Posted on November 17, 2016

Newsletter November 18, 2016

Hello Kessler Families! I certainly hope this finds you all adjusting to the change in temperatures. Seems like we finally got seasonal for a few days. It’s a big weekend in Montana! Cat-GRIZ!! The kids can all dress in their Cats or Griz stuff on Friday if they want to show their support. The staff and I will be dressed up as well.

Thanks so much for coming out to conferences this week. I love the teachers having the opportunity to share with you about your most precious possessions. We REALLY want to hear how you think we are doing. I am asking that you take a few minutes to complete the online parent climate survey for us. We want to know what things we need to keep doing and what things we need to work on improving.

Please use the following link and access code:     and enter the access code: 29804u4V1268

I’m so thankful and proud of the community we have at this school. I think there is probably close to 1,000 pounds of food that has been brought in to donate to the food bank as part of the Crenshaw food drive. Thank you for helping your kids develop their generous hearts and help out others in our town. There is much to be thankful for when you look at what the kids can achieve.

Your Parent Partnership has set up something that can help them earn some dollars for the school. If you planned on shopping on Amazon, use this link to get there. It will help the Parent Partnership earn a percentage of your purchase and won’t add anything to your cost:

Here is the link for Amazon Smiles this will help the school a lot!
I hope all of you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break next Wednesday-Friday. I hope you have time to really enjoy your kids. We certainly do. I love hearing their stories and interpretations of the world. They help keep me young…and that gets tougher and tougher each year.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mr. C

Posted on November 11, 2016

Newsletter November 11, 2016

Happy Friday, Kessler Families! Is this November???? Wow! Maybe that is why so many of the kids are currently just leaving their coats and hats fall anywhere. Lost and found is FULL! Please stop in to check it out.

Next week will be parent conferences. Tuesday night and Thursday night. Looking forward to all of you coming out to discuss the progress your child has made so far this year. Also, it is also the time we ask you to complete the climate survey for us. Go to:

and enter the access code: 29804u4V1268

It shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes, but will help us know how we are doing for you our stakeholder, our customers, our community. We want to make sure we are doing our best to provide you and your children the best educational experience in town. Thank you in advance for completing it. Next Tuesday and Thursday, we will have the kids go out for an all-school recess at 3:00 so the teachers can have a few minutes to get ready for conferences.

Have a wonderful weekend! Read with your kids when you’re not out playing in all that Montana has to offer.

Mr. C
Posted on November 4, 2016

Newsletter November 4, 2016

Hello Cougar Faithful! It’s been an exciting week at the school. Lots of amazing lessons going on, some sore tummies after candy excesses Monday night, Mrs. Alberts won two more grants, the weather has been extremely cooperative, and your kids have been learning and growing so much.

Don’t forget to check and keep checking lost and found. Especially when you’re here for conferences on either the 15th or 17th. It just stays full. Lots of coats and hats and gloves in there again. At some point, Montana November weather will kick in and they’ll need it all.

Below is some information about an event from the Helena Symphony this weekend. It’s a free event and those are my favorite!

Our next Symphony Kids free concert is coming up on Saturday, November 5th, at St. Paul’s Methodist Church at 10:00 am.

This concert has a different twist… includes singers/actors from the Helena Symphony Chorale performing some of Aaron Copland’s Old American Songs.

AND….best of all….one of your very own, Laura Curtis, will be performing in it.  They will be accompanied by a woodwind quartet and piano.

The curriculum connection is soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices.

The narrative is written in the style of Dr. Seuss.  The young actors are home school students this time.

The petting zoo will include flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon.

Thank you all for your continued volunteering and support in the school. We appreciate your support in your childrens’ educations. You make a difference!

Have a wonderful weekend! Be sure to vote. Consider that the President elected on Tuesday will perhaps be the President when our 5th graders are in college and voting themselves.


Mr. C
Posted on October 27, 2016

Newsletter from Mr. C 10/27/2016

Star Wars


Hello Kessler Families! I hope this finds all of you doing well! Hard to believe October and, in fact, the first quarter are coming to a close. This year is traveling fast. So much fun watching the kids continue to learn and grow. I am so proud of the hard work they are doing and the way they are helping each other along.

Tonight is our Family Night- Trunk or Treat and Pumpkin Decorating. Remember, if you signed up to be a Trunk or Treat family, you need to be in the parking lot by 5:30 so the kids can start around by 6:00. The pumpkin decorating will be in the gym and all of it starts at 6:00. Thanks for coming out and let’s have a spooktacular time!

Tomorrow, Friday, we will have our annual Halloween events. At 2:00 the parade of costumes will begin and should end around 2:30. Then the kids will return to their rooms for whatever merriment they may have planned to close out the day. Our Mondays are already condensed and tomorrow looks like better weather all in all so we will have the day and then next week we will be business as usual.

