Parent Partnership September 2020

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
Thursday, September 17th, 2020, 6:00 PM
Virtual – Zoom

Last Month Action Items
Restaurant Night Fundraisers – Jessie Herbert-Meny & Beth Lewis
Mandy to follow up after meeting
Internet Options – Lisa
Internet from Spectrum? A few parent inquiries, not sure if still available for families.

Treasurer’s Report
Account Balance – $3171. 62
Recent Expenses – Scholastics ($2155.08), Classroom snacks ($169.80, had approved $300)
Donation – Student Assistance Foundation/2nd Grade Classes ($195.66)

Upcoming Expenses
Movie licensing – $486, can be paid after Oct 1st
Teachers utilize frequently, Ginger would pay ½ hour of Library budget if PP can cover 2nd half.
Approved for PP to cover ½
student snack program – continue?
$170 spent – gave some goldfish and granola bars for each classroom
Check in again in October, potentially send out a Sign up Genius for snack donations?

Carnival – Basket Auction
Carnival ticket sales money – $125 in checks, $700 total
Heidi can reach out to the check writers to see if they want to donate or void
Baskets inventoried
Options Compared –
Abby and MAndy to organize the site!

School Website Updates
KPP page is empty (
Lolita does the updates to the website, just got retrained. Lolita will be working on it! Annie has notes and will send them to Lolita.

Kessler Liaison to Superintendent’s Meeting
Mandy will follow up with Liz to get more details about meeting times, sending a new person, etc.


Upcoming Dates
September 18th – B Day School Pictures
October 8th – Next Parent Partnership Meeting – 6:00 pm
October 15th-16th – Educator Conferences – No School
November 25th-27th – Thanksgiving Break – No School
December 21st-January 1st – Winter Break – No School
Clay Day –
Katie working with Mary Warner if there is teacher interest.
Teachers say yes!
Mary will fire, Teachers will help w/painting in class
DLI component? Will need numbers/logistics, but can be done
Katie will need class numbers from Lolita/Lisa
Smartboard Projectors – going in next week (September 23)
Can we get some pictures to send thank yous to parents via Facebook?