volunteered for Spring Conferences.

Buddy Bench
Paid $125 and there will be a school assembly to introduce it’s use!

Breakfast before the bell:
This is doing very well and breakfast’s are up by 40%!!! $5,000 grant comes with this program!!!! Staff ideas on grant money: Computers in the classrooms, four goals in the gym, IPods for teachers, music items, and rugs in classrooms were all mentioned. January will be a goal month to have something in writing.

Clay Day-December 2nd and 9th tentatively. Claire to handle but needs volunteers to help for two days.
Kids College- February- Best for parents to organize, lots of phone time and it’s a four-week commitment. Jenni Swartz offered guidance with any parents wanting to take this task on. We will call parents on volunteer list. Discussion of Para’s helping.
Conferences-February-$200 budget for catering– Paula Golson can handle, can also help with making food. She can coordinate with Leslie Walton for spring. Jill Burger also said she could help if needed.

Carnival-Western Theme- Claire O’Connell to head, Paula Golson to help with basketball game and cake walk, Jill Burger, Jenni Swartz and Charlotte to help with concessions. Need various volunteers. Cleaning volunteers-check with Neil again. Will start advertising for volunteers come January/February. Jennifer Peterson and Annette Heinrich volunteered for various events.

New Idea for next year: Selling space (for ads) for parents businesses, on pamphlets, yearbooks and directory. Also working in conjunction with the annual 5th grade party. Action Print was suggested as use again this year.

No December meeting! See you January 14, 2016

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Minutes from October 8, 2015

Kessler Parent Partnership
October 8, 2015
6 pm Teacher’s Lounge
Next Meeting: November 12, in Craig’s office (because of conferences)

In Attendance:

Craig Crawford, Ashlie Buresh, Micah Kemper, Ginger Ratzlaff, Jenny Peterson, Claire O’Connell, Kayce Koehler, Jenni Swartz, Annette Heinrich


$3,711.08 from Jill Burger, Treasurer
HEF Carnival:

Went very well. We made $233. Game was fun and easy to run. Big THANK YOU to Paula and husband Craig for set-up and clean-up and bringing the game. We gave the money to the school for their movie license.

Snack Program:

Continue to get thank you’s; received one from 1st grade classes.


Jenni S. to head, with Jill Burger
Dates: October 9 – 30, 2015
Jenni will bring the packets to the teachers’ mailboxes. Each student will receive 2 books. Students will get new tickets for the raffle from Lolita; she will get the unsold books from the classroom teachers – hopefully this will make it smoother. Prizes will be given out in the gym on the 30th. Claire will make a thermometer with the goal of $10,000.

Micah Kemper – 3 books for $29.22 these talk about bullying and were approved.
Micah is also looking into a Buddy Bench for the playground or front of the school to be installed after Christmas break. She is going to look at having it made locally. The district would have to attach or install the bench so it could not be moved. PP approved up to $500 for the bench so she could start researching options.

Ashlie Buresh requested a LeapPad and accessories for the K classes, this was approved for $185.16 from Amazon. She also requested a LeapFrog Tag book system for the K classes where a pen lets a student listen to the book. This was approved for $93.44.

Ginger Ratzlaff looked into a grant from a publishing company for e-books for students. This request was for $500 and was denied because it seemed high and because parents did not feel students would use e-books that they checked out of the library for a variety of reasons. Ginger also had a second proposal for “Creation Kits” that she would make to go with library books. These might be art or craft projects, science experiments, or cooking ingredients so students could make something to follow steps in books. Parent Partnership felt this idea had a lot of potential and that parents might be open to helping to create the kits. Up to $250 was approved for Ginger to start researching what she would need to create the kits.

Cori Norton – 2 swing seats for $69.95 each to replace tire swings. We have talked several times about the need to replace the tire swings because so many kids get sick after riding on them. Craig is going to continue to research options and will contact people who worked on the newer playground at Centennial Park to see what is out there. This is an ongoing project and needs more research and should also be done after the fundraiser as it could be fairly expensive to find a good replacement for the tire swings which are very popular with the students.
Changes to EIN:
Official name to be Kessler School Parent Partnership (our name is now Kessler Elementary School Parent Partnership which we can keep)
Change signors to be Jill B, Claire, Jenni S at Valley Bank
Lolita and Craig as signors.

Register Articles of Incorporation with State of Montana
Proposed by Jill and Aimee G.
PP and Kessler School have separate accounts
All agreed this was a good idea.

Volunteer List:

is ready, please see Claire if you would a copy. This is from people who signed up at Open House


is done! Thanks to Charlotte for doing this!
Teacher Conferences:

November 10 – Buy: Great Ape Crepes was chosen as the place to get dinner. Craig, Lolita, and Micah are in charge. Craig may see if the truck would like to park at Kessler that night or they do deliver.

