Parent Partnership Meeting 3/22/2018

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting
March 22, 2018
6pm at The Staggering Ox
Minutes from the February meeting were approved.

IN ATTENDANCE: Aimee Shanight, Liz Ulrich, Terah McLain, Mandy
Needham, Hanna Marron, Anne McCoy, Kelly Koon, Katie Gilbert

Aimee reported that Kalli Kind has approved the purchase of ‘the dome’
for playground. The price for the dome is $1,500.00 with a shipping
cost of about $500. PP is in hopes of purchasing the dome right after
spring break (early April) as it will take at least 5 weeks to arrive.
It’s location will be where the current tire swings are (non-exsistent
tire swings).
With Kalli’s help and Pat Marron, they will be able to coordinate
staff to install the dome.

*Safety on Granite and Silverette still remains an issue at pick up
time. Many parents picking students up are parking in areas where
signage indicates otherwise, right next to fire hydrants, and too
close to the cross walks.  An email went out last week via Mrs.
Lowney; but observers haven’t seen much change in where people are
parking to pick up.
*The Granite street entrance gates still remain a topic of discussion.
Pat Marron and Brad Koon will be invited to the next meeting to help
resolve this issue.  The PP would have to consider spending up to $600
to move the gate/change the fence.  The PP group is hopeful to meet on
site next meeting to take a look at this issue.

Jill shared via email that the current balance is $10,183.89; Holly
McGraw ordered her books that were approved two months ago and will be
reimbursed for $659.20; Scholastic Subcsriptions are usually around
$2,000, which is due this spring; we’ll plan for $500-$600 for Teacher
Appreciation Week and about $200 for field day in June.

We made almost $3000 on the carnival which is $1000 more than last
year. Big thanks add to everyone who volunteered and donated items! We
have about $4000 in our account to spend and we will discuss that at
the April meeting..

*Teacher Appreciation Week
*Field Day

Terah McLain brought up the idea of having the Missoula Children’s
Theater come to Kessler. She is looking into more details to share
with us.

Katie Gilbert will visit with Mrs. Lowney about a campus cleanup day.
Katie will also touch base with Amanda Rambo about playground

Hanna Marron is contacting someone regarding the possibility of
teaching spanish to students at Kessler.

Aimee Shanight is planning to write a thank you card to Capstone
Church for the bounce house they provided us, cost free, at the
carnival; along with donating the extra pop & candy to them.

The next PP meeting will be on April 19th at Kessler in the library;
part of the meeting will be outside looking at the fence/gates.