Parent Partnership Meeting January 2019

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting 1/10/19

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
January 10, 2019
Held at Muni’s at BRGC
IN ATTENDANCE: Liz Ulrich, Abigail McLane, Katie Gilbert, Katie Clement, Annie McCutcheon, Heather Irving, Ashley Bryson, Kylee VanHemelryck, Emily Hankins, Lisa Lowney, Holly McGraw, Dustin Pickens, Amber Chenoweth, Hanna Marron, Terah McLain, Mandy Needham
Minutes were approved from the November 2018 meeting.
Holiday Fundraiser: raised $491.07
Holiday Fundraiser: spent $300.00
Checking account balance: $14,339.54
KIDS COLLEGE: Katie Clement shared info on the upcoming Kids College which is set for the 4 Wednesdays in February. Katie is looking for volunteers to teach students a hobby, skill, sport, craft, talent, etc.  Some classes that currently have volunteers are clay building, scrapbooking, woodworking, baking, etc.  If you or someone you know could teach a class or help with a class please contact Katie Clement at 431-8374.
1.  Emily Hankins and Angela Jones (not present) are requesting a supplement to their Journeys Reading Curriculum which they would used during their ‘walk to read’ time, to support all learners while they rotate through a variety of stations.  The supplement has games, worksheets, hands-on learning activites and more, which would include 60 pages worth of materials for 30 weeks.  The cost is $138 for both 2nd grade classrooms.  The group voted and this has been approved.
2. Emily Hankins and Angela Jones are also requesting “Exit Tickets” which is one years worth of questions that check for comprehension as students walk out of their classrooms  while transitioning to another activity. These tickets can be used year to year. The cost is $30.  The group voted and this has been approved.
Mr. Pickens shared that Sum Dog wasn’t purchased for the fourth grade students as requested for the 2018/19 school year.  The fourth grade teachers will plan to purchase for the 2019/20 school year.
Parent teacher conferences will be held February 5th and 7th.  The PP would like to provided lunch for the teachers both days.  On Feb. 5 we will be hosting a ‘tailgate’ theme during lunchtime. On Feb. 7 we will be providing sandwiches from Jimmy John’s.  Katie Gilbert and Terah McClain will work on the menu and sign-up genius which will be sent out to the PP group.
Kessler school carnival will be held on Friday March 15th. Katie Gilbert will be organizing the games; Annie McCutcheon will be organizing the baskets, Holly will be organizing the food.  There are many others contributing to getting the carnival up and running.  We will need lots of volunteers prior to and during. A sign up genius will be established so parents can see how they can help.  Katie Clement will call Capstone church regarding the bounce house; Katie Gilbert will contact Kevin and Helena Photography to see about a photo booth.
Liz Ulrich attended the PAC meeting.  With the 50’s bash coming up this spring we are in need of a Kessler parent or two to attend the meetings and keep the Kessler 5th grade parents informed.  Terah McClain has volunteered to be the contact person for Kessler; Annie McCutcheon said she would help.
Mrs. Lisa Lowey is talking with Paulette about the needs of the nature space at Kessler.  Paulette is looking for someone to take over the care or the nature space permanently.
January 30th is the Science Fair
February 5th & 7th – P/T conferences
February 21st – PP meeting
March 7th – Family Night
March 15th – Kessler Carnival
1.Heather Irving shared an option of a Run-a-thon fundraiser, which could be an option if we need additional funds. As of now the PP group doesn’t feel strongly about adding that to this school year.
2. Ms. Jones and Mrs. Suki will be heading up the Governor’s Cup training this spring.
3. Mrs. Lowney shared that there will be two mobile units placed at Kessler this spring. There will also be new gutters installed as there have been drainage issues on the roof.
Mrs. Lowney is currently interviewing Intermountain and Aware Agencies as Kessler will be bringing on a mental health team this coming fall of 2019.  Currently 7 of the 11 elementary schools in the district have mental health teams established; along with both middle and high schools.
4. Mrs. Hankins has asked for ‘printing costs’ to be added to the February agenda.