Parent Partnership October 2020

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
Thursday, October 8th, 2020, 6:00 PM
Virtual – Zoom

Outstanding Action Items
Class numbers for clay day to Katie, including DLI info – Lisa/Lolita
Lolita will send it to Katie on Friday
Smart projector pictures – Lisa/Lolita/Holly?
Holly has a few, will send to Mandy

Treasurer’s Report
Account Balance – $3,733.63
Recent Expenses – $243.00 for half of the movie licenses

Upcoming Expenses or Events
Trunk or Treat – still holding with COVID?
Staff will finalize Halloween class party plans next week
Thanksgiving and Holiday family support
Prep plan at next meeting, implement quickly in November
2 weeks worth, before Thanksgiving – Katie will check with Annie for past
Red Ribbon week is the week after Halloween (Kylee will get info on this week)

Carnival – Basket Auction
Auction site completed and live, auction going on now
Pick Up Plans
Abby and Mandy are gathering baskets
Pick up will be Tuesday & Wednesday from 5:30 -6:30
Thank you write up
Mandy will check on any missing write ups we need.

Snack Program
Teacher responses at staff meeting
Teachers like the snack program. School has had some donations from Parents. There’s a place where Lolita is collecting them. Right now classes seem to be ok.
Month to month check in
Sign up Genius for family donations?

Restaurant Night Fundraisers – Jessie Herbert-Meny
Taco Johns (they donate 50% back of proceeds) – they do fundraisers on Thursdays from 5-7pm. They don’t have indoor dining at this time but they do take-out orders.
Mountain Ranch House does fundraisers from 2-6pm M-Th, and they donate 20% back. But, they DON’T do take-out orders.
Atomic Café – they donate back 15%. They’re out toward East Helena and don’t do take-out orders.
Others – Panda Express, Buffalo Wild Wings, Mackenzie River
Jessie and Mandy to begin planning, will reach out for help as needed.

Kessler Liaison to Superintendent’s Meeting
Interest in representing Kessler?
Abby will be Kessler Representative

Smart projector thank yous
Katie will help draft a letter

Mr. Joesy – Heart rate monitors (see below) – $300/year
2 year warranty then $125/device
$300 is for any number of devices, not due until 2022/2023 school year if we do it
Chromebook compatible to use outside of school if needed
Joesy will send the link on the request to Mandy (Abby interested), Mandy to share
Want to submit the grant in February, decision by then

Upcoming Dates
October 15th-16th – Educator Conferences – No School
October 26th-30th – Red Ribbon Week
November 12th at 6:00 pm – next PP meeting
November 25th-27th – Thanksgiving Break – No School
December 21st-January 1st – Winter Break – No School
Parent Teacher Conferences will be trimesters – 11/11 & 11/18 11:00-6:00 with 30 minute blocks (tentatively)
Coordinate offline (will be needed before next meeting)
Probably needs to be individually wrapped
Costco Pizza/sandwiches in the past – couple hundred dollars per day
Abby will look into other options we could do for food (Van’s donation or small individually wrapped items/snacks?)
36 staff total, about 25 eat per day – Lolita verify and share with Katie
Katie report back in a week on pricing

Action Items



I am Joesy, the P.E. teacher at Kessler. I am working with another teacher on a grant and one of the items on the grant is explaining other funding sources. The grant we are working on is getting heart rate monitors for one class that they would wear every day they are at school to help students apply social emotional learning skills being taught in class and to use to track effort level and heart rate zone while in P.E. class.

Part of the technology is assessment software that is aligned to national learning standards in P.E. and social emotional learning. This software will be very beneficial with communicating to students and families regarding their progress. The license is $300 per year so we are trying to secure funding sources for subsequent years of paying for the license.

I am wondering if I can get added to the next meeting’s agenda to introduce the project we are writing the grant for and ask if Parent Council would be willing to help fund the license as well as provide fundraising ideas to make it all happen?

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to talking with you!

Joesy Rye
Physical Education Teacher
Hawthorne Elementary, Kessler Elementary

“Happiness is the highest form of health.” – Dalai Lama