November 12 – Bake: Jenny Peterson is in charge – THANK YOU!

Both nights run from 3-7 pm. Jenni S is bringing water, Claire has plates and napkins, please help if you can.

Trunk or Treat: This will be a Kessler Family Night. People can sign up to decorate their car and open the trunk in the Kessler lot to give out treats. About 60 cars will fit. October 29, 2015

Crossing Guard/Pick-up: Mrs.Norton is great! Crossing is much safer for the kids.
People still need to remain in their cars on Granite and move forward and watch behind them and to the side as they pull away from the curb.


Went pretty well, always ways to improve. In the future parents will leave cars and enter the church to get their kids so they can park anywhere.


Food service will begin offering “Breakfast after the Bell” which means from 8:30 – 10:00 am students may buy breakfast type foods and milk and eat this in their classrooms. This program will start in the next month or two.

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Minutes from September 11, 2015

Kessler School Parent Partnership
September 10, 2015
Kessler School Library

Attendance: Emily Hankins, Paula Golson, Claire O’Connell, Craig Crawford, Amie Shanight, Jennifer Peterson, Liz Ulrich

Items of Discussion:


Open House
Claire O’Connell to get a thank you note to Lehrkinds
Donated left over pizza

HEF Carnival
September 13, 11-4 pm
Reserved with Jennifer Loomis 459-9795 Contact: Laura Funk or 461-6786 Lisa Cordingley 443-2545

10:30 am Set Up- Paula Golson (bringing canopy, basketball game with numerous power chords, table, two chairs, money change bag, two plastic bins of prizes) Set Up and can help volunteer.
11:00-12:00- Amie Shanight and Emily Hankins
12:00-1:00-Claire O’Connell
1:00-2:00-Craig Crawford (one more volunteer needed)
2:00-3:00-Craig Crawford (one more volunteer needed)
3:00- 4:00 Clean Up- Craig Crawford, Paula Golson

Snack Program
Wonderful feedback from teachers, many thank you’s!!! Kessler PP is currently working with Vans IGA on keeping healthy snacks on hand for each classroom all year long! No child goes hungry.

Shed Issue
Kessler School Custodian, Jeff, cleaned out the storage shed and it’s good as new! Be sure to thank him! We greatly appreciate it!!!
Jenni Swartz to head-verified dates pending
Paula from Vans IGA has a gift card to donate for the raffle
Jill Burger got the beef for top raffle prize donated this year!!! Big Thank you to Steve and Becky Mergenthaler from Mergenthaler Transfer and Storage!!!! Parent Partnership greatly appreciates this donation.
Working on Fairmont package
Foxridge Golf Course possible
Have Jenni or Jill talk to the teachers on Tuesday morning meeting regarding the fundraiser.

Emily Hankins and Ashlie Buresh: Magazine holders (boxes) from Amazon $80.00 Voted yes. A convex mirror for the hallway blindspot $23.00 Voted Yes.
Angie Dailey- HP Laser jet pro 400 for confidential printing. Voted Yes $250.00 budget.
Lolita Carter- Movie License $388.00 – Use HEF money
Research- not formal request: Discussion of replacing tire swing, Move to discuss in November. District to help with cost? Start pricing out replacement. No big ticket items until after fall raffle is complete.

School Mall
Aimee talked to the rep and they are going to do this after the fall fundraiser. Dates will be Friday November 13-20
Online shopping school fundraiser

New Business
Note: Jennifer Peterson will volunteer for future teacher conferences “bake” night
Paula Golson has her phone number for scheduling

Posted on August 17, 2015

Parent Partnership Meeting 8/13/2015

Kessler Parent Partnership
August 13, 2015
BrewHouse Restaurant

Attendance: Emily Hankins, Paula Golson, Kaycee Koehler, Claire O’Connell, Craig Crawford, Jill Burger, and Lolita Carter

Items of Discussion:


Open House

August 13, 2015 5:30-7:30 pm
Pizza: Claire O’Connell (15) Cheese and (15) Pepperoni-Plates/Utensils/Napkins Purchase at Costco. Have older siblings/graduated Cougars help pass out the pizza.
Soda: Jill Burger-Lehrkinds Helena Coca-Cola
Popsicles: Kaycee Koehler
Table: Claire O’Connell and Paula Golson to work
Brochures: Action Print (200 brochures @ $110.00) Also do in a PDF and email to parents.
Sign up lists: Do a general volunteer list and get parents email addresses as well as phone numbers.
Other: Introduction and Meet and greet scheduled at 6:30 p.m. in the gymnasium for parents and staff.

