Posted on March 24, 2017

Newsletter March 24, 2017

Happy Friday Cougar Faithful! I hope you all have wonderful Spring Break plans in the works! We will plug into the chargers so we can be juiced up to run for the finish. Hard to believe we are about to start the fourth quarter.

Here is a link to a survey about our food service program. They have asked for parent responses. If you have a moment, please complete it real quick. Thanks!

When we get back, 3rd through 5th grade will be working on Smart Balance testing. This is the annual testing mandated by the government to help assess how the kids are progressing. It’s something we need the kids to be well rested for and ready to go. the teachers will keep you posted on the dates of testing.

HUGE thank you to Parent Partnership for an AMAZING Spring Carnival last week. WOW! That was spectacular! Big fun and such a wonderful turnout! A parent reported $70 being lost at the carnival. If you happened to come across that, please turn it in to the office so we can get it back to the family. Thanks!

Parent Partnership would like to thank everyone who came to the carnival, bought a basket, helped with food, helped run games, helped set-up or clean-up, sold tickets, and everything else needed to put on such a fun event! We would especially like to thank the volunteers from Capstone Church and Big Sky Fellowship who provided the climbing wall, two bounce houses and the tasty cotton candy free of charge. Both churches can be found on Facebook. The  next Parent Partnership meeting will be April 13th at 6pm in the Kessler Library.

Have fun and be safe!
Mr. C
Posted on March 17, 2017

Newsletter March 17, 2017

Hello Cougar Families!

Special Thursday edition of the newsletter this week!

SPRING CARNIVAL is tomorrow, March 17th!! Please come out and enjoy the fun. The Parent Partnership is in need of volunteers to help work the stations for the carnival. A sign up poster is in the lobby. Please come see if there is a place you can be of assistance to make it wonderful for the kids! THEY NEED YOUR HELP! Games, auctions, food and FUN!!

Spring Break is upon us. Next week is Spirit Week separate information has come out about that. Let’s have a fun week and make it safely to the break. When we get back, we will be ramping up for 3rd-5th grade to complete Smarter Balance testing. Your student should have brought home a letter about that already.

Keep checking lost and found as it seems to fill up daily. Thanks for all you do for us. the volunteering is essential to make this school the wonderful place it is for kids.


Mr. C

Posted on March 3, 2017

Newsletter March 3, 2017

Hello Kessler Families! Happy Friday to all of you! It sure seems like the weather is trying to let go of winter. We are still working on being smart and safe on the playground. We need snow to stay on the ground….ice to stay on the ground….and, as it melts, we need the kids to stay clear of the mud. Won’t be long before it’s all grass and they can run their little hearts out.

We are two weeks from the Spring Carnival. ALWAYS a great time. Special thanks to the Parent Partnership for always doing such an amazing job with this annual event. It sounds like this could be one of the biggest and best ever! Please contact the school if you are able to help out. The more volunteers we have, the better it goes.

Thanks again to Katie Clement for the WONDERFUL Kids’ College this year. We are soooo fortunate at Kessler to have the parents and volunteers that help make things special for the kids.

Three weeks until Spring Break. Hard to believe how fast the year is going. We are easing into state testing season. There are some that will be completes before the break and others will await us after the break. The teachers are working hard with the kids to squeeze all the learning they can into them. As those test days draw closer, just remember- plenty of sleep, a nutritious breakfast, and words of calming reassurance to just try their best will help your kids show their stuff.

Please spend some time chatting with your kids about school rules. We have been getting rather “handsy” on the playground and not saying the kindest of things. I know the weather may have caused some cabin fever in our little darlins, but we have had a few drift away from what they know they are supposed to do. I think some Spring Cleaning of our restlessness will benefit all of us.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Mr. C

Posted on February 17, 2017

Newsletter February 17, 2017

Hello Cougar Faithful! I hope this finds all of you doing well and preparing for some wonderful things on this upcoming three-day weekend. The weather is warming up just a bit and the roads are much more accessible. Montana offers us a wonderful existence for sure!

HUGE thank you to Katie Clement and all the volunteers who have this year’s Kids’ College going amazingly well. If you haven’t yet, go to the facebook page and look at those faces. You will see miles of smiles and kids focused on the learning opportunities they are being provided. It is great seeing kids from across grade levels learning and sharing.

I have had guest teachers in the building compliment our kids as being some of the best they work with within the district. That’s a wonderful compliment and speaks to the great parenting you are doing and the strong relationships that are forged here at Kessler by this amazing collection of educators. While I AM proud of that, it doesn’t mean we can’t improve. Please help me in instilling kindness in our kids. I am asking them each day to give out two compliments to different people. Hopefully someone they don’t know. I want us to build on our community strength and show our kindness and compassion even more. It makes a difference for all of us.