Thank you to all of you for your continued volunteering and support of the school. The Parent Partnership fundraiser just further demonstrates your commitment to the school and making it better for our kids. their fundraiser and our supply option is about making it easier on all of us to just support the kids growing and learning. Thank you for your responsiveness. Keep in mind, YOUR parent partnership is a non-profit entity and, as such, you can make donations to them that are tax deductible. As the year closes out and we start thinking a little more about our income taxes, that is a great option.

Hope to see all of you tonight and tomorrow! Conferences are just a couple weeks away and the teachers will be updating you on the great stuff your kids are doing. Have a wonderful weekend! If you’re here tonight and tomorrow please check Lost and Found. With cooler weather coming, all coats and hats will become increasingly important.

Mr. C

Posted on September 30, 2016

Newsletter September 30, 2016

Happy Friday, Cougar Families!

Hard to believe it, but we are halfway through the first quarter. It’s been a quick month and some great things have happened. Our new kindergartners have joined us and are in full swing with their learning. We have had field trips, safety drills, assemblies, some Dude Dining, and lots of getting to know each other or catching up about the summer. Also, the learning….LOTS of it. I love going by classes and seeing eyes focused on the lessons being taught, students sharing new ideas, faces lighting up when they are grasping something new. So proud of the hard work being put in by everyone in the building. I see lights on in classrooms into the evening and over the weekend because this staff is dedicated to giving your kids the best.

Please remember that car pickup is on Granite Street. The buses come to pick kids up in the front of the school. It gets unsafe when cars are out on Choteau and Silverette. I’ll be asking police to come assist in keeping the bus and car pickup areas separate. It is for the children’s safety.

Lost and found is full again. Stop in during the day and see if you recognize anything. We’ll need to clean it out again soon. We look for names in all the items that are in the collection, but when we don;t see any they will stay in the collection until it overflows and then we’ll clean it out.

Thank you to all of you volunteering in the school. Your support and assistance is invaluable. I know the teachers truly appreciate all your time. Any time we can add another smiling face to the work going on, it makes it better for the kids.

I know the Parent Partnership fundraiser is underway and winding down. Please consider supporting this initiative. It enables them to do so many things to help ALL kids in the building. They are trying to make it as easy and low key as possible. They will be meeting on Thursday, October 13th. If you haven’t attended a Parent Partnership meeting, I urge you to do so.

Have a wonderful weekend. Looks like the warmer weather is saying goodbye.

Mr. C

Posted on September 16, 2016

Newsletter September 16, 2016

Happy Friday Cougar Families! I hope this finds all of you doing well. It has been a whirlwind start of the year. Teachers have completed Fall Benchmark testing and we are analyzing that data so we can best go about teaching your kids. I have thoroughly enjoyed stopping in the classrooms and seeing the buzz of learning taking place.

We are three weeks into the year and already the lost and found is overflowing. We’ll be cleaning it out more frequently this year. Please put your child’s name in their clothing so we can get it returned. And ask them if they have checked lost and found for things. There’s a lot of neat stuff in there.

I am attaching an article from The Huffington Post about the benefits of reading to your kids. We had our Fabulous First event this week with the 1st graders getting a book to take home. There are pics on the facebook page. Neat seeing how engrossed the kids were in the books. I read several of them this summer. A wonderful selection of fun books. I started a book club with some 5th graders this week. We are meeting on Tuesdays to discuss A Wizard of Earthsea, the Big Read book from Lewis and Clark Library this year. Reading with your children is absolutely critical to their long-term success in life. We read every single day as adults and the better we are at reading, the easier it is to learn new things.

Thank you for the trust you place in us. Educating your kids and keeping them safe are the primary things we focus on and we work to do it in a fun, exciting, and engaging environment. Your partnership with us makes this possible. Great to have the support at the HEF Carnival Classic this past weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend! Do fun things…including reading!

Posted on September 9, 2016

Newsletter September 9, 2016

Happy Friday, Kessler Families! It’s been a fabulous week having the kindergartners join in the school. LOVE their smiling faces and inquiring eyes and honest voices (apparently, Mr. C needs to lose a few pounds ).

This weekend is the HEF Carnival Classic out at Memorial Park. Your Parent Partnership is hosting a booth. This is just one of the many things Parent Partnership does for the school. Here is a link to use if you can volunteer to help for just an hour this Sunday.

