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Posted on May 22, 2020

Parent Partnership Meeting May 14, 2020

Parent Partnership Zoom Meeting
May 14, 2020
IN ATTENDANCE: Liz Ulrich, Lisa Lowney, Katie Gilbert, Mandy Needham, Amber Chenoweth, Jill Burger, Heidi Heavrin, Meghan Larson, Annie McCutcheon
*PP purchased 48 $10 coffee cards for all staff at Kessler for Teacher Appreciation Week. We are grateful for our teachers and staff for all they are doing to support their students during remote learning.
*Mrs. Lowney reported that Jessica Pickens has been hired to teach 1st grade this coming fall; Micah Kemper will be the fulltime counselor at Kessler as of the fall.
* We have two teachers retiring: Mrs. Gates and Mrs. Mundt ~ we are grateful for their time at Kessler!
* There were 7,000 chromebooks sent home for students for remote learning. They will stay checked out to students over the summer as we don’t know what the fall school year will look like yet.
*Teachers are planning end of the year video conferencing with students and parents to get feedback regarding how remote learning worked for their student/s. Teachers will be in contact with the families to set up a time to share.
*There are currently no funding requests from the Kessler staff to the PP group. The PP will be attentive to the balance in the account, which is currently, $3,880.00. The PP group is on hold as to whether or not we will be purchasing Scholastic for the teachers in the fall. We are hoping to find out if there are some online options for teachers/students as this typically runs $2,000 to purchase.
*We voiced our appreciation to Jill Burger and Aimee Shanight who have dedicated a great deal of time to the PP over the years and we appreciate everything they have done to help support the students, staff and parents of Kessler. Thank you Jill and Aimee! PP positions were voted on for the fall of 2020; some positions will be run in pairs again as this has worked well.
Presidents: Liz Ulrich and Mandy Needham
Vice presidents: Abigail McLane and Meghan Larson
Directory: Amber Chenoweth
Treasurer: Heidi Heavrin
Secretaries: Annie McCutcheon and Katie Gilbert

*Lastly, the carnival baskets may be used in the fall during ‘Open House’ time as a way to kick off the year. The PP will be meeting this summer to discuss the possibilities of having a virtual auction of some kind for the carnival baskets that were collected in March.

Posted on February 21, 2020

Parent Partnership Meeting February 2020

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting

6pm at the Red Atlas; Thursday Feb 13, 2020


IN ATTENDANCE: Liz Ulrich, Mandy Needham, Katie Gilbert, Annie McCutcheon, Heidi Heavrin, Kylee Hauck, Mrs. Lund, Mrs. Wester, Kim Hogberg, MaryEllen Fischer



Acct. Balance: $18,347.91

Remaining Balance: not including upcoming/new requests; $1,765

Smart Board purchase: estimated at $14,432 (8 purchased)

Upcoming expenses: Kids College; Carnival; Teacher Appreciation;  Retirement Gifts



Epson Smart Projectors – 8 (1 free)@2,000.00 = $14,432


CARNIVAL: March 13th 4-7pm

Terah has a sign-up genius going out; we will need lots of volunteers!

Silent Auction: Annie, Abby, Mandy, Ashley T

Games: Katie and Heidi Heavrin (Aimee ordered prizes)

Food: Aimee and Holly



Kids College is finishing this week; Katie Clement can provide feedback; but overall seems to be going well for students and instructors.

Kessler Stickers were printed; all students were giving one.  Stickers will be for sale at the carnival for $1.

Fence Cups: Holly McGraw is looking into and will report back.

Liz reported from the Parent Advisory Council: budget has been revised. Also, parents are asking what we can do to help the family of CRA student who passed away and shared the what is currently being done to support students who need/want to discuss.

Mrs. Fischer is asking the PP to pay for cookies for Family Game night on March 5th.  This has been approved.  She has purchased games for the evening which will then be given away to a few families that night as well.



