Parent Meeting November 9, 2017

Parent Partnership Meeting
November 9, 2017

PRESENT: Annette Heinrich, Katie Gilbert, Annie McCutcheon, Holly McGraw, Katie Clement, Liz Ulrich, Ashley Bryson

Minutes from the October 2017 meeting were approved.

TREASURER”S REPORT: Jill submitted the treasury report via email; the bank balance is $9,965.16.  Jill is waiting on monthly bill from Van’s for snack program $174.26; Spelling City (5th grade) $119.90 (Jill is waiting to hear from 5th grade teachers); “Wonder” movie field trip
$250.00 (Micah is figuring out who the check goes to); HMS rental fee for the holiday program (Lolita said we can pay it once they have billed us, amount unknown).

Treasurer’s report from the month of October was approved.

Total raised this year from the annual fundraiser: $7,551 The group feels that we might need an additional fundraiser.  Annette shared of creating Kessler cookbook; more discussion in January.

PARENT COUNCIL: Liz will attend the meeting next week; she asked if there were any issues at Kessler that the District should know about.
One concern came from Mrs. McGraw regarding a request Mrs. Kimball has made for new desks for her 3rd graders.  She has received some, but not all. Annie is checking with Mrs. Kimball & Mrs. Lowney in regards to this.

Installation of the new water stations are delayed due to the resignation of the district’s plumber.  Kayce Koeler was going to check with her husband to see if he knew of someone that might be willing to donate that installation project for us.  I will touch base with Kayce to see if she has any leads.

KIDS COLLEGE: Katie Clement shared the kids college program she runs in February.  We determined that at the January meeting we will get focused on volunteers, etc. Holly was to visit with the staff about some potential dates for kids college; the group is leaning towards 3 Wednesday’s in February, the 7th, 21st, and 28th. (We agreed to not hold a kids college on the 14th, which is Valentine’s Day).

SCIENCE FAIR: the science fair is on the calendar for January 31st.

1. A request for shovels (for winter fun) has been made by the playground staff (Mrs. Rambo).  Numerous individuals have concerns over buying plastic shovels for the kids as they break easily, are sharp, are used for other things that have caused students to get into trouble; there for the group has recommended some other ‘winter’ toys, such as ‘snow brick’ molds.  Annette was going to do some price searching and report back.

2. A request for outside play equiptment (basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, tether ball & jump ropes) has been made by the playground staff.  PP agrees with this request but would like to wait until a little closer to springtime.  Holly McGraw mentioned having a color coded system (such as kinder has all red game balls, 1st grade – green, etc.) might help students keep track of their equiptment.
Holly was to check with Mark McCauley about who he orders through and if he had any recommendations.  Holly will report back to PP.

Aimee, will you please let Mrs. Rambo know that these are still in discussion.

CLAY DAYS: Jenni S. & Katie G. visited last week about Clay Days.
Jenni said she would call Mary W. and see if she was still willing to use her kiln to fire students clay projects. Currently waiting to hear back from Jenni.  Katie will help to move this forward as well.

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE LUNCHEON: Next Tuesday and Thursday the PP will be providing lunch for the teachers starting at 11:30. Jenni and Katie have come up with a menu (Tuesday/Soups & Sides; Thursday/Tailgate). Jenni emailed the PP and has assigned individuals with various foods/dishes.

HELPING KESSLER FAMILIES: We will extend our donation jar into the December holiday season as we haven’t received much yet; Annie is working on a schedule that will give students some opportunities to wear PJ’s, hats, jerseys, etc for
$1.00 (if they choose to participate) to help with donations.

HOLIDAY PROGRAM/DVD: The holiday program will be on December 8th at HMS at 9:30am. In the past the program has been video taped and DVD’s have been sold at the front office to parents/families. There was conversation brought up regarding Kessler students privacy, and some parents/guardians have signed paperwork stating they do not want their children in pictures/videos, therefore the PP has decided to get more information. Holly McGraw is to speak to Mrs. Lisa Lowney regarding this topic.

We will not be meeting in December. Our next meeting is scheduled for THursday, January 11th at the Downstairs of the Brewhouse at 6pm.