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Posted on April 19, 2019

April Parent Partnership Meeting

Kessler PP Meeting Minutes
April 12, 2019  6pm

IN ATTENDANCE: Liz Ulrich, Holly McGraw, Lisa Lowney, Michele Ford, Abigail McLane, Mandy Needham, Ashley Bryson, Amber Chenoweth, Katie Gilbert, Kyla Kauffman, Annie McCutcheon, Dustin Pickens, Anne McCoy, Hanna Marron

Minutes from the February meeting were approved.

1. Checking acct balance: $16,126.35 ($10,722.17 after expenses)
2. Outstanding payments: $5,404.18
3. Upcoming expenses: about $800 for teacher appreciation day & field day

1. Carnival made: $4,076.75
2. Baskets made:  $2,160
3. Expenses were: $886.86
4. Total Revenue: $3,189.89
Thank you notes: Annie and Mandy are working on a few thank you notes. Katie Clement is writing a note to Capstone Church; Katie Gilbert will get a note to the extra maintenance staff hired for after the carnival.

Notes for Carnival next year (2019): invite Capstone Church back for bounce house, cotton candy and football throw; hire Kevin at Helena Photography for photo booth (paid $300 to him for booth and staffing); we have plenty of prizes remaining; will need bags for kids to gather their items in; encourage volunteers by receiving free tickets as an incentive.  Number of tickets to be determined next year. Post volunteers so everyone has a place to check into their time/location

We will celebrate our teachers at Kessler the week of May 6-11! Several parents have volunteered at the meeting to help with gifts/donations/etc; but we will be looking for more help; an email to the PP group will come out soon; please find more info there or contact Katie Gilbert at 438-7970 if you have a something in particular that you’d like to do or be a part of! Thank you! As of April 17th, volunteers have been fulfilled.

Field day will be the last day of school; June 6th.  Field events are being planned by Katie Gilbert, Liz Ulrich, Kyla Kauffman and Kelly Koon.  We will confirm with Mrs. Lowney as well. Katie will contact Terah McLain regarding a sign-up genius after the activities are scheduled/set.

4th grade teachers Michele Ford and Dustin Pickens are requesting Spelling City ($405) – which will benefit 3rd, 4th and 5th grades; ScootPad ($398) for 3rd grade; Sumdog ($375) for 4th and 5th, for a total of $1,178; all programs will supplements current curriculum and will be used during rotating stations.  The request was approved by the group tonight.

Lisa Lowney is getting exact data as far as how many chromebooks are currently in the building; how many Ipads (at what grade level) there are and what needs there are for updating technology in the future, as this will guide the PP group fall fundraiser if need be.

1. BFG Family night: the overall consensus was that for future movies we might consider showing smaller groups of students the movie in the gym during school hours as parents and kids socializing during ‘family night’.  Pizza, cookies, and water were a success that night as was the turn-out of families.
2. Nature space: Lisa Lowney checking to see if the Eco club would like to volunteer to pull weeds; as well as create a family sign up for the summer to help out as well.
3. Ball Wall: Lisa Lowney is looking into some kind of ‘cap’ for the top of the ball wall as it’s currently disintegrating, but students continue to use it at recess and enjoy having it on their playground.
4. Reader Board: Mr Pickens has volunteered to get the reader board on the side of the school building up and running again.  Thank you Mr. Pickens!
5.  Running club information just came home to students.

1. April 18th Mr Jeff Day  (Annie McCoy working on putting together a gift for him from the PP)
2. May 3rd is Vigilante day
3. May 9th PP meeting; location to be announced
4. May 16th Family night at Montana Wild from 6-7pm
5. May 27th Memorial Day
6. May 31st School BBQ 11:30-12:30

1. Lisa Lowney working on a scoreboard replacement with Kalli Kind.
2. Fourth grade parents should be aware that volunteers will be needed at the beginning of the fall for the 50’s bash; which is a non-school related event; but many volunteers are needed.
3. Mobile unit will most likely be added to the school grounds sometime between August and November.  Classrooms will stay as is until mobile units are in place.  Volunteers may be needed if teachers have to relocate their classrooms during the school year.  Lisa Lowney will keep us updated.

