Parent Partnership Meeting Nov 2018

Kessler PP Meeting

6pm held at Muni’s -BR Golf Course

November 8, 2018


In Attendance: Liz Ulrich, Lisa Lowney, Katie Gilbert, Kelly Koon, Anne McCoy, Amber Chenoweth, Ashly Bryson, Shanna Kimball, Holly McGraw, Abigail McLane


Budget: Liz reported that the total raised from the fall fundraiser was $8,606.27. There were four business donations, still looking for more.  There is currently $14,400 in the checking account. 



1.  Shanna Kimball came to the meeting requesting ScootPad for both 3rd grade classrooms, which is supplemental to Successmaker and the program can be individualized to each student. Cost in $199/classroom.  This request was brought to the group during the spring of 2018 and denied as there were a lot of technology requests and the cost was great.  Mrs. Kimball has currently purchased ScootPad out of her own pocket as she feels very strongly that it’s a great program for her third graders.  A motion was made to purchase this program for both third grade classrooms.  Mrs. Kimball will be reimbursed $199.00.  

2.  Amanda Rambo is asking PP to purchase more snow bricks/cylinders for playground use during the winter. She’d like to get them ordered before we get more snow, therefore the PP group approved $150.00 for Mrs. Rambo to purchase snow bricks/cylinders. Mrs. Lowney will share this information with Mrs. Rambo. 


Upcoming Events:

1. PT Conferences: A sign up genius has been established and filled for luncheons on Tuesday November 13 and Thursday November 15. Please contact Katie Gilbert if you have any additional questions at 438 7970


2. Clay Days: November 16 & 30; Starting just after 10am on both of these days, students will be creating ornaments out of clay for their family. Mary Werner is firing the pieces.  There have been several parents volunteer to stop in and help on this day. If you are still interested, please contact Katie Gilbert at 438 7970


3. Holiday Fundraising: Friday November 16 is Cat/Griz Day – fill the jar with $ for your team; Monday November 19th is Hat day for $1; Tuesday November 20 is PJ day; All money raised will assist Kessler families with meals/gift purchases this holiday. 


4. Science Fair Projects: Mark your calendars!  Science fair projects will be due on January 30th. 


5. Kids College: Will be held all four Wednesday’s in February. If you have a hobby/talent/activity that you can share/teach or know someone who does, please contact Katie Clement. 


Directory: Amber Chenoweth is currently working on the directory. Information slips went home with students last week.  


Outstanding Items: 

1.There is still talk of trying to get a Spanish class/teacher to teach Kessler students.  One idea is to try to find someone to teach this during Kids College. If you know someone, please let Katie Clement know. Holly McGraw might have a contact name for this and will look into for us. 

2.Current lunch clubs at Kessler are Pokémon club & Art club

3. Kelly Koon revisited the topic of the Missoula Children’s theater. After speaking with parent of 4G’s parents, there were several things that popped up as far as requirements; therefore if we ever pursued we’d need to read the contract language closely.  MSC was a topic last spring, but due to many things happening at Kessler it wasn’t the right time along side the cost.  

4. Nature Space: we had a follow up conversation regarding the Nature Space on the Kessler playground; one idea is to assign each grade level one week during the spring to pick up trash and pull weeds. One idea for the summer is to create a signup genius and let families pick a week/s that they’d like to tend to this space as a family volunteer project. This was voted as a very good idea. Amber Chenoweth was to speak to her father as he’s a retired botanist and could help identify plants/trees/flowers/weeds.  Mrs. Lowney will contact the current caretaker and find out the specific needs of the space for adequate upkeep. 


Next meeting will be Thursday January 10th; location to be determined (Muni’s was great location as we had a quiet room & food was for purchase).  We hope to see you there!