Parent Partnership Meeting 1/12/2018

Parent Partnership Meeting
January 11, 2017
6pm at the Downstairs of the BH

Aimee Shanight, Lisa Lowney, Lolita Carter, Lana Curry, Annie
McCutcheon, Katie Gilbert, Kelly Koon, Terah McLain, Holly McGraw,
Mandy Needham, Amber Chenoweth, Ashley Bryson, Liz Ulrich, Hanna
Marron, Abigail McLane, Kelsi Hannan, Anne McCoy, Katie Clement,
Ashley Toner-Erwin

*Aimee reflected on the money raised just prior to the holidays; via
Bobcat/Griz donation, hat day, PJ day: $700 raised, all of which
helped families this past holiday.

*Clay Day was a success & the extra clay will be used during Kids College.

*One of the water stations was installed yesterday; the other two need
to be installed still, but waiting on an electrician.

*The Holiday Program that Mrs. Curtis put on was a huge success.
Thank you again Mrs. Curtis!

*$142 was spent to use/pay staffers of HMS for the Holiday Program.

Current budget is $7,200

2 requests were presented:

1. Holly McGraw has requested Rigby leveled readers for 1st and 2nd
grade; 18 different titles; 108 books at the cost of $659.20.  Motion
passed for the purchase of these books for the students.

2. Lolita Carter has requested for the teachers; Scholastic Readers
for the 2018/19 school year.  When these are ordered early they are a
better price, which is $2,000. Feedback from the teachers is that they
really like scholastics and are useful to them.
Motion passed for the purchase of the Scholastic Readers.

Katie Clement shared the upcoming classes offered this year for Kids
College.  There are currently 11 classes being offered, she is hoping
for 17 or 18.  If you know of a volunteer that has a hobby or career
to share, please contact Katie Clement.  Kids College will be help
February 7th, 21st, and 28th.  Some of the classes that will be
offered are: Bread making, crochet, Scrap booking, Yo Yo making,
Sewing, Ex Work, Clay, Zumba, Pharmacy/Dentist.  Kids college will
take place at the end of the school day on the dates shown above.
*Please contact Katie Clement if you have something you’d be willing
to teach/share; or know someone that could be contacted. Thank you!

Liz Ulrich attended the parent council meeting;
*The 50’s bash for the 5th graders is coming up; Liz asked for a
parent from Kessler to attend these meetings, Aimee Shanight has
*The search for a new superintendent is still underway; the board is
hoping to have someone hired by March 15th.
*The gifted and talented program reaches about 500 students in the
Helena School District.
*January 23rd: a discussion will be held regarding school lunches;
please attend if interested.

The Kessler School Carnival will be held on March 16th, with the theme
being ‘St. Patrick’s Day’.  PP needs many volunteers! Committees were
formed for the Carnival. At the next PP meeting (February 15th AT
KESSLER) the committees will meet briefly after the meeting; please
attend if possible.  Katie Gilbert will check the shed to see what may
be leftover from years past carnivals.  Silent auction & raffle ticket
ideas were discussed.  Annie McCutcheon and Holly McGraw are working
on these items.

Jill Burger
Jenni Swartz
Holly McGraw
Amber Chenoweth
Ashley Bryson

Annie McCutcheon
Ashly Toner-Erwin
Mandy Needham

Katie Gilbert
Kyla Kauffman
Abby McLane
Kelsi Hannan
Katie Clement

If you have interest in a committee & can help please contact any of
the people named; an email will go out to the parents asking for help
with games during the carnival as well as sending donations; pop,
gatorade, candy, baked goods (for cake walk). Thank you!

Aimee Shanight, Hanna Marron and Liz Ulrich will be discussing with
Lisa Lowney some options for improving our playground.  During the
winter, the entrance gate onto the playground (Granite Street) is very
icy, slick and enters at a slope.  One suggestion is to look at having
the gate moved to a non-sloped area.  Lisa Lowney will be looking into
this.  Aimee, Hanna and Liz will also be discussing the possibility of
adding a new piece of playground equiptment (the dome).

P/T Conferences will be held on February 6th and 8th. PP will put on a
luncheon for the teachers.  Holly McGraw confirmed that this is
helpful to the teachers during the lunch hour and the menu that has
been provided in the past is great.  Please watch for an email
regarding how you can help this February.  Thank you!

1. Discuss Carnival
2. Discuss Field Day
3. Discuss Teacher appreciation week
4. Discuss the need for a spring fundraiser; papa murphys pizza cards,
read-a-thon, cookbook

This concludes the minutes for the PP meeting. The next meeting will
be held on February 15th at Kessler School.  If there are
additions/corrections/changes to the minutes, please email me back on
this email.
Thank you,
Katie Gilbert