Mrs. Wester and Mrs. Lund are asking for $420 to have Tanya Call and the Cohesion Dance Group to come teach the 3rd and 5th graders a dance which incorporates movement, music and props.  PP asked teachers to check into other sources of funding; and to see if there were still funds in the school budget. The motion was approved to help provide funds for this after we hear back from teachers what other resources they had/can get into place.  Third and fifth grade families may be asked for a $3-$5 donation to help cover the costs.  With upcoming expenses and Smart Projector purchases, the PP is being watchful of the current balance but wants to support this great idea for the third and fifth graders.



Feb 26th 5th grade ski trip

March 13th Carnival

March 28th-April 5th: Spring break

April 9th Next PP meeting 6pm

Posted on January 16, 2020

Parent Partnership Meeting January 2020

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting

January 9, 2020

Red Altas; 6pm

Mrs. Lisa Lowney, Liz Ulrich, Holly McCraw, Abigail McLane, Mandy Needham, Katie Gilbert, Annie McCutcheon, Kylee Hauck, Ginger Ratzlaff, Ashely Toner-Erwin, Katie Clement, Heidi Heavrin


  1. Acct Balance: $18,295.50
  2. Holiday Fundraiser: $716.60; used for purchase of gift cards to help families


After further conversation amongst the group and info gathered from Liz (who has been in contact with the district technology department and Sup. Reams) we have voted to start purchasing SmartProjectors for the teachers.  We are currently are finalizing how many we will purchase. Mrs. Lowney will help determine which classrooms they will be installed in.  The District has had intentions of purchasing these for every teacher but with remaining funds after safety updates this summer.  Our group felt strongly about getting these into the classrooms with the money we have raised; as it realistically could be 1-2 years out before the District is able to purchase.

Mrs. Ginger Ratzlaff had issues with the two new IPADS purchased for the Library; Liz has been able to help resolve this with the District Tech department.


March 13 is the Kessler carnival; Annie, Mandy, Abby, Ashley T will work on the silent auction; Katie & Heidi Heavrin will work on the overall organization of games/prizes; Aimee and Holly are in charge of the food.  *the carnival committee is always looking for others to join in and help with the organization leading up to the event; if you have interest please contact Katie Gilbert at


Katie Clement is working to organize Kids College for all of our Kessler students.  If you or someone you know has a hobby, talent, skill that can be shared with students please contact Katie at

In the past there have been volunteers who have taught baking, sewing, origami, clay, Zumba, volleyball, wood working and much more! Students look forward to Kids College so please consider volunteering for this great event! The dates this year will be three Wednesday’s in Feb.; 5th, 12th, 19th



There has been discussion of possible funding a field trip to Ex Works for all students. Aimee Shanight has gathered the cost/info for us.  The total would be estimated at $3000.  The teachers attending the meeting appreciate the idea and information; they are more interested at this time to use the funds towards purchases of more Smart Projectors.


Stickers: Mandy brought the Kessler stickers to show everyone and they look great! We have approved $250 for 500 stickers to be purchased. They will be sold for $1 per sticker once we receive. Thank you Mandy!

Holly McGraw looking into Fence Cups; cost/etc

Annie McCutcheon organized for a historical presentation two weeks ago; she gave an overview and said that the 4th and 5th graders enjoyed this presentation; thank you Annie!

P/T Conferences will be held Feb 4 & 6; Katie will work with Terah to get a signup genius organized for the teachers luncheon. Please look for ways to help, thank you!


Jan 20 MLK DAY, no school

Jan 23 Noon dismissal

Jan24 no school

Feb 5,12,19 Kids college

Feb 13 Next PP meeting 6pm

Feb 17 President’s Day; no school

March 13 Carnival




Posted on November 11, 2019

Parent Partnership Meeting 11/7/2019

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting

November 7, 2019


IN ATTENDANCE: Liz Ulrich, Lisa Lowney, Mandy Needham, Annie McCutcheon, Abigail McLane, Katie Gilbert, Anne McCoy, Anna Jayne Pentecost, Amber Chenoweth, Holly McGraw, Kylee Hauck, Nicole Evans, April Prescott, Heidi Heavrin, Katie Clement


*Fundraiser total: $10,885

*Account Balance: $20,840.09

*Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on Nov 12 & 14.  Please consider donating/helping with the luncheon the PP provides the teachers on each of these dates.  We are still in need of items on the 14th. Use the sign-up-genius to find out how to help, thank you! Or contact Katie Gilbert at 438 7970

*Clay Day will take place on Tuesday December 3rd.  If you are interested in coming to help please watch for upcoming signup genius.  We need helpers as all of the students will rotate through the gym to paint/glitter their holiday ornament/gift. Holly and Katie are working on a schedule that will be shred soon. Contact Katie Gilbert if questions/you can help.