Posted on April 17, 2019


Kessler Parent Partnership:

Kessler parents and staff working together to make our school the best it can be and enrich the lives of our students!

All are welcome!

Parent Partnership meets the 2nd Thursday of each month – in changing locations.  Watch the PP bulletin board in the Kessler lobby and your email for updates month to month.  E-mail the address below to be added to our list of parents.

Kessler Parent Partnership has assisted with the following:

Snack program

Water refill stations

Playground needs

Technology updates

Scholastic Readers

Kid’s College

Spring Carnival


Contact Email:


Posted on February 25, 2019

Parent Partnership Meeting 2/21/2019

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
6pm February 21, 2019
IN ATTENDANCE: Liz Ulrich, Abigail McLane, Mandy Needham, Ali Suchy, Holly McGraw, Dustin Pickens, Kylee Vanhemelryck, Britney Kelly, Hanna Marron, Amber Chenoweth, Emily Hankins, Angela Jones, Lisa Lowney, Lolita Carter, Katie Gilbert, Terah McClain, Michele Ford
Minutes from the January meeting were approved.
1. Current balance is $13,686.11
2. Outstanding payments: $453; $300 will be paid to Kevin at Helena Photography for the photo booth at the March 15th Carnival.
3. Monthly payment of $100-200 for snacks
4. Upcoming expenses: Carnival, Kids College, Teacher Appreciation Day, Field day
1. Please sign up to help for the carnival on March 15th on the signup genius that has been sent out. There are lots of ways to help.
2. Baskets: Annie, Mandy, Abby have contacted the teachers in regards to what they are collecting from families for the auction.
3. Food: Holly, Liz, Darci, Aimee and Hanna are coordinating the food.
The movie the BFG will be shown; PP will be providing pizza. We are budgeting about $180-250
Annie McCutcheon has drafted a ‘home page’ for our Kessler website; it was approved.
1. There is a possibility that Kessler could receive a scoreboard from the elementary building that’s being closed.
2. The plans to place a modular on the property, just south of the outside basketball courts are in place; work will begin April 1st and will be up and ready for teachers to move into as of August 1st.  All safety requirements will be met for students while work is in progress, including a fence around the work site.  Field day will need to make some adjustments when planning their outdoor activities.
The next meeting will be on April 11; location to be announced.
1. 4th & 5th grade are going to the symphony. There is no charge but a donation is always encouraged. Kessler typically gives $200.  We have approved the $200.
2. Tour the Capitol: 5th graders have been invited to the Capitol building for a tour.  The only fee is busing.  Busing funds from the school have been used, therefore a vote in favor for paying for busing was approved. Mrs. Lund and Mrs. Suchy will be taking their students. Cost will be between $80-100.
3. Printing: 2nd grade teachers Emily Hankins and Angela Jones are asking for $210 to cover color printing which will help them complete their supplemental games for their classrooms which provide enrichment to their current reading curriculum.
4. Scholastic News: The teachers who were present at the meeting all spoke highly of the Scholastic readers that PP pays for and has for years, stating that the reading, writing, match, science, social studies and technology components all provide enrichment to their students.  This has been approved for $2,124.28. Teachers have been asked by the PP to write up a summary as to what this offers so we are able to share this with Kessler families come the fall fundraiser.
5. IPADS: Kinder teachers Mrs. V and Mrs. Kelly are asking for 10 IPADS for Kinder use which would need to be purchased through the District for the cost of $2,940.  IPADS are much easier for Kinder students to use versus the chromebooks which require a login & password. IPADS will be used for a new reading assessment that kinder teachers will using this fall.  There was lots of discussion on this topic, looking at other options for purchasing costs to be lowered, but the district requires all technology purchases to be completed through them for future issues with repairs, etc. Mrs. Lowney is going to contact the tech department and see if there are any better deals they can offer. This was approved for purchase by the group.  The PP group has also acknowledged that updating some technology for teachers might be a good focus for the fall fundraiser.
Posted on January 11, 2019