The weather is adjusting and it seems we may still have grass out there somewhere. Continue to help us in teaching the kids to leave snow and ice on the ground. Our playground incidents have been fairly minimal, but we HAVE had some issues. Miss Mann and Mr. Dave are doing a wonderful job of maintaining safety on the playground.

We have added 22 students to our family since we returned from the holiday break. That’s a 9% increase in enrollment in a little over 4 weeks. (Wish my bank account could do that!) So thankful to have these amazing kids come join us. It creates some opportunities for volunteers to come in and work with the classroom teachers and help get everyone on the same page. Each grade level has times they can use additional people to help work with the kids. Check with your child’s teacher or ANY teacher about how you can help make things better for the kids.

Have a safe weekend!

Mr. C

Posted on February 3, 2017

Newsletter February 3, 2017

Happy Friday to you all in Kesslerville! I hope the upcoming Super Bowl weekend has you poised to each bacon nachos, enjoy family time, and enjoy the winter wonderland of Montana. It has been a busy week here at the school.

Science Fair was extraordinary. I am humbled by the ingenuity of your kids and their ability to put their insights into things. HUGE thank you to Mrs. Alberts for making it all happen. I know the kids were very proud of the work they did, AS THEY SHOULD BE!

Kids’ College starts next Wednesday, February 8th. It will be from 2:30-3:15 each of the next three Wednesdays. Katie Clement, one of the amazing members of Parent Partnership is in charge of all this. I know she would love to have any help possible. You can email her at if you are able to help.

So thankful for all the people willing to volunteer their time and talent to help make it special for the kids.

Conferences are next week as well. So fun seeing the teachers get to tell you about your amazing kids and their 

successes here at school as well as their opportunities. We all have things we can improve upon. The growth 

they have shown from the start of the year is remarkable. Be sure to check lost and found while you are here. 

Even with chilly temps, it continues to fill up.

Thanks again for all you do to help make Kessler the great school it is!

Mr. C

Posted on January 13, 2017

Newsletter January 13, 2017

Happy Friday, Kessler Faithful! Another chilly willy week at school! WOW! Looks like a brief break is coming next week….we may actually get above freezing.

Last night I had the privilege of attending the Kessler School Parent Partnership meeting. I urge you to attend and become involved with this special group of parents that are working on making your school better each day. They will meet again on February 16th. Planning for Spring Carnival, Kids’ College, and Teacher Appreciation is underway.

One of the topics last night was the upcoming Kids’ College. This will take place in February on the 8th, 15th, and 22nd. Volunteers will provide learning experiences for your kids form 2:30-3:15 each of those three Wednesday afternoons. A wide array of options for them to choose from. It is a wonderful opportunity for kids to explore areas of interest. Katie Clement is handling the HUGE task of keeping it organized. If you have something you would like to share- about your job, Montana history or experiences, crafts, being a good citizen, educational things.

You can email Katie at if you are able to help in any way.

Next week is the end of the first semester. We do not have school on Monday or Friday and the kids will be dismissed at 12:00 on Thursday. Conferences come up quickly on February 7th and 9th.   Watch your child’s back pack for your Conference reminder that will be sent home Wednesday, January 18th.  

Thanks for sharing your kids with us! They are wonderful! Have a super weekend!

Mr. C

Posted on January 6, 2017

Newsletter January 6, 2017

Hello Cougar Families! BRRRRRRR!!! Global Whating???? 🙂 It has been a chilly week for sure! The kids have gotten back in the swing of things and have done a super job of handling all the inside recess this week. Looks like the temperature will get above zero today and we will be outside for sure. It danced around it yesterday enough that we gave them small doses. Remember that at zero or above, we will go outside.

We are closing out the second quarter and are completing Winter Benchmark testing. This will be very helpful because we can then take a look at the growth your kiddos have made so far this year. Conferences are early in February and we will share out when you come in for those meetings. Best thing to help us with the benchmark testing is to have your child rested and here. Encourage them to try their hardest so we can really see what they know.

Kids College will be coming in February as well. Katie Clement is organizing that for Parent Partnership. It will take place on three Wednesdays, 2/8, 2/15/ and 2/22. You can email Katie at if you want to be a part of the fun and excitement!

February also has the Science Fair taking place on the 1st. Mrs. Alberts is handling that and several things were emailed home about it earlier this week.

