Parent Partnership Meeting February 2021

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
Thursday, February 11th, 2021, 6:00 PM
Virtual – Zoom

Attendees: Abigail McLane, Mandy Needham, Lisa Lowney, Heidi Heavrin, Katie Gilbert, Kylee Hauck, Holly McGraw

Outstanding Action Items
Everyone – bring activity or simple fundraising ideas for the remainder of the year
Lisa – bring test schedule to the next meeting to see how they fit in with event ideas
Trimester 3 starts march 6th, ends june 11th
Nothing that we know of that impacts events
Mandy – look into restaurant fundraisers
Mandy or Katie – Send links to meeting agenda/notes to Lolita to add to our KPP page

Treasurer’s Report
Account Balance – $6,023.02
Recent Expenses – $3.99 Van’s Thriftway

Events for the Remainder of the Year
Spirit Week – Cat/Griz/Saints – Week of March 27th
Kids’ neighborhood parties outdoors; class party treats
Dress up days
Kessler Day
Favorite Sports Team
Crazy Sock/Hair Day
Hat Day
Buckets are in the teacher work room
Abby can put together the flyer
Holly will make the Carroll bucket
Something fun for kids or families
Coloring contest – no for now
Favorite music and/or game info (similar to pet presentation) – No for now
Online trivia in class with prizes for participants and winners – No for now
Mandy dig in more
Classes compete against each other? Classes submit questions? K-2 and 3-5 split up
Maybe last half hour of school before spring break
Scholastic book, pencils for prizes/treats
*Something for kids going back 4 days
Abby/Katie look into what to get, send link to Heidi to order with debit card – smarties and pencils
Deliver directly to the school
Teachers could put them on the desks
Fundraiser Nights
MacKenzie River – Waiting on response
BWW – Waiting on a response
Slim Chickens? – Mandy look into

Parent Advisory Council Update
Discussion was around moving to phase 2 (prior to the school board meeting that evening on 2/9)

Parent Teacher Conferences (11a-6p)
Could be from home, but looking at in school too
Jimmy John’s sandwiches – Think spent around $200-$250 last year
Won’t deliver to Kessler, but can pick up.
Any that do it remote can have sandwiches the next day
Katie will coordinate the 17th, can get debit card info from Heidi
Abby will coordinate the 24th


Upcoming Dates
February 15th – Presidents Day – No School
March 11th – Next Parent Partnership Meeting
March 17th and 24th – Parent Teacher Conferences
March 29th – April 2nd – Spring Break – No School
May 3rd-7th – Teacher Appreciation Week

Action Items
Mandy – Add field day, 5th grade fun day, kinder graduation to the agenda to discuss next month
Mandy – Look into if Slim Chickens offers a fundraiser option
Mandy – Research trivia options to present next month
Holly – Pick up snacks for kids
Holly – Make Carroll College bucket for spirit week donation collections
Katie – Send info on what we usually do for field day to Lisa
Katie (17th)/Abby (24th) – Coordinate with Heidi and order Jimmy John’s for conferences
Heidi/Katie/Abby – Order pencils and smarties for a fun gift when they go 4 days a week (teachers will set up on kids’ desks)
Abby – Make spirit week flyer

Getting a small amount of money from Costco starting in December 2020, not sure who set it up
Excitement for going back 4 days a week across the majority of Kessler staff. A little strange with Wednesdays remote and short amount of time to prep. Focusing on logistics and safety measures (wearing masks correctly, washing hands).
Feel the school district is taking good steps to keep kids and staff safe.
District going through schools to look at specific room safety requirements.
Grades 3, 4, and 5 are larger classes, so trying to figure those out. Lower grades are easier to social distance due to size. Shooting for 6 feet for those grades. Plexiglass for the older grades.
Trying to set up the rooms to not force quarantining of a whole class if there is exposure. Teachers problem solving how to set their rooms up. Waiting for desks for K and 5th, desks had been shared between classes earlier in the year. A bigger stressor.
Some of the grades are running lower on snacks, can we do another snack run (especially with all the kids coming back 4 days a week)
Holly will pick up snacks, approved for $200
Field Day
Katie send info on what we usually do for field day and send it to Lisa
Thoughts on making it more individual things instead using their personal buckets
Swap kids outside for field day similar to what they do for lunches currently?
Have neighborhoods go through separately?
Something special for 5th graders – 5th grade fun day
Letters (from family and important people) in a Memory Box – maybe move outside?
Books (template from Terah) – K and 5th picture, info about them
Usually coordinated by 5th grade parents
Bowling/Trampoline Park