*Spirit Week/Holiday Giving:

  1. Monday Nov 18 is PJ day
  2. Tuesday Nov 19 is hat/crazy hair day ..bring $1
  3. Wednesday Nov 20 is Kessler day/wear your school colors
  4. Thursday Nov 21 is wear blue to support Child Grief Awareness
  5. Friday Nov 22 is cat/griz day… fill the jar with a donation for your team

**ALL money raised will assist Kessler families with meals/gifts this holiday season


*Directory: Thank you Amber Chenoweth for putting together the student Directory!

*Kids College: Katie Clement will be looking for individuals to teach a hobby/skill/etc for three Wednesdays in February.  Please be thinking of how you could contribute and/or team up with someone and teach together!  Some ideas have been: baking, basketball, coding, clay, Zumba, origami, wood working, etc.  Please watch for more info to come and contact Katie Clement if you have an idea/way to help. Thank you!



*Exploration Works Field Trip/All students:

Aimee Shanight is getting info together in hopes to get all students to Exploration Works during this school year.  The science fair falls at the end of January, so that month might be a great month to encourage science activities.  Exploration works will offer group and individual experiments at a cost.  The PP group agreed that if Ex works could arrange group/individual experiments that were designed for each grade level; the PP would like to pursue paying for the buses and cost of groups/individuals to attend. This would benefit ALL students at Kessler and we would use the dollars we have raised during the fundraiser.


*Decals/Stickers: Mandy Needham has the initial proof for the stickers.  We will order ten to see if we’d like to proceed with a larger purchase.  Mandy is waiting for an additional quote to be sent for the stickers.  The logo has been updated and approved.


*Fence line Décor: Holly McGraw is contacting Kim Quinn regarding the ‘fence cups’ that have been placed in Granite Street in prior years.  The PP group agrees it would be nice to add this décor to the Euclid fence line.  We are thinking about having it be part of the fifth grade celebration in the spring.


*The Kessler Carnival is set for Friday March 13th.  Annie is coordinating the silent auction baskets; Katie Gilbert is coordinating the games; Aimee Shanight is coordinating the food.  Small groups will be established for each in order to make our carnival successful again.  Katie Gilbert is contacting Kevin at Helena Photography regarding the photo booth. Katie Clement is contacting Capstone Church as they have brought in the bounce house and other activities (outside/weather permitting).


UPDATES: Mrs. Lowney has a contact for the ball wall reconstruction.  If the PP would like to proceed with this we can continue the discussion at upcoming meetings. We would need to discuss location. There might be some connections for supplies, donations and labor.  This topic is up for further discussion.  Mrs. Lowney also shared that Kalli Kind has provided drawings from an architect regarding the granite fence line enterance/exit.  Liz is working on getting a group together to further the playground discussions.



  1. Lowney is asking for a $200 donation (that PP does each year) for the Helena Symphony. The HS puts on many free productions during the year for students as well as a spring production for the 4th and 5th graders each spring. This has been approved.
  2. $192 was approved to pay for the carpet cutting/binding for the new music room/Ms. Evans.
  3. Holly McGraw is asking for $350 for a webinar training for 5 people on “Zones of Regulation” which the SLP and others highly recommend as a way for students to learn how to regulate their emotions and reflect on themselves, their feelings during calm times and intense times. This has been approved and Mrs. McGraw and five other staff will then train everyone on the language and plan to use it school wide. Mrs. Lowney is in support as is the PP group.  For more info regarding Zones of Regulation please contact Holly McGraw.