Parent Partnership Meeting January 2019

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting 1/10/19

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
January 10, 2019
Held at Muni’s at BRGC
IN ATTENDANCE: Liz Ulrich, Abigail McLane, Katie Gilbert, Katie Clement, Annie McCutcheon, Heather Irving, Ashley Bryson, Kylee VanHemelryck, Emily Hankins, Lisa Lowney, Holly McGraw, Dustin Pickens, Amber Chenoweth, Hanna Marron, Terah McLain, Mandy Needham
Minutes were approved from the November 2018 meeting.
Holiday Fundraiser: raised $491.07
Holiday Fundraiser: spent $300.00
Checking account balance: $14,339.54
KIDS COLLEGE: Katie Clement shared info on the upcoming Kids College which is set for the 4 Wednesdays in February. Katie is looking for volunteers to teach students a hobby, skill, sport, craft, talent, etc.  Some classes that currently have volunteers are clay building, scrapbooking, woodworking, baking, etc.  If you or someone you know could teach a class or help with a class please contact Katie Clement at 431-8374.
1.  Emily Hankins and Angela Jones (not present) are requesting a supplement to their Journeys Reading Curriculum which they would used during their ‘walk to read’ time, to support all learners while they rotate through a variety of stations.  The supplement has games, worksheets, hands-on learning activites and more, which would include 60 pages worth of materials for 30 weeks.  The cost is $138 for both 2nd grade classrooms.  The group voted and this has been approved.
2. Emily Hankins and Angela Jones are also requesting “Exit Tickets” which is one years worth of questions that check for comprehension as students walk out of their classrooms  while transitioning to another activity. These tickets can be used year to year. The cost is $30.  The group voted and this has been approved.
Mr. Pickens shared that Sum Dog wasn’t purchased for the fourth grade students as requested for the 2018/19 school year.  The fourth grade teachers will plan to purchase for the 2019/20 school year.
Parent teacher conferences will be held February 5th and 7th.  The PP would like to provided lunch for the teachers both days.  On Feb. 5 we will be hosting a ‘tailgate’ theme during lunchtime. On Feb. 7 we will be providing sandwiches from Jimmy John’s.  Katie Gilbert and Terah McClain will work on the menu and sign-up genius which will be sent out to the PP group.
Kessler school carnival will be held on Friday March 15th. Katie Gilbert will be organizing the games; Annie McCutcheon will be organizing the baskets, Holly will be organizing the food.  There are many others contributing to getting the carnival up and running.  We will need lots of volunteers prior to and during. A sign up genius will be established so parents can see how they can help.  Katie Clement will call Capstone church regarding the bounce house; Katie Gilbert will contact Kevin and Helena Photography to see about a photo booth.
Liz Ulrich attended the PAC meeting.  With the 50’s bash coming up this spring we are in need of a Kessler parent or two to attend the meetings and keep the Kessler 5th grade parents informed.  Terah McClain has volunteered to be the contact person for Kessler; Annie McCutcheon said she would help.
Mrs. Lisa Lowey is talking with Paulette about the needs of the nature space at Kessler.  Paulette is looking for someone to take over the care or the nature space permanently.
January 30th is the Science Fair
February 5th & 7th – P/T conferences
February 21st – PP meeting
March 7th – Family Night
March 15th – Kessler Carnival
1.Heather Irving shared an option of a Run-a-thon fundraiser, which could be an option if we need additional funds. As of now the PP group doesn’t feel strongly about adding that to this school year.
2. Ms. Jones and Mrs. Suki will be heading up the Governor’s Cup training this spring.
3. Mrs. Lowney shared that there will be two mobile units placed at Kessler this spring. There will also be new gutters installed as there have been drainage issues on the roof.
Mrs. Lowney is currently interviewing Intermountain and Aware Agencies as Kessler will be bringing on a mental health team this coming fall of 2019.  Currently 7 of the 11 elementary schools in the district have mental health teams established; along with both middle and high schools.
4. Mrs. Hankins has asked for ‘printing costs’ to be added to the February agenda.
Posted on November 15, 2018

Parent Partnership Meeting Nov 2018

Kessler PP Meeting

6pm held at Muni’s -BR Golf Course

November 8, 2018


In Attendance: Liz Ulrich, Lisa Lowney, Katie Gilbert, Kelly Koon, Anne McCoy, Amber Chenoweth, Ashly Bryson, Shanna Kimball, Holly McGraw, Abigail McLane


Budget: Liz reported that the total raised from the fall fundraiser was $8,606.27. There were four business donations, still looking for more.  There is currently $14,400 in the checking account. 



