Parent Partnership Meeting May 9, 2019

Parent Partnership Meeting

May 9, 2019

In attendance:  Liz Ulrich, Annie McCutcheon, Abigail McLane, Hanna Marron, Mandy Needham, Kylee VanHemelryck, Kelly Koon, Ashley Bryson

April minutes were approved

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking account balance: $15, 448.24

Outstanding balance:  $8, 955.96 remaining

Upcoming expenses:  about $800 (Teacher’s Appreciation Day, Field Day)

Field Day Planning:

Katie, Liz, Holly and Kelly have met to discuss a few new activities for this year.

New activities include:  obstacle course with rubber chicken toss, Bubbles, Board walk (that Kyla has offered to make), Hula Hoop soccer and pin the mustache on the teacher.

Terah is working on a signup genius that will be sent out May 15th.

There were no funding requests.

Principal Lowney’s Updates:


Mobiles will be in place in August before school starts.  The work will start next Thursday, May 16th.  Currently, the school plans to have the computer lab and music room in the mobiles.  5th grade and Kindergartens will be upstairs – utilizing the current 5th grade rooms, computer lab and music room.

Ball Wall: 

Mrs. Lowney is still waiting to hear from the district on repair for the ball wall.  5th grade parents are anxious to see this done – so 5th graders can paint the wall or make an alternate plan.


Officers will remain the same for the 2019-2020 school year.  We will continue having co-officers, as this seemed to work well. There was some discussion on having the VP’s run a couple of the meeting next year – so they gain some experience.

Presidents:  Aimee Shanight and Liz Ulrich

Vice Presidents:  Mandy Needham and Abigail McLane

Treasurers:  Jill Berger and Terah McClain

Secretaries:  Katie Gilbert and Annie McCutcheon

Topics of Discussion: 

Fundraising 2019-2020 School Year

We have identified technology as our focus for next years fundraising.  Mrs. Lowney has agreed to help tally/inventory current technology so we know where each classroom stands at that start of next schoolyear.

The group agreed to stick with one big fundraiser:  Effortless Fundraiser – in the fall.  Liz would like to see a group meet at the end of the summer to start working on it… Hanna, Amber, Kyla, Mandy, Abigail and Ashely B. have agreed to help.  We would like to get kids, teachers and families more excited about this.

Some ideas were:

Supplying teachers with a bowl of candy for students who return their envelope.

An otterpop party for each classroom that has every student return their envelope.

A prize for the student who raises the most money.

Making posters and/or videos

Having an assembly to talk to the students and teachers about the fundraiser and rewards.

Placing emphasis on what we are raising money for.

Continuing to reach out to corporate sponsors.


Nature Space:

This is an ongoing discussion.  We still don’t have a set plan on how to keep up this space.

Katie Clement was going to reach out to Capstone church to see if they would have interest in helping.

There was a consensus that the students at Kessler should be involved in taking care of this space (not as a punishment) but to show care and pride for their school.

Annie is going to draft an email for Lolita to send to teachers – asking if care for the Nature Space could be included in the buddies program and or Nature Mondays.  She will also ask if each class would be willing to spend 10-15 minutes pulling weeds before the end of this schoolyear.


Mrs. VanHemelryck is going to reach out to Mr. Pickens for updating the reader board.  We also need to clarify who decides what goes on the board:  Mrs. Lowney, Mrs. Carter, Parent Partnership, etc.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, August 22nd