*There was lengthy discussion regarding how to go about approving/purchasing the technology each teacher has requested.  The PP has asked Mrs. Lowney to visit with each teacher once more about their final request/wish so we can work on our purchase order.  Liz met with IT at the District Office.  She will find out on Tuesday Nov 12 from Tyler Reames what the District plans are for purchasing SmartProjectors for all teachers at Kessler, as there has been some different info shared with individuals regarding this.  If we do not need to use our funds on SmartProjectors than we will be able to proceed with other purchases.  The PP did approve to purchase 2 Ipads now for the Library and 2 Ipads for the Rescource Room.  Along with 15 screen protectors and covers.  A meeting may be called during December to help move purchases along.  Mandy Needham and Heidi Heavrin are looking into how to purchase these items in the most cost effective way.   If you have additional feedback, info regarding technology please contact Liz Ulrich.



Nov 4-21 Niceness is Priceless Food Drive

Nov 18-22 Spirit week/holiday giving fundraiser

Nov 27-29 Thanksgiving Break

Dec 3 Clay Day

Dec 12 Family Night 6pm Faculty vs 4/5 graders basketball

Dec 13 9:30am Holiday Program at HMS Auditorium

Dec 23- Jan 3 Winter Break

Jan 9 PP Meeting

A December PP may be added; if so you’ll receive an email.  It will be strictly regarding technology purchases.


If there are edits/additions/etc please contact Katie Gilbert at




Posted on October 15, 2019

Parent Partnership Meeting 10/10/19

Kessler PP Meeting
6pm at Red Atlas meeting room
October 10, 2019
Liz Ulrich, Aimee Shanight, Annie McCutcheon, Mandy Needham, Katie Gilbert, Abigail McLane, Terah McLane, Jill Burger, Amber Chenoweth, Hanna Marron, Julie Fowler, Ashley Bryson, Kylee Hauck, Nicole Evans, Anne McCoy, Ali Suchy
Current Balance: $17,887
Fundraiser total: $7,480 (to date)
Outstanding at this time; $2,940
Our fall fundraiser ends today, Oct. 11. In order to make technology purchases for our school, Liz, Mandy and Abigail are planning to meet with the District regarding plans for future tech purchases and find out installation fees, etc for any of the technology the PP purchases for students/teacher needs. Liz to report back to group and then will proceed with purchase at November meeting.  Thank you to all of the great supporters of the fundraiser this year.  We are grateful to all of those who donated.
Katie and Annie will continue to update thermometer and get the prizes distributed. Jill is depositing the checks.
P/T Conferences: Terah and Katie will get a signup genius sent out on Nov 1st for our luncheon that we provide the teachers on Nov 12 and Nov 14.  Teachers shared that they have enjoyed the luncheon in the years prior and we are glad to put this on for all of them. Please be watching in early Nov for a signup genius and see how you can help! Extra hands during set up and clean up are very helpful. Thank you!
Clay Day: Clay day will be one day this year rather than two. Mary Werner generously fired nearly 300 ornaments for students. Katie Gilbert and Holly McGraw have scheduled Tuesday December 3rd to paint/decorate ornaments (which will as a gift for their families this holiday).  The ornaments are Montana animals. Students we are interested in working with clay will have the opportunity to sign up for clay building with Mary and Katie in the spring during Kids College.  There will be a sign up genius sent out asking for volunteers to help with this day project.  Thank you in advance for considering helping out.
Carnival Coordination:
Silent Auction: Annie, Abigail, Mandy and Ashley Toner
Games: Katie and will we need others! Please let Katie know if you can help. Kevin at Helena Photography needs to be contacted for the photo booth and Capstone Church for their volunteers as well.
Food: We need a small group of people willing to organize food. Aimee will be the contact on this group. Thank you!
Other items: Mandy is ordering Kessler Cougar stickers to sell.  Liz and Aimee are looking into the cost of adding more décor to the fence line on Euclid which would be similar to the blue and yellow cougar paw on the Granite Street fence line.
Anne McCoy plans to meet with Mrs. Lowney next week regarding traffic/cross-walk safety on Granite street.  Often times during after school pick-up, parents are parking on yellow curbed areas which blocks the cross-walks.  We are looking for ways to resolve this.
Mandy Needham is looking into “Growth Mindset” .. a program that would benefit all students; she will bring more info to the next meeting.
Holiday Fundraiser: During the week of Nov 18-22 we will have some dress-up days for students and encourage $1 (or choice of donation) for our holiday giving fund (which helps Kessler families during the holidays).
Monday the 18th: PJ day
Tuesday the 19th: Crazy sock day
Wednesday the 20th: Kessler spirit day
Thursday the 21st: Hat day or crazy hair day
Friday the 22nd: Cat/Griz day
*** We will need to post this in the building for students to see.
Ali Suchy has been trying out Rocket Math online/free trial for her 5th grade students as a way to quickly practice multiplication and division math facts.  $104 for ’52 seats’; therefore all fifth graders can use.  It’s a one year purchase with access to the program at home as well.  The PP voted yes to fund this for the fifth graders.
Nicole Evans, music teacher, was given a large area rug and she needs it bound by the Floor Show; this will cost $150.  She is also asking for 30 ‘sit-spots’ for $45 which can be placed on the rug so students have a designated spot to sit during music class.  Nicole is waiting to hear from the flooring company to see if they’ll be able to complete her project.
Terah may be reaching out to the Missoula Children’s Theater regarding a spring performance at Kessler.  She will bring information to another meeting.
The next meeting is scheduled for November 7th.  Annie will keep us posted on where we will meet.
Dates to know:
Oct 17&18 NO school
Nov 12-14 P/T conferences
Nov 27-29 Thanksgiving break
Dec 12 Family Night at Kessler
Dec 13 9:30am Holiday Program at HMS
Dec 23-Jan3 Winter Break
Posted on August 28, 2019