Have a wonderful weekend! Keep warm!!

Mr. C

Posted on December 16, 2016

Newsletter December 16, 2016

BRRRRRR!!!! is it ever chilly out there! Crazy amazing cold and beautiful.

Thanks for coming out for the music program last week. The kids were sensational. So proud of them. Thanks to Mrs. Curtis. She works so hard for our program and also puts on a program for Smith School as well. She must have slept well over the weekend!

Next Wednesday, the 21st, we will be taking the entire school to the Carroll College women’s basketball game. We will leave here around 11:30 or so and be back before school is out. Contact your teacher if you would like to come along. The kids will eat lunch at the game. If you are packing them a lunch, please make it entirely disposable, including the bag. Students who get lunch at school will be given a sack lunch to take to the game. They will have reduced price concessions available at the game. If you send money for concessions, please limit it to $1 or $2. Also, as we are going as a school, if your child has Kessler gear, please have them wear it to school that day.

Thanks to all of you that braved the snow and cold to come to family night last night. Huge fun and something that I look forward to each and year. Wonderful to have the Carroll team here to help out. Those were the closest games on record. WOW!! The kids did GREAT! Thanks to Mr. McCauley for organizing and huge WAY TO GO to the kids for all the money they raised for Hoops for Heart! Also need to thank Cheryl McCauley for once again making her perfect cookies for decorating! 

We go to school through the 22nd. Then it is off until Tuesday, January 3rd. Keep warm and safe! Thanks for all you do for us at the school. Kessler is a total school COMMUNITY and it works because of all your wonderful help and support.

2017 is just around the corner and will surely hold some wonderful surprises!

Mr. C

Posted on December 9, 2016

Newsletter December 9, 2016

Happy Friday! We are just a few short hours from the program! Mrs. Curtis has worked so hard with the kids for this year’s show. It will be remarkable. Your kids are so talented! Remember, we will bus them over AND bus them back to Kessler. If you want to pick them up after the show, you are most welcome to do that, but please do it at the school.

Next Thursday, the 15th, will be our annual 4th and 5th grade versus the staff basketball game and some holiday cookie decorating. The kids qualify to play by doing the Hoops for Heart fundraising through Mr. McCauley. The Carroll women’s basketball team will be here to referee, coach, keep score, and maybe play a little. It promises to be a wonderful time!

Make sure the kids are coming dressed warm! If it is zero or above, we will go outside for recess. The kids want to go out regardless of the temperature! Also, please put their names on their stuff. I was able to return some gloves and coats and hats I found on the ground because of having names in them.  Next week has the potential to be just as cold or even colder.

Have a wonderful weekend and hope you can make it to the show today!

Mr. C

Posted on December 2, 2016

Newsletter December 2, 2016

Happy Friday, Kessler Families! Hope this finds you all keeping warm and ready for a fun Montana weekend. Looks like colder weather is fast approaching. Kids have been rummaging through lost and found for gloves and coats. Remember to have their names in things in case they misplace them so we can get it back to them. Also, it is going to be quite cold early next week. The district policy is that kids will go outside for recess unless the temperature, including wind chill, dips below zero.

Next Friday is our Holiday Program. Mrs. Curtis has been working very hard with the kids and it looks like another very memorable performance is on tap. They have been rehearsing throughout the days and sound marvelous. The performance will begin at 12:30 at HMS next Friday. We will bus all the kids over the the show. If you want to check your child out after the show, I need you to do that here at Kessler. We need to make sure they go and come back safely. We should be back at the school between 2:15 and 2:30. Parent Partnership has arranged for the performance to be videoed and you can purchase those through Lolita until the day of the show. So proud to see the kids exhibiting their talents and having fun.

Our annual 4th and 5th grade versus the staff basketball game is on Thursday, the 15th. We will start at 5:30. This is a culmination of the Hoops for Heart fundraiser going on in PE classes with Mr. McCauley. It will be another fun time! Please plan on coming out to watch.

Speaking of basketball, the entire school will be going to watch a Carroll College womens’ basketball game on Wednesday, December 21st. We will bus everyone over and back. I have bus seats available if you would like to ride over and back with the kids. Let their teachers know. We will have sack lunches for the kids to take from school that day. If you pack your child’s lunch, please make sure on that day that everything is disposable in their lunch. They will eat lunch in the bleachers before the game begins. We’ll be back at school by 2:15 or 2:30. Should be big fun. The Governor will be at the game to announce a new program about keeping kids active.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep warm!

Mr. C

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