1.  Shanna Kimball came to the meeting requesting ScootPad for both 3rd grade classrooms, which is supplemental to Successmaker and the program can be individualized to each student. Cost in $199/classroom.  This request was brought to the group during the spring of 2018 and denied as there were a lot of technology requests and the cost was great.  Mrs. Kimball has currently purchased ScootPad out of her own pocket as she feels very strongly that it’s a great program for her third graders.  A motion was made to purchase this program for both third grade classrooms.  Mrs. Kimball will be reimbursed $199.00.  

2.  Amanda Rambo is asking PP to purchase more snow bricks/cylinders for playground use during the winter. She’d like to get them ordered before we get more snow, therefore the PP group approved $150.00 for Mrs. Rambo to purchase snow bricks/cylinders. Mrs. Lowney will share this information with Mrs. Rambo. 


Upcoming Events:

1. PT Conferences: A sign up genius has been established and filled for luncheons on Tuesday November 13 and Thursday November 15. Please contact Katie Gilbert if you have any additional questions at 438 7970


2. Clay Days: November 16 & 30; Starting just after 10am on both of these days, students will be creating ornaments out of clay for their family. Mary Werner is firing the pieces.  There have been several parents volunteer to stop in and help on this day. If you are still interested, please contact Katie Gilbert at 438 7970


3. Holiday Fundraising: Friday November 16 is Cat/Griz Day – fill the jar with $ for your team; Monday November 19th is Hat day for $1; Tuesday November 20 is PJ day; All money raised will assist Kessler families with meals/gift purchases this holiday. 


4. Science Fair Projects: Mark your calendars!  Science fair projects will be due on January 30th. 


5. Kids College: Will be held all four Wednesday’s in February. If you have a hobby/talent/activity that you can share/teach or know someone who does, please contact Katie Clement. 


Directory: Amber Chenoweth is currently working on the directory. Information slips went home with students last week.  


Outstanding Items: 

1.There is still talk of trying to get a Spanish class/teacher to teach Kessler students.  One idea is to try to find someone to teach this during Kids College. If you know someone, please let Katie Clement know. Holly McGraw might have a contact name for this and will look into for us. 

2.Current lunch clubs at Kessler are Pokémon club & Art club

3. Kelly Koon revisited the topic of the Missoula Children’s theater. After speaking with parent of 4G’s parents, there were several things that popped up as far as requirements; therefore if we ever pursued we’d need to read the contract language closely.  MSC was a topic last spring, but due to many things happening at Kessler it wasn’t the right time along side the cost.  

4. Nature Space: we had a follow up conversation regarding the Nature Space on the Kessler playground; one idea is to assign each grade level one week during the spring to pick up trash and pull weeds. One idea for the summer is to create a signup genius and let families pick a week/s that they’d like to tend to this space as a family volunteer project. This was voted as a very good idea. Amber Chenoweth was to speak to her father as he’s a retired botanist and could help identify plants/trees/flowers/weeds.  Mrs. Lowney will contact the current caretaker and find out the specific needs of the space for adequate upkeep. 


Next meeting will be Thursday January 10th; location to be determined (Muni’s was great location as we had a quiet room & food was for purchase).  We hope to see you there!


Posted on October 24, 2018

Parent Partnership Meeting October 2018

Kessler PP Meeting

October 11th, 2018


In attendance: Annie McCutcheon, Katie Gilbert, Aimee Shanight, Abigail McLane, Hanna Marron, Amber Chenowith, Liz Ulrich, Mandy Needham, Holly McGraw, Kelly Koon, Mary Ellen Fischer


Fundraiser Update:  Currently raised $7,781.27 ($10 more than last year)

  • Discussion on success of fundraiser compared to previous years and initial discussion on adding an additional fundraiser this spring.
  • Group agrees it would be helpful to have a something in mind that we are fundraising for
  • Liz put together a business letter that is being sent out. Corporations have until the end of October to make their donation.
  • Group agrees a vinyl sign thanking corporate sponsors would be nice. Sign will be printed end of November or early December.