Parent Partnership Meeting August 2019

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
August 22, 2019, 6:00pm
Muni’s Grill
Liz Ulrich, Lisa Lowney, Katie Gilbert, Holly McGraw, Mandy Needham, Abigail McLane, Kelly Koon, Amber Chenoweth, Ashley Bryson, Kylee Hauck
Co-Pres: Aimee Grmoljez-Shanight & Liz Ulrich
Co-VP: Abigail McLane & Mandy Needham
Co-Sec.: Katie Gilbert & Annie McCutcheon
Co-Treasures: Jill Burger & Terah McClain
Jill shared that we are currently at $14,810.69; and outstanding requests are $6,242.28
Open House: Aug. 27th 5:30-7:00pm; classrooms open from 5:30-6:30pm;
*Pizza will be ordered and picked up by Katie Gilbert (paper plates too)
*Otter pops will be taken care of by Aimee
*Juice/water is currently at the school; napkins as well
*Jill will get change
*Annie will help make sign
HEF Carnival Classic; Sunday Sept 8th 11-3pm at Memorial Park: we have asked Penny to bring her snow cone business.  We are in need of Kessler parent volunteers to help take cash as Penny makes snow cones.  Terah is willing to make a sign up Genius to help organize volunteers.  Thank you to any parents who are willing to come help for 30 minutes or an hour.  Penny sets the prices for the snow cones, Kessler typically gets one dollar for every snow cone sold.
Mrs. Lowney shared the progress that was made at the school over the summer; exterior painting; parking lot repairs were made, kinder classrooms have moved out of the basement; mobile unit in place and will house the computer lab and music room; gym floor was redone; draining pipes were installed outside of Entry 11; wood chips were added under play equipment; work order has been placed to the district regarding the soccer nets and securing them to the ground.
The effortless fundraiser will happen again this fall; there was discussion about what the main focus will be for the fundraiser.  The teachers and staff have voiced at the end of last year and again this fall that they are in need of updated technology. The PP is doing some research on costs of technology requests and have received from Mrs. Lowney what is currently in the building and being used by her staff for students.  The PP agreed to asking local businesses for donations; forms are being created for this as well. The goal is to have the letter out to families around Sept 16 and allow 2-3 weeks for them to be returned.  Katie and Annie will help create a ‘thermometer” type visual for students, and display in the school. so students can see what they are have donated for their school.  Incentives will be set for the students as a whole school as well.  Liz will contact Kyla regarding the form and the updates that need to be made.  Liz will touch base with Terah regarding printing/etc.  The PP is looking for ways to enhance students learning if technology purchases are made; suggestions of apps that teach coding, typing, duo-lingo, etc. All apps would have to be approved and installed by the district. The technology purchased could also be used during Kids College. Mandy shared that there may be individuals willing to come in and teacher Kessler students some coding classes. She also shared about a program called ‘growth mindset training’ that she will look into and get info back to the group.
AmazonSmile: if you shop on Amazon please remember to use amazon smile, which can help earn money for Kessler upon purchases.
Restaurant nights: Kelly Koon is checking with several restaurants in town and will report back to the group
The PP shed was taken down and items consolidated and placed in shed outside of gym. Currently looking for a storage place for the basketball hoop that takes up lots of space in the shed; still need to keep for the carnival in the spring.
The snack program is still a discussion as the numbers have waivered the passed years.
Amber Chenoweth is taking care of putting together the Student Directory again this year.  Thanks Amber!
The next meeting will be Sept 12. Location TBD
Posted on May 20, 2019

