Parent Partnership Meeting August 2021

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
Thursday, August 26th, 2021, 6:00 PM

1. Attendees: Mandy, Heather VanBuren, Abby, Heidi, Andrea Reveley, Lisa Lowney
2. Outstanding Action Items
3. Treasurer’s Report
a. Account Balance – $5,190.87
b. Recent Expenses – Scholastic Bill – $1785
4. Updates
a. Kessler Open House
b. COVID updates?
i. Mask mandate
ii. Visitors and volunteers are not allowed in the school this year at this time
iii. Back to normal school hours, lunch in the gym – 2 grades at a time only, 3
iv. No neighborhoods for recess this year
v. Specials/Centralists (Music, PE, Library) are back to normal, going every week
vi. Free breakfasts and lunches again this year
5. Decisions/Planning
a. Parent Partnership Board Nominations/Elections
i. President – Mandy Needham
ii. Vice President – Abigail McLane
iii. Treasurer – Heidi Heavrin
iv. Secretary – Annie McCutcheon & Andrea Reveley, Co-secretary
v. Positions approved
b. Recruiting of members – Abby to draft a letter for introduction/recruiting
i. Reach out to people we know who might be interested
ii. Abby write up for school letter going out on 8/27
c. Effortless fundraiser in the fall?
i. Tentatively approved in May for final discussion at the August meeting.
ii. Parent feedback was to consider a different name (not Effortless, but something
iii. Consider “Fall Fundraiser” with an explanation of the “how/why” we do it this way.
iv. Focus Ideas
1. Classroom sound system – Redcat (Sound comes from a mic), which
helps amplify the teacher’s voice. Can possibly get from CRA when they
replace? Likely over $1000/classroom.
2. Instructional Framework, purchase magnetic letters/numbers etc. for the
a. WIN – What I Need groups, assessed through iReady/Dibbles?
b. Michelle Ford is the instructional coach
3. Snacks? Water bottle fill station filters? Movie license? Transportation for
holiday performance?
4. Put together letter
5. Printing – Heidi will print
6. Sept 20-Oct 20
d. Directory – We will do one this year
e. Entryway Board
i. There is no longer an entryway board, so no need to decorate it.
6. Requests
a. Classroom snacks – $200 (approved via email vote prior to the meeting)
7. Upcoming Dates
a. August 30- first day of school Grades 1-5
b. September 2 – first day of school Kindergarten
c. September 6 – Labor Day – no school
d. September 16th – Next Parent Partnership Meeting
e. October 21 & 22 Educator Conferences – No school
8. Action Items
a. Mandy – Contact Amber about the directory, how do parents opt out of info?
b. Mandy – Find fundraiser letter to use for this year
c. Abby – Draft up fundraiser letter
d. Abby – Draft up a recruiting letter
e. All – Reach out to people you know for recruiting
f. Lisa – Look into cost of sound systems if that is to be our focus
g. Lisa – Gather information on Instructional Framework needs
h. Lisa – Follow up with teachers on sending out the fundraiser letter
i. Heidi – Set up the directory once we have the details
j. Mandy – Send notes to Lolita (pdf or word) to post on the website
k. Mandy – Yearly timeline/handbook for KPP saved under the KPP account for future
9. Notes
a. Lisa will draft an update to go out to Parents with the first week of school updates, to go
out tomorrow.
b. Two bathrooms are being remodeled, finishing up this week
c. 5th grade parents take care of 5th grade painting organization
i. Kids come up with the design with grad year
d. 5th grade fun day – need to look into
e. Winter program currently scheduled at HMS for this year
f. Look into an online fundraiser to replace the carnival if we don’t do it