The Parent Partnership will be sending home a letter next week outlining their goals for this year’s fundraiser. They are trying something different this year. No selling, no products, just asking for you to donate if you’re able. Before the letter gets there, I’d like to list out some of the many wonderful things Parent Partnership has done for the school. First, lets look at the word “Partnership”. It truly is. The Parent Partnership is why we are able to do school supplies like we do. They help manage the money and allow us to offer school supplies as affordably as we do. Helping them helps us do that. They have paid for the new soccer goals we enjoy on our soccer field. They produce the student directory each year. They fund a snack program that helps ensure no child will be without a snack at school if they were unable to bring one. They have funded visiting artists to the building and assembly programs like Miss Montana coming last year. They put on our Spring Carnival, Kids’ College, and Field Day. They provide meals for teachers on conference nights. They have put so much technology in the building for all students to use in addition to funding libraries of books for kindergarten and first grade. I could keep going, but I think you can see that YOUR Parent Partnership makes Kessler a much better, friendlier, and happier place for ALL the kids. I hope when you see the letter, you will truly consider becoming a part of the group and also help contribute to the many great things they do. Goals for this year include water bottle refill stations in the school, additional basketball goals in the gym, and funding to continue our recycling program just to name a few.

I am starting this year’s Dude Dining today. We have changed it up just a little. I am going to work through grade-levels versus going with a student from each class. Last year we saw that the kinders were really sheepish at the start of the year and the 5th grade was….well….not as interested at the end of the year. SO I will start with 6 kids from 2nd grade during first lunch and work down to K throughout the year and 6 kids from 5th grade and work down to 3rd throughout the year. Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Curry are using our Intouch system to notify the parents I will be calling. I’ll announce the kids’ names on Friday mornings.

Fall benchmark testing is just about done and great lessons are being taught. Your kids should be coming home with itchy brains. Proud of the efforts they are giving. The teachers here are the best. They work so hard and are getting the best from your kids. So proud of all of them.

Lost and found is starting to fill up. Yep…, jackets, lunch boxes, sweatshirts. Please come check for your child’s things. We’ll need to empty it out more frequently this year.

Please remember to pick up your kids on Granite Street after school. The buses will block off the parking lot in the afternoon to help keep the kids safe as they load up to go home. Also, vehicles on Silverette make it difficult for the buses to get out and get going on their routes. Parents have times they are expecting the bus riders to be at their stops and if the buses get delayed, it gets parents understandably worried. Picking up on Granite helps us keep everyone as safe as possible and helps the dismissal process go as smooth as it can.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for all you do for OUR school.

Mr. C


Posted on September 7, 2016

Picture Day


The order number for Kessler is 08574PB


Posted on September 2, 2016

Newsletter September 2, 2016

Happy First Friday Kessler Families! It’s been a wonderful first week with your kids! They came in and got right after it. By 8:45 Tuesday morning all we could hear was the gears turning in brains.

Thanks for helping us get off to a great start this year! I hope your kids have come home with happy stories about week one. Our kindergartners join us on Tuesday. That will add some new excitement to the mix. Looking forward to their sweet faces.

Have an excellent weekend. The Parent Partnership meets next week. Please attend if you are able. They plan on having child-care available. They’ll meet in the library at 6:00 on Thursday.

Remember- car pick-ups at the end of the day should ONLY be made on Granite Street.

Enjoy the three-day weekend!

Mr. C

Craig Crawford

Kessler Elementary School
2420 Choteau Street
Helena, MT 59601
Posted on August 30, 2016

Welcome Back Cougars

Welcome Back Kessler Cougars!!

So excited to have the kids back in the house. Thanks for coming out for Open House. A big thank you to Parent Partnership for having the nummies last night and for all the other fabulous things they do to support us. If you haven’t been to a Parent Partnership meeting, please come. Next Thursday, September 8th, they meet at 6:00 in the Kessler library.

With the start of the year comes lots of excitement, changes, and challenges. This year is no different. But many things remain the same…

  • Kids can be dropped off starting at 7:50. We will have supervision out on the playground at that time.
  • No students will be allowed in the building before 8:15. At 8:15, students with jobs will be allowed in. Otherwise, they will stay out on the playground. Teachers and staff will be getting ready for the day and students in the rooms or halls is a safety issue.
  • Students getting breakfast will have a bell ring at 8:28 in the morning so they can come through the gym to get their breakfast and head to class.
  • PLEASE make sure you DROP OFF AND PICK UP on Granite Street. Buses will block the entrance to the school before and after school and it gets too congested to keep the kids safe.
  • Please put your child’s name in their coats or other belongings. Lost and Found always fills up fast and without names, it will be taken to a consignment store once a month.
  • We will emphasize keeping hands, feet, and objects to ourselves. I’ve asked the playground paras to tighten things up on the playground as there was an increase of inappropriate conduct toward the end of the year.

Thanks again for all you do with us to help your children have a wonderful school experience. I am thrilled to have the honor of working with this amazing staff again this year and to get to hang out with your kids. They’re wonderful and we will give it all we have to make it a great year for them.


Mr. C

Craig Crawford

Kessler Elementary School
2420 Choteau Street
Helena, MT 59601

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