HEF Carnival

September 13, 2015 11-4 p.m. Paula Golson to bring the Parent Partnership dual shooting basketball game (Needs access to power) Jill Burger can bring generators if needed, but Jennifer Loomis has been notified we requested to be near a power source. Paula Golson to provide a canopy. Table would be helpful to collect money. $1.00 to play- Two people play against each other at a time. Game has a 30-second timer and person with most baskets made- wins. Game has electronic scorekeeper. Two volunteers per set/hour- Use prizes left over from last year and candy to hand out. All players get a prize. Winner gets bragging rights!!!

Snack Program

PP has approved $25.00 per classroom per month, for the school year. Jill Burger Pre Paid $2,700.00
Teachers will be able to pick two items per month for snacks for their classroom.
Discussed teaming up Parent Partnership with Vans regarding purchasing of food and Costco was another option of buying the snacks.


Jenni Swartz to head, she’s checking to see if we can get the beef donated. Tickets will need to be ordered.

Teacher Requests

Emily Hankins- (4) Kindergarten chairs for $50.00- Approved
Laminator- up to $2,500.00- Approved
Mrs. Alberts- Locker Storage $1,600.00- Approved

New Business

Sign up Genius- Emily Hankins to set up this online software tool for volunteer management and event planning. She will also set up a Parent Partnership email account to link to the Sign up Genius.

November Conferences- it was discussed to try one night of catering and one night of bringing in food we make ourselves.

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Parent Partnership Meeting 4/9/2015

Kessler Parent Partnership
April 9, 2015
Kessler School Library

Attendance: Jenni Swartz, Paula Golson, Kaycee Koehler, Claire O’Connell, Craig Crawford, and Emily Hankins

Items of Discussion:

Pending Items: Chrome Books ($2784.00) Mrs. Crase I-Pad (same Invoice-Pending) Weekly Readers (Approx. $1400.00) Money in safe for yearbooks (Pending balance unknown until all sold) Photo Booth for carnival also still pending.

Kessler Carnival Recap
Big success this year, carnival made money (waiting on numbers) and we had a lot of volunteers! Claire O’Connell noted this success came from pushing for extra volunteers this year, printing out a paper copy about the carnival to be sent home to parents (in addition to the emails Lolita Carter sends out) The baskets were a great hit, and new games were introduced that were popular. Claire O’Connell purchased the gift cards for certain staff that helped, and Jill has already reimbursed her for this. Bubble suits were suggested as a purchase to keep for games for this carnival and for other various events.

Cascade Quartet
Wednesday May 6th. 45-60 minutes. $225- Great Falls Symphony
Voted Yes- Will have all school assembly

Teacher Requests
No requests
Suggestions: Laminators, printers, chrome books, smart boards/smart t.v.

School Bond

Kyla Kauffman attended. Concentrating on community outreach and getting message out to go vote. Information on this can go out with the weekly email.

Teacher Appreciation Week
Monday- Sweets (we all bring something)
Tuesday- Paula Golson- Luncheon in Mardi Gras theme from Chili O’Briens Catering
Wednesday-Kayce Koehler- Breakfast and coffee
Thursday- Claire O’Connell- Flowers
Friday- Jenni Swartz- Thank you cards and salad cups
PP items being stored in shed behind school. Who owns? Clean and Kindergarten class interested in sharing.

Posted on January 8, 2015

Parent Partnership Meeting 1/8/15

Kessler Parent Partnership

Kessler Library


Attendance: Craig Crawford, Lolita Carter, Jill Burger, Jenni Swartz and Paula Golson

Items of Discussion:


Jill reported $12,779.79

Pending Expenses: I pads for Mrs. Crase not ordered but budgeted @ $500 Chrome Books ($348 @ 8 $2,784.00) Movie License, Clay Day and Symphony

FEIN Number

$400 budgeted for this-­‐Jill, Aimee and Kyla will work together on this

Christmas Program Videos

65 ordered @ $10.00 a piece

Kids College

Jill Burger and Paula Golson can help set up. Other volunteers still needed. Jenni Swartz is currently working on getting volunteers to instruct the classes. Still taking volunteers for set up, classes, and clean up. Also still taking class suggestions. Will need nets for volleyball.

Suggestions: Self Defense, Military (Josh Clement), Fast Signs (Drone and Artwork), Exploration Works (Craig Crawford to look into) Confirmed: Sewing (Machines provided-­‐Music Room suggested for the class) Sewing and Art supplies may need to be supplied. Sewing class has 10 students thus far @ $15 a piece. PP can cover that cost unless additional classes are added, in which case we will refigure and possibly cover costs for those students who cannot afford the classes. Suggestions on raising money for these costs would be doing a hat day again, charging those parents who can pay anywhere from $1-­‐$3 and PP cover the remaining students.

Carnival: Friday March 13th 4:30pm to 7:00 pm

Claire suggested outer-­‐space and all are in favor. Need to order tickets and totes for prizes.

