April Parent Partnership Meeting

Kessler PP Meeting Minutes
April 12, 2019  6pm

IN ATTENDANCE: Liz Ulrich, Holly McGraw, Lisa Lowney, Michele Ford, Abigail McLane, Mandy Needham, Ashley Bryson, Amber Chenoweth, Katie Gilbert, Kyla Kauffman, Annie McCutcheon, Dustin Pickens, Anne McCoy, Hanna Marron

Minutes from the February meeting were approved.

1. Checking acct balance: $16,126.35 ($10,722.17 after expenses)
2. Outstanding payments: $5,404.18
3. Upcoming expenses: about $800 for teacher appreciation day & field day

1. Carnival made: $4,076.75
2. Baskets made:  $2,160
3. Expenses were: $886.86
4. Total Revenue: $3,189.89
Thank you notes: Annie and Mandy are working on a few thank you notes. Katie Clement is writing a note to Capstone Church; Katie Gilbert will get a note to the extra maintenance staff hired for after the carnival.

Notes for Carnival next year (2019): invite Capstone Church back for bounce house, cotton candy and football throw; hire Kevin at Helena Photography for photo booth (paid $300 to him for booth and staffing); we have plenty of prizes remaining; will need bags for kids to gather their items in; encourage volunteers by receiving free tickets as an incentive.  Number of tickets to be determined next year. Post volunteers so everyone has a place to check into their time/location

We will celebrate our teachers at Kessler the week of May 6-11! Several parents have volunteered at the meeting to help with gifts/donations/etc; but we will be looking for more help; an email to the PP group will come out soon; please find more info there or contact Katie Gilbert at 438-7970 if you have a something in particular that you’d like to do or be a part of! Thank you! As of April 17th, volunteers have been fulfilled.

Field day will be the last day of school; June 6th.  Field events are being planned by Katie Gilbert, Liz Ulrich, Kyla Kauffman and Kelly Koon.  We will confirm with Mrs. Lowney as well. Katie will contact Terah McLain regarding a sign-up genius after the activities are scheduled/set.

4th grade teachers Michele Ford and Dustin Pickens are requesting Spelling City ($405) – which will benefit 3rd, 4th and 5th grades; ScootPad ($398) for 3rd grade; Sumdog ($375) for 4th and 5th, for a total of $1,178; all programs will supplements current curriculum and will be used during rotating stations.  The request was approved by the group tonight.

Lisa Lowney is getting exact data as far as how many chromebooks are currently in the building; how many Ipads (at what grade level) there are and what needs there are for updating technology in the future, as this will guide the PP group fall fundraiser if need be.

1. BFG Family night: the overall consensus was that for future movies we might consider showing smaller groups of students the movie in the gym during school hours as parents and kids socializing during ‘family night’.  Pizza, cookies, and water were a success that night as was the turn-out of families.
2. Nature space: Lisa Lowney checking to see if the Eco club would like to volunteer to pull weeds; as well as create a family sign up for the summer to help out as well.
3. Ball Wall: Lisa Lowney is looking into some kind of ‘cap’ for the top of the ball wall as it’s currently disintegrating, but students continue to use it at recess and enjoy having it on their playground.
4. Reader Board: Mr Pickens has volunteered to get the reader board on the side of the school building up and running again.  Thank you Mr. Pickens!
5.  Running club information just came home to students.

1. April 18th Mr Jeff Day  (Annie McCoy working on putting together a gift for him from the PP)
2. May 3rd is Vigilante day
3. May 9th PP meeting; location to be announced
4. May 16th Family night at Montana Wild from 6-7pm
5. May 27th Memorial Day
6. May 31st School BBQ 11:30-12:30

1. Lisa Lowney working on a scoreboard replacement with Kalli Kind.
2. Fourth grade parents should be aware that volunteers will be needed at the beginning of the fall for the 50’s bash; which is a non-school related event; but many volunteers are needed.
3. Mobile unit will most likely be added to the school grounds sometime between August and November.  Classrooms will stay as is until mobile units are in place.  Volunteers may be needed if teachers have to relocate their classrooms during the school year.  Lisa Lowney will keep us updated.