Parent Partnership Meeting August 27, 2020

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting

Thursday, August 27, 2020, 6:00pm

Virtual – Zoom



  1. Treasure’s Report
    1. Account balance – $5,335.21



  1. Recent Board Member Changes
    1. Two board members have resigned due to leaving Kessler



  1. Upcoming Expenses
    1. Scholastics? – Teachers still wanting, roughly $2100 – approved
      1. What about lower enrollment? Already ordered back in Feb 2020
      2. Discuss next year in January
    2. Movie licensing? – Approximately $425 to show movies at all in the school
      1. Lisa – put on hold with the tight learning schedule and so many unknowns?
      2. Bill not due until Oct 1st
  • Lisa/Lolita check with teachers on need for this and possibly check on pushing back the decision



  1. Carnival Decision
    1. Baskets
      1. Find a way to sell them – agreed by the group
      2. Silent auction or at least viewing during next week’s conferences? No
  • Mandy – Bid via email or a site? Research
  1. Jessie to share info on what she has used, Annie to add her to the kpp email
  2. Those with baskets get pictures and specific list of items and send to Abigail (email) by Sept 17th
  3. Annie will put together the email for people with baskets to send info to Abby (email)
  • Looking at auction the 1st week in Oct
  1. Donated Drinks/Candy – Give to the teachers in their lounge
  2. Carnival ticket sales money – How much?
    1. Given to Jill last year
    2. No parents has asked for it back until now, leave it in the parent partnership fund and return if someone asks



  1. Fall Fundraiser
    1. Plans with the current environment
      1. Pause on the decision to hold one in addition to the basket auction and maybe look at the spring
      2. Smart boards from last year have not been installed, Callie said they would be the next maintenance project after current work being done.
  • Maybe look at small things, like restaurant nights, during the year – Jessie Herbert-Meny offered to help, as is Beth Lewis
  1. Abby – Amazon Smile reminder
  1. Focus for the money?
    1. Wait to see what kinds of requests come in
  2. Effortless fundraiser we have done?



  1. Requests
    1. Letter to teachers about projectors and budget situation with current environment – Annie will write it up



  1. Upcoming Dates
    1. September 17th – Next Parent Partnership Meeting – 6:00 pm


Other Notes

  • Kessler masks – Maybe make one with the kids – how to get this to them if we do it?
  • No Treat Shop this year, maybe something else later in the year
  • PACS(sp?) Good Behavior game – district has adopted it (in the last year or two) – too much going on to start it now
    • Parent letter coming out on it later in the year when they are ready
  • Recess – Stay in their Family Neighborhoods (colors more by grade), 20 minutes once a day after lunch, toy bins stay in their neighborhoods
  • Schools need Chromebooks back if families don’t need them
    • K & 1st don’t need them as much as the older grades for those that are unsure if they should request them
  • Internet – Lisa will need to check into options (if there are any like last spring) and get that sent out
    • Felt like we were able to help Kessler families that needed it last year, still areas where can’t get good connectivity due to location
  • Building Improvements – New offices up front and security doors, double entry (can get in first door, but must be buzzed into second), new accessibility (concrete sidewalk) in front and back, new security cameras, new outdoor stairs, new counselor’s office, two faculty restrooms and lounge updates, will get new signage inside/foyer area, east side fencing change to make access to the corner more difficult to avoid congestion, new gutters, new flooring in 3 classrooms