Games: Claire w/help. This is her last year~so wanting to train someone else. Paula Golson volunteered to help with games and train with Claire on games.

Food: Get detailed notes from Jenni Grovom. Need to find a volunteer to confirm to handle this.

Silent Auction: Suggestions were to possibly do a live auction instead. List ALL auction items. So we would need to know all confirmed items by a certain date. Two ideas were 1) Set a certain time to auction off all items and publish list and time 2) Auction off various items every half hour throughout the carnival publishing which items will be auctioned off at what time Last year 21 baskets were donated

Missoula Children’s Theater

Voted to table this for 2015

Playground Safety

Kyla Kauffman will be working on grant applications to improve the surface of the playground.


Lolita Carter requesting a monitor for a digital calendar where parents and staff can visibly see Kessler schedule and upcoming events. Suggestions to put it in nurses station behind glass or somewhere in office where it can still be seen but is in a locked secure location. 32” monitor estimated at $380. Pending costs would be tech costs to install, brackets ect. Craig Crawford to still look into the technical end of this to see if it’s possible.

Teachers lounge water-­‐ $135.25 total $$$ from the Carnival classic can be used to purchase a water filter.

Mrs. Hankins (Kindergarten) requesting dye cuts which all teachers could use. Requesting 7 various shapes. Estimated $300 budget-­‐ not including shipping. Can be ordered from catalog in which Lolita Carter can be responsible for the ordering.

Posted on September 11, 2014

Parent Partnership Meeting 9/11/14

Kessler Parent Partnership

September 11, 2014

Kessler School Library

Attendance: Craig Crawford, Lolita Carter, Karla Williams, Claire O’Connell, Jenni Swartz, Paula Golson, Kaycee Koehler, Amie Shanight, Kyla Kauffman, Ron & Gen Lacson, Kelly Koon and Emily Hankins.

Items of Discussion:


$5,176.70 as of last meeting

Income: Target $486.71; Open House $474.00

Expenses: Gifts for staff meeting $200.00; Brochure printing $110.00; Weekly Readers $1,253.22; ½ Beef for raffle prize $971.17, and Pizza for Open House $298.50

Ending Balance $3,304.52

Pending expenses: Sum Dog and Spelling City requests that were approved for Mrs. Alberts and Mrs. Williams. $500 per the requests. Also need to pay for raffle supplies and prizes.

Open House

(30) Pizza’s ordered; (4) cheese pizza’s left over $474.00 collected Suggestions for next fall: Include a sign up sheet for Parent Partnership meetings

Carnival Classic

September 21, 2014 Memorial Park 11-­‐4 p.m.

Canopy-­‐ Paula Golson provided; Claire O’Connell to take with her All volunteer slots are filled.

Claire O’Connell bringing the gunnysacks for the sack race, the banner and to buy candy.


School Mall-­‐ Aimee Shanight handed out packets to the classes, explained how it works, and Lolita Carter sent out an email to all the parents regarding this fundraiser. Goal is to return 40 books. This ends next Friday (September 19, 2014) Amie Shanight suggested to be looking at this years numbers and decide after that whether to continue with School Mall.


Starts Monday October 6, 2014 ending October 24, 2014. October 31, 2014 will be the raffle drawing!!! Currently making final decision on prizes for the kids who sell the most tickets. Prizes for raffle are as follows: ½ Beef, $500 cash, Family Package, and Fire Extinguisher $50 cash. Still accepting any cash donations. A volunteer for each grade, has been established who will collect the packets each week. Collections will be taken on 10/10, 10/17 and 10/24. Packets and money are to be given to Lolita Carter. Tri fold Kessler Parent Partnership brochure to be put in with the raffle packets.

Walk AT School Day

Walk to School Day is Walk AT School Day At Kessler on October 8, 2014

Directory Charlotte Lauerman will be getting the booklets together.


Two Cross Guards currently volunteering covering the week, working well. Copying for the teachers to save on printing costs-­‐ Paula Golson can commit to one day a week to help with that.


Mrs. Ratzlaff requested $75 to cover the registration for a librarian convention in October. She is already covering her own travel, meals and lodging expenses. This expense has been approved. Mary Werner requested help with water for the teachers lounge. Requesting either a PUR Water device (under $40) with two filters, (each filter under $30), another option would be to pay for the water to a limit, or best solution would be to help with a water cooler. KPP decided Craig Crawford could use the money from Carnival Classic, if he chooses to do so. KPP will go further into this topic with him.


There are concerns regarding lack of cushioning under the playground equipment. District supplying more pea gravel, but may want to look into additional solutions to make it safer. KPP wants to offer Mr. McCauley an extended $200-­‐$250 to his budget for Physical Education and gym needs. Claire O’Connell will email him regarding this