Parent Partnership Meeting August 2019

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
August 22, 2019, 6:00pm
Muni’s Grill
Liz Ulrich, Lisa Lowney, Katie Gilbert, Holly McGraw, Mandy Needham, Abigail McLane, Kelly Koon, Amber Chenoweth, Ashley Bryson, Kylee Hauck
Co-Pres: Aimee Grmoljez-Shanight & Liz Ulrich
Co-VP: Abigail McLane & Mandy Needham
Co-Sec.: Katie Gilbert & Annie McCutcheon
Co-Treasures: Jill Burger & Terah McClain
Jill shared that we are currently at $14,810.69; and outstanding requests are $6,242.28
Open House: Aug. 27th 5:30-7:00pm; classrooms open from 5:30-6:30pm;
*Pizza will be ordered and picked up by Katie Gilbert (paper plates too)
*Otter pops will be taken care of by Aimee
*Juice/water is currently at the school; napkins as well
*Jill will get change
*Annie will help make sign
HEF Carnival Classic; Sunday Sept 8th 11-3pm at Memorial Park: we have asked Penny to bring her snow cone business.  We are in need of Kessler parent volunteers to help take cash as Penny makes snow cones.  Terah is willing to make a sign up Genius to help organize volunteers.  Thank you to any parents who are willing to come help for 30 minutes or an hour.  Penny sets the prices for the snow cones, Kessler typically gets one dollar for every snow cone sold.
Mrs. Lowney shared the progress that was made at the school over the summer; exterior painting; parking lot repairs were made, kinder classrooms have moved out of the basement; mobile unit in place and will house the computer lab and music room; gym floor was redone; draining pipes were installed outside of Entry 11; wood chips were added under play equipment; work order has been placed to the district regarding the soccer nets and securing them to the ground.
The effortless fundraiser will happen again this fall; there was discussion about what the main focus will be for the fundraiser.  The teachers and staff have voiced at the end of last year and again this fall that they are in need of updated technology. The PP is doing some research on costs of technology requests and have received from Mrs. Lowney what is currently in the building and being used by her staff for students.  The PP agreed to asking local businesses for donations; forms are being created for this as well. The goal is to have the letter out to families around Sept 16 and allow 2-3 weeks for them to be returned.  Katie and Annie will help create a ‘thermometer” type visual for students, and display in the school. so students can see what they are have donated for their school.  Incentives will be set for the students as a whole school as well.  Liz will contact Kyla regarding the form and the updates that need to be made.  Liz will touch base with Terah regarding printing/etc.  The PP is looking for ways to enhance students learning if technology purchases are made; suggestions of apps that teach coding, typing, duo-lingo, etc. All apps would have to be approved and installed by the district. The technology purchased could also be used during Kids College. Mandy shared that there may be individuals willing to come in and teacher Kessler students some coding classes. She also shared about a program called ‘growth mindset training’ that she will look into and get info back to the group.
AmazonSmile: if you shop on Amazon please remember to use amazon smile, which can help earn money for Kessler upon purchases.
Restaurant nights: Kelly Koon is checking with several restaurants in town and will report back to the group
The PP shed was taken down and items consolidated and placed in shed outside of gym. Currently looking for a storage place for the basketball hoop that takes up lots of space in the shed; still need to keep for the carnival in the spring.
The snack program is still a discussion as the numbers have waivered the passed years.
Amber Chenoweth is taking care of putting together the Student Directory again this year.  Thanks Amber!
The next meeting will be Sept 12. Location TBD