Mary Ellen Fischer (Title One Teacher):  Brought a request for a Kessler School Bowling night.

After further discussion the group decided to use our Movie License to show the BFG – a book the title one teachers are using with all of Kessler.  This ties together a family night, our license (that we funded) and the book.  PP may provide pizza.  March 7th Family Night

Motion approved for $250 on pizza that night



Aimee is meeting with Vans manager to make an updated list for snacks and discuss possible discount



  • Tyler Reames done with first 100 days
  • District student count is highest in 10 years. 8,266 kids
  • There is only 1 counselor per 400 students
  • Discussed how do you measure success…


  • Katie Gilbert is organizing lunches in the teachers lounge for those days.
  • Soup and Tailgate Themes
  • Terah will create a sign up genius


CARNIVAL:  Friday, March 15

  • Games: Katie, Kelly, Abby
  • Baskets: Annie, Mandy, (Ashley Toner Erwin?)
  • Food: Liz, Holly, Aimee


  • Turkey jug will be used for donations
  • November 12-16: Monday – PJs, Wednesday- Hats, Friday- Cat/Griz
  • Lolita will help identify families in need


  • Katie contacting Mary Werner to set Clay Day dates
  • Trunk or Treat is October 30th
  • Holiday Program is scheduled for December 14th
  • Suggestion was made for regular updates from Mrs. Lowney
    • Aimee will reach out to her



Posted on September 12, 2018

Meeting Minutes 9/6/18

Kessler PP meeting
September 7, 2018
Downstairs of the Brewhouse 6pm

IN ATTENDANCE: Aimee Shanight, Annie McCutcheon, Liz Ulrich, Mandy
Needham, Katie Gilbert, Lisa Lowney, Lana Curry, Lolita Carter, Abbey
McLane, Ashley Toner Erwin, Mr. Pickens, Heather Irving, Mrs. Lund,
Katie Clement, Terah McClain, Kevin Molm

Beginning of the year updates from Mrs. Lowney:
*Front of the school had some updates over the summer to improve
overall appearance.
*Carnival Classic Sunday September 9th; volunteers needed, please us
sign up genius
*Open House was a success; PP made $167.10 (there are still some
outstanding receipts)
*272 currently enrolled at Kessler
*Looking into a new scoreboard for the gym; has reached out to Mr.
McMahon about purchase/donation.
*Need helpers for picture day on September 19th. Annie McCutcheon and
Katie Gilbert can help in the morning.  If you are able to help in the
afternoon contact Lolita.
*Playground equiptment is ok at this time.
*Dome has been installed.
*Resource officers will be making more of a presence at the school,
once a week, probably during lunch/recess.

Reminders to everyone about drop off and pick up safety. Be sure
students are getting in/out of vehicles on the sidewalk side of
Granite, not into the street. Lisa & Lolita looking into additional
signage for traffic.

Balance:  $6,331.00
Still some outstanding bills, including:
A few receipts from open house expenses (water and otterpops)
Movie license $420.00
Sum dog for 4th grade $247.50
Spelling City for 3rd, 4th and 5th $442.30
Snack Program $2,500.00 (paid to Vans monthly)

Kiss a Pig, last day of school, raised $118, thank you Mrs. Lowney!
(hasn’t been added to our total)

Aimee, Liz, Katie, Kyla, Annie and Terah are working on the changes
and additions to fall fundraiser letter.  It will go out in the middle
of September with a return date of the early part of October.
Snack program will be mentioned, water filters for the new water
stations and additional playgrounds needs.  Discussion on adding
benches/pavillion at some point. Discussion in progress.

