PP Meeting September

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
Tuesday, September 13, 2022, 6:00 PM
1. Attendees:
a. Andrea Reveley, Abigail McLane, Heidi Heavrin, Mandy Needham, Matthew and Lauren
Hoffman, Kelsey Ehrler, Amber Chenoweth, Ashley Toner Erwin, Randi Miller, Tiffany
Erwin, Kyla Kauffman, Favi Ruiz, Katie Clement, Ginger Ratzlaff, Nicole Evans
2. Treasurer’s Report
a. Account Balance – $10,640.51
3. New Attendees Intro
a. Board Member Introduction
b. Parent Partnership Introduction
c. Overview of year activities
d. Meeting overview
e. Parent Advisory Board
4. Topics/Updates
a. Directory Update – Amber is getting the form to the school to go out next week
b. Kid’s College update and ideas – Katie is organizing college in November, send her ideas
and include phone and/or email to be contacted
c. Highway safety (brought by Sarah Perry) – Anna Jayne – looking at ways to make it
safer: rearranging the parking, the speed limit, pick up and drop off; tabling further
discussion until next month
d. Annual Fall Fundraiser (9/19-10/19/22)
i. Fundraising focus for the year
1. Teachers like the sounds system but are more interested in the Red Cats
2. Sound system in general (for school/large group events)
3. Safety and the fence idea are interested
a. There is a question whether that should be a district responsibility
ii. Overall Goal Amount – $15,000
1. Revtrack? Mandy will ask Lolita about if we might do it this way
2. Might also look at Venmo as a second option, as part of the letter (Heidi
offered her personal venmo if needed.) – $15,000
iii. Thermometer –
1. Andrea can compile this
2. Updates will be weekly, link based to connecting FB posts/updates –
Andrea has done some research and will
iv. Prizes for reaching goals
1. Returning envelopes – bravos
2. Each milestone then has a prize
3. Use what we did last year
v. Kyla Kauffman will help print and prepare the letters for the fundraiser
5. Requests
a. Nicole Evans – MusicPlay Online ($87.48) – Benefits all students as a supplement to the
curriculum and the cost is split between Kessler and Hawthorne (approved)
b. Ginger Ratzlaff – One School One Student ($275) – Benefits all students, provides a book
to each student for the all school read month later this year (approved)
6. Upcoming Dates
a. Sept 14th – Picture Day
b. October 11th – Next KPP Meeting, 6:00 pm
c. Oct 20-21st – Educator Conferences, No School
d. Oct 27th – Trunk or Treat
e. Oct 31st – Costume Parade
f. Nov 8th & 10th – Parent Teacher Conferences
g. October 11 – next KPP Meeting
7. Action Items
a. Fundraiser Opportunity from Josey – we will talk about more at the next meeting.
i. Step challenge for the spring and another activity as part of field day.
ii. Joesy willing to be the contact for Kessler, with KPP as the backup
b. Kyla Kauffman – Finish, print, and deliver 2022 fundraiser letter to Lolita by 9/19
c. Amber – Print directory forms to send home with students the week of 9/19
d. Mandy – Talk to Lolita about online fundraising using RevTrak
8. Notes
a. Location for next meeting – Ashley Toner can make a reservation at the Country Club
Conference Room if we want to do that
i. Stick with 2nd Tuesdays of the month,
ii. next Meeting is October 11
b. Trunk or Treat –
i. Suggestion for classroom candy contests, to get donations of candy for the trunk
or treats
ii. Whichever class brought in the most pounds of candy, they “win”
iii. Lolita has Trunk or Treat set for Thursday October 27