Parent Partnership Meeting March 2022

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
Thursday, March 10th, 2022, 6:00 PM
Taco Del Sol/Placer Building
1. Attendees: Annie McCutcheon, Heidi Heavrin, Abigail McLane, Mandy Needham
2. Treasurer’s Report
a. Account Balance – $10,958.54
b. Recent Expenses – $200 (Helena Symphony), $200 (Jobs Parties), $369 (Jimmy Johns),
$54.94 (Gift card for Lana)
3. Topics/Updates
a. Parent Advisory Council (full notes)
b. Spirit Night
i. Check to pick up at FG
ii. Put together a FB post and
c. Kid’s College – No volunteers
i. Katie Clement, Mandy Needham working on classes
ii. Annie McCutcheon and Abby McLane can help as well
d. Safety – Lisa looking into some items for future bonds and the fence safety is on the list
e. 5th Grade Fun Day – Meeting at 3:15 pm in Mrs. Suchy’s room on March 16th
4. Decisions/Planning
a. Sound systems
i. Attended Kessler staff meeting on March 1st, school gathered room/equipment
ii. Getting more information on what Mrs. Evans uses in the music room.
iii. Continue to fundraise next year and get more information for a future purchase.
b. Carnival 4-6pm
i. Food – Mandy, Heidi, Andrea
1. Cotton Candy from Capstone
2. Individual bags of chips
3. Ask about the Kessler popcorn maker Mandy will talk to Lolita
4. Pizza- from Costco (get it double sliced)
ii. Games – Abigail, Heidi, Annie –
1. Tickets for games, raffle buckets
2. cupcake walk
3. fishing
4. do it yourself photo booth
5. Corn Hole challenge
6. outdoor bowling
7. basketball 3-point challenge?
8. Ring toss around soda bottles
9. Sidewalk Chalk & Bubble station
10. StarBase booth
a. Mandy/Abby to email StarBase contacts back with plans
11. Capstone church other games
a. Mandy will ask Katie Clement to reach out
12. Tasks:
a. make layout for the parking lot booth set up (Abby to set up
planning session end of April)
b. Finalize list of games
iii. Silent Auction – we’ll do classroom baskets for the silent auction.
1. Have baskets in the gym
2. Complete the auction at the Carnival
3. Annie has the letter to circulate to the teachers and will get it out to them
a. Ask Teachers to suggest a Parent Volunteer to package up the
basket prior to the carnival. (maybe reach out to Parent too?)
iv. Signup Genius for volunteers – Annie will ask Tara
1. 4-6 pm, ½ hour shifts
2. Advertising early for volunteers
a. Food selling
b. Standing at booths
c. Set up
d. Take down
v. Signup Genius for treats & snacks
1. Determine what we need and circulate
a. Store bought cupcakes – 5 dozen
b. Soda pop
c. Individual candy
d. Small prizes
vi. Board/Volunteer recruiting
1. Yes we will have a KPP Booth
5. Requests
a. Holly McGraw – $1,250 – $1,750 for Artist in Residency Program 22/23 – Approved
b. Emily Rodway, RN – $72 for vision occluders for vision screenings – Approved
6. Upcoming Dates
a. March 24 th – Kessler Flying Giant Spirit Night
b. March 28 th – Apr 1 – Spring Break
c. April 5th (2:10-3:15) – 5th Grade Kid’s College
d. April 13th – Helena Symphony for 4th and 5th grade
e. May 6-10th – Teacher Appreciation Week
f. May 20th 4:00-6:00 pm – Kessler Carnival
g. June 8th – 5th Grade Fun Day
7. Action Items
a. Mandy – Get help with Flying Giant flier and advertise via Facebook
b. Mandy – Set up a time to inventory what KPP has at the school
c. Mandy – Talk to school about use of the popcorn maker for the carnival
d. Mandy – Reach out to Katie C about Capstone Church for the carnival
e. Mandy or Abby – Email StarBase contacts back about carnival booth
f. Abby – Schedule final planning session for end of April
g. Annie – Start silent auction communications with teachers
h. Annie – Coordinate SignUp Genius for volunteers and donations with Terah
i. Andrea – Create a flier to post to FB about spirit night
j. Andrea – Create a flier to send out and post to FB about the carnival
8. Notes
a. Start planning for teacher appreciation and field day next meeting