Mandy is asking SOFI about matching donation. Liz is looking into
Corporate donations

Annie is looking into missing reps
(K) Mrs.V:  Mandy
(K) Mrs.
(1) Mrs. McGraw:  Abby McLane
(1) Mrs. Gates:  Ashley Erwin
(2) Mrs. Jones:  Annie McCutcheon
(2) Mrs. Hankins:  Mandy Needham
(3) Mrs. Kimball:  Terah McClain
(3) Mrs. Wester:  Liz Ulrich
(4) Mr. Pickens: Aimee Shanight
(4) Mrs. Ford:  Heather Irving
(5) Mrs. Suchi:  Annie McCutcheon
(5) Mrs. Lund:

Annie is working on a mission statement for Parent Partnership webpage.
Heather Irving has offered to facilitate a Jog-a-thon this spring; we
will look forward to hearing more about this and how it might work for
a spring fundraiser.

October 11th 6:00

Posted on March 23, 2018

Parent Partnership Meeting 3/22/2018

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
March 22, 2018
6pm at The Staggering Ox
Minutes from the February meeting were approved.

IN ATTENDANCE: Aimee Shanight, Liz Ulrich, Terah McLain, Mandy
Needham, Hanna Marron, Anne McCoy, Kelly Koon, Katie Gilbert

Aimee reported that Kalli Kind has approved the purchase of ‘the dome’
for playground. The price for the dome is $1,500.00 with a shipping
cost of about $500. PP is in hopes of purchasing the dome right after
spring break (early April) as it will take at least 5 weeks to arrive.
It’s location will be where the current tire swings are (non-exsistent
tire swings).
With Kalli’s help and Pat Marron, they will be able to coordinate
staff to install the dome.

*Safety on Granite and Silverette still remains an issue at pick up
time. Many parents picking students up are parking in areas where
signage indicates otherwise, right next to fire hydrants, and too
close to the cross walks.  An email went out last week via Mrs.
Lowney; but observers haven’t seen much change in where people are
parking to pick up.
*The Granite street entrance gates still remain a topic of discussion.
Pat Marron and Brad Koon will be invited to the next meeting to help
resolve this issue.  The PP would have to consider spending up to $600
to move the gate/change the fence.  The PP group is hopeful to meet on
site next meeting to take a look at this issue.

Jill shared via email that the current balance is $10,183.89; Holly
McGraw ordered her books that were approved two months ago and will be
reimbursed for $659.20; Scholastic Subcsriptions are usually around
$2,000, which is due this spring; we’ll plan for $500-$600 for Teacher
Appreciation Week and about $200 for field day in June.

We made almost $3000 on the carnival which is $1000 more than last
year. Big thanks add to everyone who volunteered and donated items! We
have about $4000 in our account to spend and we will discuss that at
the April meeting..

*Teacher Appreciation Week
*Field Day

Terah McLain brought up the idea of having the Missoula Children’s
Theater come to Kessler. She is looking into more details to share
with us.

Katie Gilbert will visit with Mrs. Lowney about a campus cleanup day.
Katie will also touch base with Amanda Rambo about playground

Hanna Marron is contacting someone regarding the possibility of
teaching spanish to students at Kessler.

Aimee Shanight is planning to write a thank you card to Capstone
Church for the bounce house they provided us, cost free, at the
carnival; along with donating the extra pop & candy to them.

The next PP meeting will be on April 19th at Kessler in the library;
part of the meeting will be outside looking at the fence/gates.

Posted on January 16, 2018

Parent Partnership Meeting 1/12/2018

Parent Partnership Meeting
January 11, 2017
6pm at the Downstairs of the BH

Aimee Shanight, Lisa Lowney, Lolita Carter, Lana Curry, Annie
McCutcheon, Katie Gilbert, Kelly Koon, Terah McLain, Holly McGraw,
Mandy Needham, Amber Chenoweth, Ashley Bryson, Liz Ulrich, Hanna
Marron, Abigail McLane, Kelsi Hannan, Anne McCoy, Katie Clement,
Ashley Toner-Erwin

*Aimee reflected on the money raised just prior to the holidays; via
Bobcat/Griz donation, hat day, PJ day: $700 raised, all of which
helped families this past holiday.