Parent Partnership Meeting May 9, 2019

Parent Partnership Meeting

May 9, 2019

In attendance:  Liz Ulrich, Annie McCutcheon, Abigail McLane, Hanna Marron, Mandy Needham, Kylee VanHemelryck, Kelly Koon, Ashley Bryson

April minutes were approved

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking account balance: $15, 448.24

Outstanding balance:  $8, 955.96 remaining

Upcoming expenses:  about $800 (Teacher’s Appreciation Day, Field Day)

Field Day Planning:

Katie, Liz, Holly and Kelly have met to discuss a few new activities for this year.

New activities include:  obstacle course with rubber chicken toss, Bubbles, Board walk (that Kyla has offered to make), Hula Hoop soccer and pin the mustache on the teacher.

Terah is working on a signup genius that will be sent out May 15th.

There were no funding requests.

Principal Lowney’s Updates:


Mobiles will be in place in August before school starts.  The work will start next Thursday, May 16th.  Currently, the school plans to have the computer lab and music room in the mobiles.  5th grade and Kindergartens will be upstairs – utilizing the current 5th grade rooms, computer lab and music room.

Ball Wall: 

Mrs. Lowney is still waiting to hear from the district on repair for the ball wall.  5th grade parents are anxious to see this done – so 5th graders can paint the wall or make an alternate plan.


Officers will remain the same for the 2019-2020 school year.  We will continue having co-officers, as this seemed to work well. There was some discussion on having the VP’s run a couple of the meeting next year – so they gain some experience.

Presidents:  Aimee Shanight and Liz Ulrich

Vice Presidents:  Mandy Needham and Abigail McLane

Treasurers:  Jill Berger and Terah McClain

Secretaries:  Katie Gilbert and Annie McCutcheon

Topics of Discussion: 

Fundraising 2019-2020 School Year

We have identified technology as our focus for next years fundraising.  Mrs. Lowney has agreed to help tally/inventory current technology so we know where each classroom stands at that start of next schoolyear.

The group agreed to stick with one big fundraiser:  Effortless Fundraiser – in the fall.  Liz would like to see a group meet at the end of the summer to start working on it… Hanna, Amber, Kyla, Mandy, Abigail and Ashely B. have agreed to help.  We would like to get kids, teachers and families more excited about this.

Some ideas were:

Supplying teachers with a bowl of candy for students who return their envelope.

An otterpop party for each classroom that has every student return their envelope.

A prize for the student who raises the most money.

Making posters and/or videos

Having an assembly to talk to the students and teachers about the fundraiser and rewards.

Placing emphasis on what we are raising money for.

Continuing to reach out to corporate sponsors.


Nature Space:

This is an ongoing discussion.  We still don’t have a set plan on how to keep up this space.

Katie Clement was going to reach out to Capstone church to see if they would have interest in helping.

There was a consensus that the students at Kessler should be involved in taking care of this space (not as a punishment) but to show care and pride for their school.

Annie is going to draft an email for Lolita to send to teachers – asking if care for the Nature Space could be included in the buddies program and or Nature Mondays.  She will also ask if each class would be willing to spend 10-15 minutes pulling weeds before the end of this schoolyear.


