Parent Partnership Meeting 10/10/19

Kessler PP Meeting
6pm at Red Atlas meeting room
October 10, 2019
Liz Ulrich, Aimee Shanight, Annie McCutcheon, Mandy Needham, Katie Gilbert, Abigail McLane, Terah McLane, Jill Burger, Amber Chenoweth, Hanna Marron, Julie Fowler, Ashley Bryson, Kylee Hauck, Nicole Evans, Anne McCoy, Ali Suchy
Current Balance: $17,887
Fundraiser total: $7,480 (to date)
Outstanding at this time; $2,940
Our fall fundraiser ends today, Oct. 11. In order to make technology purchases for our school, Liz, Mandy and Abigail are planning to meet with the District regarding plans for future tech purchases and find out installation fees, etc for any of the technology the PP purchases for students/teacher needs. Liz to report back to group and then will proceed with purchase at November meeting.  Thank you to all of the great supporters of the fundraiser this year.  We are grateful to all of those who donated.
Katie and Annie will continue to update thermometer and get the prizes distributed. Jill is depositing the checks.
P/T Conferences: Terah and Katie will get a signup genius sent out on Nov 1st for our luncheon that we provide the teachers on Nov 12 and Nov 14.  Teachers shared that they have enjoyed the luncheon in the years prior and we are glad to put this on for all of them. Please be watching in early Nov for a signup genius and see how you can help! Extra hands during set up and clean up are very helpful. Thank you!
Clay Day: Clay day will be one day this year rather than two. Mary Werner generously fired nearly 300 ornaments for students. Katie Gilbert and Holly McGraw have scheduled Tuesday December 3rd to paint/decorate ornaments (which will as a gift for their families this holiday).  The ornaments are Montana animals. Students we are interested in working with clay will have the opportunity to sign up for clay building with Mary and Katie in the spring during Kids College.  There will be a sign up genius sent out asking for volunteers to help with this day project.  Thank you in advance for considering helping out.
Carnival Coordination:
Silent Auction: Annie, Abigail, Mandy and Ashley Toner
Games: Katie and will we need others! Please let Katie know if you can help. Kevin at Helena Photography needs to be contacted for the photo booth and Capstone Church for their volunteers as well.
Food: We need a small group of people willing to organize food. Aimee will be the contact on this group. Thank you!
Other items: Mandy is ordering Kessler Cougar stickers to sell.  Liz and Aimee are looking into the cost of adding more décor to the fence line on Euclid which would be similar to the blue and yellow cougar paw on the Granite Street fence line.
Anne McCoy plans to meet with Mrs. Lowney next week regarding traffic/cross-walk safety on Granite street.  Often times during after school pick-up, parents are parking on yellow curbed areas which blocks the cross-walks.  We are looking for ways to resolve this.
Mandy Needham is looking into “Growth Mindset” .. a program that would benefit all students; she will bring more info to the next meeting.
Holiday Fundraiser: During the week of Nov 18-22 we will have some dress-up days for students and encourage $1 (or choice of donation) for our holiday giving fund (which helps Kessler families during the holidays).
Monday the 18th: PJ day
Tuesday the 19th: Crazy sock day
Wednesday the 20th: Kessler spirit day
Thursday the 21st: Hat day or crazy hair day
Friday the 22nd: Cat/Griz day
*** We will need to post this in the building for students to see.
Ali Suchy has been trying out Rocket Math online/free trial for her 5th grade students as a way to quickly practice multiplication and division math facts.  $104 for ’52 seats’; therefore all fifth graders can use.  It’s a one year purchase with access to the program at home as well.  The PP voted yes to fund this for the fifth graders.
Nicole Evans, music teacher, was given a large area rug and she needs it bound by the Floor Show; this will cost $150.  She is also asking for 30 ‘sit-spots’ for $45 which can be placed on the rug so students have a designated spot to sit during music class.  Nicole is waiting to hear from the flooring company to see if they’ll be able to complete her project.
Terah may be reaching out to the Missoula Children’s Theater regarding a spring performance at Kessler.  She will bring information to another meeting.
The next meeting is scheduled for November 7th.  Annie will keep us posted on where we will meet.
Dates to know:
Oct 17&18 NO school
Nov 12-14 P/T conferences
Nov 27-29 Thanksgiving break
Dec 12 Family Night at Kessler
Dec 13 9:30am Holiday Program at HMS
Dec 23-Jan3 Winter Break