Meeting Minutes 9/6/18

Kessler PP meeting
September 7, 2018
Downstairs of the Brewhouse 6pm

IN ATTENDANCE: Aimee Shanight, Annie McCutcheon, Liz Ulrich, Mandy
Needham, Katie Gilbert, Lisa Lowney, Lana Curry, Lolita Carter, Abbey
McLane, Ashley Toner Erwin, Mr. Pickens, Heather Irving, Mrs. Lund,
Katie Clement, Terah McClain, Kevin Molm

Beginning of the year updates from Mrs. Lowney:
*Front of the school had some updates over the summer to improve
overall appearance.
*Carnival Classic Sunday September 9th; volunteers needed, please us
sign up genius
*Open House was a success; PP made $167.10 (there are still some
outstanding receipts)
*272 currently enrolled at Kessler
*Looking into a new scoreboard for the gym; has reached out to Mr.
McMahon about purchase/donation.
*Need helpers for picture day on September 19th. Annie McCutcheon and
Katie Gilbert can help in the morning.  If you are able to help in the
afternoon contact Lolita.
*Playground equiptment is ok at this time.
*Dome has been installed.
*Resource officers will be making more of a presence at the school,
once a week, probably during lunch/recess.

Reminders to everyone about drop off and pick up safety. Be sure
students are getting in/out of vehicles on the sidewalk side of
Granite, not into the street. Lisa & Lolita looking into additional
signage for traffic.

Balance:  $6,331.00
Still some outstanding bills, including:
A few receipts from open house expenses (water and otterpops)
Movie license $420.00
Sum dog for 4th grade $247.50
Spelling City for 3rd, 4th and 5th $442.30
Snack Program $2,500.00 (paid to Vans monthly)

Kiss a Pig, last day of school, raised $118, thank you Mrs. Lowney!
(hasn’t been added to our total)

Aimee, Liz, Katie, Kyla, Annie and Terah are working on the changes
and additions to fall fundraiser letter.  It will go out in the middle
of September with a return date of the early part of October.
Snack program will be mentioned, water filters for the new water
stations and additional playgrounds needs.  Discussion on adding
benches/pavillion at some point. Discussion in progress.

Mandy is asking SOFI about matching donation. Liz is looking into
Corporate donations

Annie is looking into missing reps
(K) Mrs.V:  Mandy
(K) Mrs.
(1) Mrs. McGraw:  Abby McLane
(1) Mrs. Gates:  Ashley Erwin
(2) Mrs. Jones:  Annie McCutcheon
(2) Mrs. Hankins:  Mandy Needham
(3) Mrs. Kimball:  Terah McClain
(3) Mrs. Wester:  Liz Ulrich
(4) Mr. Pickens: Aimee Shanight
(4) Mrs. Ford:  Heather Irving
(5) Mrs. Suchi:  Annie McCutcheon
(5) Mrs. Lund:

Annie is working on a mission statement for Parent Partnership webpage.
Heather Irving has offered to facilitate a Jog-a-thon this spring; we
will look forward to hearing more about this and how it might work for
a spring fundraiser.

October 11th 6:00