Mrs. VanHemelryck is going to reach out to Mr. Pickens for updating the reader board.  We also need to clarify who decides what goes on the board:  Mrs. Lowney, Mrs. Carter, Parent Partnership, etc.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, August 22nd

Posted on April 19, 2019

April Parent Partnership Meeting

Kessler PP Meeting Minutes
April 12, 2019  6pm

IN ATTENDANCE: Liz Ulrich, Holly McGraw, Lisa Lowney, Michele Ford, Abigail McLane, Mandy Needham, Ashley Bryson, Amber Chenoweth, Katie Gilbert, Kyla Kauffman, Annie McCutcheon, Dustin Pickens, Anne McCoy, Hanna Marron

Minutes from the February meeting were approved.

1. Checking acct balance: $16,126.35 ($10,722.17 after expenses)
2. Outstanding payments: $5,404.18
3. Upcoming expenses: about $800 for teacher appreciation day & field day

1. Carnival made: $4,076.75
2. Baskets made:  $2,160
3. Expenses were: $886.86
4. Total Revenue: $3,189.89
Thank you notes: Annie and Mandy are working on a few thank you notes. Katie Clement is writing a note to Capstone Church; Katie Gilbert will get a note to the extra maintenance staff hired for after the carnival.

Notes for Carnival next year (2019): invite Capstone Church back for bounce house, cotton candy and football throw; hire Kevin at Helena Photography for photo booth (paid $300 to him for booth and staffing); we have plenty of prizes remaining; will need bags for kids to gather their items in; encourage volunteers by receiving free tickets as an incentive.  Number of tickets to be determined next year. Post volunteers so everyone has a place to check into their time/location

We will celebrate our teachers at Kessler the week of May 6-11! Several parents have volunteered at the meeting to help with gifts/donations/etc; but we will be looking for more help; an email to the PP group will come out soon; please find more info there or contact Katie Gilbert at 438-7970 if you have a something in particular that you’d like to do or be a part of! Thank you! As of April 17th, volunteers have been fulfilled.

Field day will be the last day of school; June 6th.  Field events are being planned by Katie Gilbert, Liz Ulrich, Kyla Kauffman and Kelly Koon.  We will confirm with Mrs. Lowney as well. Katie will contact Terah McLain regarding a sign-up genius after the activities are scheduled/set.

4th grade teachers Michele Ford and Dustin Pickens are requesting Spelling City ($405) – which will benefit 3rd, 4th and 5th grades; ScootPad ($398) for 3rd grade; Sumdog ($375) for 4th and 5th, for a total of $1,178; all programs will supplements current curriculum and will be used during rotating stations.  The request was approved by the group tonight.

Lisa Lowney is getting exact data as far as how many chromebooks are currently in the building; how many Ipads (at what grade level) there are and what needs there are for updating technology in the future, as this will guide the PP group fall fundraiser if need be.

1. BFG Family night: the overall consensus was that for future movies we might consider showing smaller groups of students the movie in the gym during school hours as parents and kids socializing during ‘family night’.  Pizza, cookies, and water were a success that night as was the turn-out of families.
2. Nature space: Lisa Lowney checking to see if the Eco club would like to volunteer to pull weeds; as well as create a family sign up for the summer to help out as well.
3. Ball Wall: Lisa Lowney is looking into some kind of ‘cap’ for the top of the ball wall as it’s currently disintegrating, but students continue to use it at recess and enjoy having it on their playground.
4. Reader Board: Mr Pickens has volunteered to get the reader board on the side of the school building up and running again.  Thank you Mr. Pickens!
5.  Running club information just came home to students.

1. April 18th Mr Jeff Day  (Annie McCoy working on putting together a gift for him from the PP)
2. May 3rd is Vigilante day
3. May 9th PP meeting; location to be announced
4. May 16th Family night at Montana Wild from 6-7pm
5. May 27th Memorial Day
6. May 31st School BBQ 11:30-12:30

1. Lisa Lowney working on a scoreboard replacement with Kalli Kind.
2. Fourth grade parents should be aware that volunteers will be needed at the beginning of the fall for the 50’s bash; which is a non-school related event; but many volunteers are needed.
3. Mobile unit will most likely be added to the school grounds sometime between August and November.  Classrooms will stay as is until mobile units are in place.  Volunteers may be needed if teachers have to relocate their classrooms during the school year.  Lisa Lowney will keep us updated.

