Parent Partnership Meeting 2/21/2019

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
6pm February 21, 2019
IN ATTENDANCE: Liz Ulrich, Abigail McLane, Mandy Needham, Ali Suchy, Holly McGraw, Dustin Pickens, Kylee Vanhemelryck, Britney Kelly, Hanna Marron, Amber Chenoweth, Emily Hankins, Angela Jones, Lisa Lowney, Lolita Carter, Katie Gilbert, Terah McClain, Michele Ford
Minutes from the January meeting were approved.
1. Current balance is $13,686.11
2. Outstanding payments: $453; $300 will be paid to Kevin at Helena Photography for the photo booth at the March 15th Carnival.
3. Monthly payment of $100-200 for snacks
4. Upcoming expenses: Carnival, Kids College, Teacher Appreciation Day, Field day
1. Please sign up to help for the carnival on March 15th on the signup genius that has been sent out. There are lots of ways to help.
2. Baskets: Annie, Mandy, Abby have contacted the teachers in regards to what they are collecting from families for the auction.
3. Food: Holly, Liz, Darci, Aimee and Hanna are coordinating the food.
The movie the BFG will be shown; PP will be providing pizza. We are budgeting about $180-250
Annie McCutcheon has drafted a ‘home page’ for our Kessler website; it was approved.
1. There is a possibility that Kessler could receive a scoreboard from the elementary building that’s being closed.
2. The plans to place a modular on the property, just south of the outside basketball courts are in place; work will begin April 1st and will be up and ready for teachers to move into as of August 1st.  All safety requirements will be met for students while work is in progress, including a fence around the work site.  Field day will need to make some adjustments when planning their outdoor activities.
The next meeting will be on April 11; location to be announced.
1. 4th & 5th grade are going to the symphony. There is no charge but a donation is always encouraged. Kessler typically gives $200.  We have approved the $200.
2. Tour the Capitol: 5th graders have been invited to the Capitol building for a tour.  The only fee is busing.  Busing funds from the school have been used, therefore a vote in favor for paying for busing was approved. Mrs. Lund and Mrs. Suchy will be taking their students. Cost will be between $80-100.
3. Printing: 2nd grade teachers Emily Hankins and Angela Jones are asking for $210 to cover color printing which will help them complete their supplemental games for their classrooms which provide enrichment to their current reading curriculum.
4. Scholastic News: The teachers who were present at the meeting all spoke highly of the Scholastic readers that PP pays for and has for years, stating that the reading, writing, match, science, social studies and technology components all provide enrichment to their students.  This has been approved for $2,124.28. Teachers have been asked by the PP to write up a summary as to what this offers so we are able to share this with Kessler families come the fall fundraiser.
5. IPADS: Kinder teachers Mrs. V and Mrs. Kelly are asking for 10 IPADS for Kinder use which would need to be purchased through the District for the cost of $2,940.  IPADS are much easier for Kinder students to use versus the chromebooks which require a login & password. IPADS will be used for a new reading assessment that kinder teachers will using this fall.  There was lots of discussion on this topic, looking at other options for purchasing costs to be lowered, but the district requires all technology purchases to be completed through them for future issues with repairs, etc. Mrs. Lowney is going to contact the tech department and see if there are any better deals they can offer. This was approved for purchase by the group.  The PP group has also acknowledged that updating some technology for teachers might be a good focus for the fall fundraiser.