Parent Partnership Meeting 11/7/2019

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting

November 7, 2019


IN ATTENDANCE: Liz Ulrich, Lisa Lowney, Mandy Needham, Annie McCutcheon, Abigail McLane, Katie Gilbert, Anne McCoy, Anna Jayne Pentecost, Amber Chenoweth, Holly McGraw, Kylee Hauck, Nicole Evans, April Prescott, Heidi Heavrin, Katie Clement


*Fundraiser total: $10,885

*Account Balance: $20,840.09

*Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on Nov 12 & 14.  Please consider donating/helping with the luncheon the PP provides the teachers on each of these dates.  We are still in need of items on the 14th. Use the sign-up-genius to find out how to help, thank you! Or contact Katie Gilbert at 438 7970

*Clay Day will take place on Tuesday December 3rd.  If you are interested in coming to help please watch for upcoming signup genius.  We need helpers as all of the students will rotate through the gym to paint/glitter their holiday ornament/gift. Holly and Katie are working on a schedule that will be shred soon. Contact Katie Gilbert if questions/you can help.

*Spirit Week/Holiday Giving:

  1. Monday Nov 18 is PJ day
  2. Tuesday Nov 19 is hat/crazy hair day ..bring $1
  3. Wednesday Nov 20 is Kessler day/wear your school colors
  4. Thursday Nov 21 is wear blue to support Child Grief Awareness
  5. Friday Nov 22 is cat/griz day… fill the jar with a donation for your team

**ALL money raised will assist Kessler families with meals/gifts this holiday season


*Directory: Thank you Amber Chenoweth for putting together the student Directory!

*Kids College: Katie Clement will be looking for individuals to teach a hobby/skill/etc for three Wednesdays in February.  Please be thinking of how you could contribute and/or team up with someone and teach together!  Some ideas have been: baking, basketball, coding, clay, Zumba, origami, wood working, etc.  Please watch for more info to come and contact Katie Clement if you have an idea/way to help. Thank you!



*Exploration Works Field Trip/All students:

Aimee Shanight is getting info together in hopes to get all students to Exploration Works during this school year.  The science fair falls at the end of January, so that month might be a great month to encourage science activities.  Exploration works will offer group and individual experiments at a cost.  The PP group agreed that if Ex works could arrange group/individual experiments that were designed for each grade level; the PP would like to pursue paying for the buses and cost of groups/individuals to attend. This would benefit ALL students at Kessler and we would use the dollars we have raised during the fundraiser.


*Decals/Stickers: Mandy Needham has the initial proof for the stickers.  We will order ten to see if we’d like to proceed with a larger purchase.  Mandy is waiting for an additional quote to be sent for the stickers.  The logo has been updated and approved.


*Fence line Décor: Holly McGraw is contacting Kim Quinn regarding the ‘fence cups’ that have been placed in Granite Street in prior years.  The PP group agrees it would be nice to add this décor to the Euclid fence line.  We are thinking about having it be part of the fifth grade celebration in the spring.


*The Kessler Carnival is set for Friday March 13th.  Annie is coordinating the silent auction baskets; Katie Gilbert is coordinating the games; Aimee Shanight is coordinating the food.  Small groups will be established for each in order to make our carnival successful again.  Katie Gilbert is contacting Kevin at Helena Photography regarding the photo booth. Katie Clement is contacting Capstone Church as they have brought in the bounce house and other activities (outside/weather permitting).


UPDATES: Mrs. Lowney has a contact for the ball wall reconstruction.  If the PP would like to proceed with this we can continue the discussion at upcoming meetings. We would need to discuss location. There might be some connections for supplies, donations and labor.  This topic is up for further discussion.  Mrs. Lowney also shared that Kalli Kind has provided drawings from an architect regarding the granite fence line enterance/exit.  Liz is working on getting a group together to further the playground discussions.



  1. Lowney is asking for a $200 donation (that PP does each year) for the Helena Symphony. The HS puts on many free productions during the year for students as well as a spring production for the 4th and 5th graders each spring. This has been approved.
  2. $192 was approved to pay for the carpet cutting/binding for the new music room/Ms. Evans.
  3. Holly McGraw is asking for $350 for a webinar training for 5 people on “Zones of Regulation” which the SLP and others highly recommend as a way for students to learn how to regulate their emotions and reflect on themselves, their feelings during calm times and intense times. This has been approved and Mrs. McGraw and five other staff will then train everyone on the language and plan to use it school wide. Mrs. Lowney is in support as is the PP group.  For more info regarding Zones of Regulation please contact Holly McGraw.


*There was lengthy discussion regarding how to go about approving/purchasing the technology each teacher has requested.  The PP has asked Mrs. Lowney to visit with each teacher once more about their final request/wish so we can work on our purchase order.  Liz met with IT at the District Office.  She will find out on Tuesday Nov 12 from Tyler Reames what the District plans are for purchasing SmartProjectors for all teachers at Kessler, as there has been some different info shared with individuals regarding this.  If we do not need to use our funds on SmartProjectors than we will be able to proceed with other purchases.  The PP did approve to purchase 2 Ipads now for the Library and 2 Ipads for the Rescource Room.  Along with 15 screen protectors and covers.  A meeting may be called during December to help move purchases along.  Mandy Needham and Heidi Heavrin are looking into how to purchase these items in the most cost effective way.   If you have additional feedback, info regarding technology please contact Liz Ulrich.



Nov 4-21 Niceness is Priceless Food Drive

Nov 18-22 Spirit week/holiday giving fundraiser

Nov 27-29 Thanksgiving Break

Dec 3 Clay Day

Dec 12 Family Night 6pm Faculty vs 4/5 graders basketball

Dec 13 9:30am Holiday Program at HMS Auditorium

Dec 23- Jan 3 Winter Break

Jan 9 PP Meeting

A December PP may be added; if so you’ll receive an email.  It will be strictly regarding technology purchases.


If there are edits/additions/etc please contact Katie Gilbert at