Posted on April 17, 2019


Kessler Parent Partnership:

Kessler parents and staff working together to make our school the best it can be and enrich the lives of our students!

All are welcome!

Parent Partnership meets the 2nd Thursday of each month – in changing locations.  Watch the PP bulletin board in the Kessler lobby and your email for updates month to month.  E-mail the address below to be added to our list of parents.

Kessler Parent Partnership has assisted with the following:

Snack program

Water refill stations

Playground needs

Technology updates

Scholastic Readers

Kid’s College

Spring Carnival


Contact Email:


Posted on February 25, 2019

Parent Partnership Meeting 2/21/2019

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
6pm February 21, 2019
IN ATTENDANCE: Liz Ulrich, Abigail McLane, Mandy Needham, Ali Suchy, Holly McGraw, Dustin Pickens, Kylee Vanhemelryck, Britney Kelly, Hanna Marron, Amber Chenoweth, Emily Hankins, Angela Jones, Lisa Lowney, Lolita Carter, Katie Gilbert, Terah McClain, Michele Ford
Minutes from the January meeting were approved.
1. Current balance is $13,686.11
2. Outstanding payments: $453; $300 will be paid to Kevin at Helena Photography for the photo booth at the March 15th Carnival.
3. Monthly payment of $100-200 for snacks
4. Upcoming expenses: Carnival, Kids College, Teacher Appreciation Day, Field day
1. Please sign up to help for the carnival on March 15th on the signup genius that has been sent out. There are lots of ways to help.
2. Baskets: Annie, Mandy, Abby have contacted the teachers in regards to what they are collecting from families for the auction.
3. Food: Holly, Liz, Darci, Aimee and Hanna are coordinating the food.
The movie the BFG will be shown; PP will be providing pizza. We are budgeting about $180-250
Annie McCutcheon has drafted a ‘home page’ for our Kessler website; it was approved.
1. There is a possibility that Kessler could receive a scoreboard from the elementary building that’s being closed.
2. The plans to place a modular on the property, just south of the outside basketball courts are in place; work will begin April 1st and will be up and ready for teachers to move into as of August 1st.  All safety requirements will be met for students while work is in progress, including a fence around the work site.  Field day will need to make some adjustments when planning their outdoor activities.
The next meeting will be on April 11; location to be announced.
1. 4th & 5th grade are going to the symphony. There is no charge but a donation is always encouraged. Kessler typically gives $200.  We have approved the $200.
2. Tour the Capitol: 5th graders have been invited to the Capitol building for a tour.  The only fee is busing.  Busing funds from the school have been used, therefore a vote in favor for paying for busing was approved. Mrs. Lund and Mrs. Suchy will be taking their students. Cost will be between $80-100.
3. Printing: 2nd grade teachers Emily Hankins and Angela Jones are asking for $210 to cover color printing which will help them complete their supplemental games for their classrooms which provide enrichment to their current reading curriculum.
4. Scholastic News: The teachers who were present at the meeting all spoke highly of the Scholastic readers that PP pays for and has for years, stating that the reading, writing, match, science, social studies and technology components all provide enrichment to their students.  This has been approved for $2,124.28. Teachers have been asked by the PP to write up a summary as to what this offers so we are able to share this with Kessler families come the fall fundraiser.
5. IPADS: Kinder teachers Mrs. V and Mrs. Kelly are asking for 10 IPADS for Kinder use which would need to be purchased through the District for the cost of $2,940.  IPADS are much easier for Kinder students to use versus the chromebooks which require a login & password. IPADS will be used for a new reading assessment that kinder teachers will using this fall.  There was lots of discussion on this topic, looking at other options for purchasing costs to be lowered, but the district requires all technology purchases to be completed through them for future issues with repairs, etc. Mrs. Lowney is going to contact the tech department and see if there are any better deals they can offer. This was approved for purchase by the group.  The PP group has also acknowledged that updating some technology for teachers might be a good focus for the fall fundraiser.