*Clay Day was a success & the extra clay will be used during Kids College.

*One of the water stations was installed yesterday; the other two need
to be installed still, but waiting on an electrician.

*The Holiday Program that Mrs. Curtis put on was a huge success.
Thank you again Mrs. Curtis!

*$142 was spent to use/pay staffers of HMS for the Holiday Program.

Current budget is $7,200

2 requests were presented:

1. Holly McGraw has requested Rigby leveled readers for 1st and 2nd
grade; 18 different titles; 108 books at the cost of $659.20.  Motion
passed for the purchase of these books for the students.

2. Lolita Carter has requested for the teachers; Scholastic Readers
for the 2018/19 school year.  When these are ordered early they are a
better price, which is $2,000. Feedback from the teachers is that they
really like scholastics and are useful to them.
Motion passed for the purchase of the Scholastic Readers.

Katie Clement shared the upcoming classes offered this year for Kids
College.  There are currently 11 classes being offered, she is hoping
for 17 or 18.  If you know of a volunteer that has a hobby or career
to share, please contact Katie Clement.  Kids College will be help
February 7th, 21st, and 28th.  Some of the classes that will be
offered are: Bread making, crochet, Scrap booking, Yo Yo making,
Sewing, Ex Work, Clay, Zumba, Pharmacy/Dentist.  Kids college will
take place at the end of the school day on the dates shown above.
*Please contact Katie Clement if you have something you’d be willing
to teach/share; or know someone that could be contacted. Thank you!

Liz Ulrich attended the parent council meeting;
*The 50’s bash for the 5th graders is coming up; Liz asked for a
parent from Kessler to attend these meetings, Aimee Shanight has
*The search for a new superintendent is still underway; the board is
hoping to have someone hired by March 15th.
*The gifted and talented program reaches about 500 students in the
Helena School District.
*January 23rd: a discussion will be held regarding school lunches;
please attend if interested.

The Kessler School Carnival will be held on March 16th, with the theme
being ‘St. Patrick’s Day’.  PP needs many volunteers! Committees were
formed for the Carnival. At the next PP meeting (February 15th AT
KESSLER) the committees will meet briefly after the meeting; please
attend if possible.  Katie Gilbert will check the shed to see what may
be leftover from years past carnivals.  Silent auction & raffle ticket
ideas were discussed.  Annie McCutcheon and Holly McGraw are working
on these items.

Jill Burger
Jenni Swartz
Holly McGraw
Amber Chenoweth
Ashley Bryson

Annie McCutcheon
Ashly Toner-Erwin
Mandy Needham

Katie Gilbert
Kyla Kauffman
Abby McLane
Kelsi Hannan
Katie Clement

If you have interest in a committee & can help please contact any of
the people named; an email will go out to the parents asking for help
with games during the carnival as well as sending donations; pop,
gatorade, candy, baked goods (for cake walk). Thank you!

Aimee Shanight, Hanna Marron and Liz Ulrich will be discussing with
Lisa Lowney some options for improving our playground.  During the
winter, the entrance gate onto the playground (Granite Street) is very
icy, slick and enters at a slope.  One suggestion is to look at having
the gate moved to a non-sloped area.  Lisa Lowney will be looking into
this.  Aimee, Hanna and Liz will also be discussing the possibility of
adding a new piece of playground equiptment (the dome).

P/T Conferences will be held on February 6th and 8th. PP will put on a
luncheon for the teachers.  Holly McGraw confirmed that this is
helpful to the teachers during the lunch hour and the menu that has
been provided in the past is great.  Please watch for an email
regarding how you can help this February.  Thank you!

1. Discuss Carnival
2. Discuss Field Day
3. Discuss Teacher appreciation week
4. Discuss the need for a spring fundraiser; papa murphys pizza cards,
read-a-thon, cookbook

This concludes the minutes for the PP meeting. The next meeting will
be held on February 15th at Kessler School.  If there are
additions/corrections/changes to the minutes, please email me back on
this email.
Thank you,
Katie Gilbert

Posted on November 13, 2017

Parent Meeting November 9, 2017

Parent Partnership Meeting
November 9, 2017

PRESENT: Annette Heinrich, Katie Gilbert, Annie McCutcheon, Holly McGraw, Katie Clement, Liz Ulrich, Ashley Bryson

Minutes from the October 2017 meeting were approved.

