Parent Partnership Meeting February 2020

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting

6pm at the Red Atlas; Thursday Feb 13, 2020

IN ATTENDANCE: Liz Ulrich, Mandy Needham, Katie Gilbert, Annie McCutcheon, Heidi Heavrin, Kylee Hauck, Mrs. Lund, Mrs. Wester, Kim Hogberg, MaryEllen Fischer


Acct. Balance: $18,347.91

Remaining Balance: not including upcoming/new requests; $1,765

Smart Board purchase: estimated at $14,432 (8 purchased)

Upcoming expenses: Kids College; Carnival; Teacher Appreciation; Retirement Gifts


Epson Smart Projectors – 8 (1 free)@2,000.00 = $14,432

CARNIVAL: March 13th 4-7pm

Terah has a sign-up genius going out; we will need lots of volunteers!

Silent Auction: Annie, Abby, Mandy, Ashley T

Games: Katie and Heidi Heavrin (Aimee ordered prizes)

Food: Aimee and Holly


Kids College is finishing this week; Katie Clement can provide feedback; but overall seems to be going well for students and instructors.

Kessler Stickers were printed; all students were giving one. Stickers will be for sale at the carnival for $1.

Fence Cups: Holly McGraw is looking into and will report back.

Liz reported from the Parent Advisory Council: budget has been revised. Also, parents are asking what we can do to help the family of CRA student who passed away and shared the what is currently being done to support students who need/want to discuss.

Mrs. Fischer is asking the PP to pay for cookies for Family Game night on March 5th. This has been approved. She has purchased games for the evening which will then be given away to a few families that night as well.


Mrs. Wester and Mrs. Lund are asking for $420 to have Tanya Call and the Cohesion Dance Group to come teach the 3rd and 5th graders a dance which incorporates movement, music and props. PP asked teachers to check into other sources of funding; and to see if there were still funds in the school budget. The motion was approved to help provide funds for this after we hear back from teachers what other resources they had/can get into place. Third and fifth grade families may be asked for a $3-$5 donation to help cover the costs. With upcoming expenses and Smart Projector purchases, the PP is being watchful of the current balance but wants to support this great idea for the third and fifth graders.


Feb 26th 5th grade ski trip

March 13th Carnival

March 28th-April 5th: Spring break

April 9th Next PP meeting 6pm