TREASURER”S REPORT: Jill submitted the treasury report via email; the bank balance is $9,965.16.  Jill is waiting on monthly bill from Van’s for snack program $174.26; Spelling City (5th grade) $119.90 (Jill is waiting to hear from 5th grade teachers); “Wonder” movie field trip
$250.00 (Micah is figuring out who the check goes to); HMS rental fee for the holiday program (Lolita said we can pay it once they have billed us, amount unknown).

Treasurer’s report from the month of October was approved.

Total raised this year from the annual fundraiser: $7,551 The group feels that we might need an additional fundraiser.  Annette shared of creating Kessler cookbook; more discussion in January.

PARENT COUNCIL: Liz will attend the meeting next week; she asked if there were any issues at Kessler that the District should know about.
One concern came from Mrs. McGraw regarding a request Mrs. Kimball has made for new desks for her 3rd graders.  She has received some, but not all. Annie is checking with Mrs. Kimball & Mrs. Lowney in regards to this.

Installation of the new water stations are delayed due to the resignation of the district’s plumber.  Kayce Koeler was going to check with her husband to see if he knew of someone that might be willing to donate that installation project for us.  I will touch base with Kayce to see if she has any leads.

KIDS COLLEGE: Katie Clement shared the kids college program she runs in February.  We determined that at the January meeting we will get focused on volunteers, etc. Holly was to visit with the staff about some potential dates for kids college; the group is leaning towards 3 Wednesday’s in February, the 7th, 21st, and 28th. (We agreed to not hold a kids college on the 14th, which is Valentine’s Day).

SCIENCE FAIR: the science fair is on the calendar for January 31st.

1. A request for shovels (for winter fun) has been made by the playground staff (Mrs. Rambo).  Numerous individuals have concerns over buying plastic shovels for the kids as they break easily, are sharp, are used for other things that have caused students to get into trouble; there for the group has recommended some other ‘winter’ toys, such as ‘snow brick’ molds.  Annette was going to do some price searching and report back.

2. A request for outside play equiptment (basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, tether ball & jump ropes) has been made by the playground staff.  PP agrees with this request but would like to wait until a little closer to springtime.  Holly McGraw mentioned having a color coded system (such as kinder has all red game balls, 1st grade – green, etc.) might help students keep track of their equiptment.
Holly was to check with Mark McCauley about who he orders through and if he had any recommendations.  Holly will report back to PP.

Aimee, will you please let Mrs. Rambo know that these are still in discussion.

CLAY DAYS: Jenni S. & Katie G. visited last week about Clay Days.
Jenni said she would call Mary W. and see if she was still willing to use her kiln to fire students clay projects. Currently waiting to hear back from Jenni.  Katie will help to move this forward as well.

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE LUNCHEON: Next Tuesday and Thursday the PP will be providing lunch for the teachers starting at 11:30. Jenni and Katie have come up with a menu (Tuesday/Soups & Sides; Thursday/Tailgate). Jenni emailed the PP and has assigned individuals with various foods/dishes.

HELPING KESSLER FAMILIES: We will extend our donation jar into the December holiday season as we haven’t received much yet; Annie is working on a schedule that will give students some opportunities to wear PJ’s, hats, jerseys, etc for
$1.00 (if they choose to participate) to help with donations.

HOLIDAY PROGRAM/DVD: The holiday program will be on December 8th at HMS at 9:30am. In the past the program has been video taped and DVD’s have been sold at the front office to parents/families. There was conversation brought up regarding Kessler students privacy, and some parents/guardians have signed paperwork stating they do not want their children in pictures/videos, therefore the PP has decided to get more information. Holly McGraw is to speak to Mrs. Lisa Lowney regarding this topic.

We will not be meeting in December. Our next meeting is scheduled for THursday, January 11th at the Downstairs of the Brewhouse at 6pm.