Parent Partnership Meeting Minutes October 12, 2017

Kessler Parent Partnership Minutes; October 12, 2017
Downstairs of the Brewhouse 6pm

IN ATTENDANCE: Annette Heinrich, Katie Gilbert, Annie McCutcheon,
Jenni Swartz, Lisa Lowny, Lolita Carter, Hanna Marron, Amber
Chenoweth, Micah Kemper, Terah McClain, Agibail McLane, Ashley Bryson,
Mandy Needham, Liz Ulrich, Sarah Perry

BALANCE: Terah McClain
Current balance is $5,596.
$3,276 has been raised from fall fundraiser; those in attendance
tonight have decided to extend the deadline to this coming Wednesday
Oct.18th.  Jill just informed me that after picking up today’s
envelopes there’s an additional $3,140; therefore our fall fundraiser
is currently up to $6,416. Business fundraiser forms will be emailed
out next week.

Two motions have been passed:
1. PP will fund the headphones for the 3rd grade (Ms. Wacker)
classroom; total of $119.70.
2. PP will pay the fee for the use of HMS for the holiday program, a
cost of $140.  (The busing will be covered by the
school/transportation budget, which will cost them $350).

Here are the highlights from the meeting Liz attended;
*The search is underway for the new Superintendent
*March 2018 ~ East Helena will vote on new High School
*Community Service project: Bruin Pantry is underway
*One School, One Book: Central School is looking for a partner school
to read/get together with
*Technology insight: Parent council is asking if each school is
feeling ‘up to par’ with technology in their buildings; Lisa Lowney is
going to ask the her staff and give an update.

*Lisa Lowney shared that both 4th grade classrooms received chrome
books through Title 1 funding.

*Jess Krogue has been working on a logo for our parent partnership to
use ~ thank you Jess!

*Safety: Thanks to Ann, Liz (and her husband) for helping as crossing
guards in the mornings; if there are other interested in helping
please us our Kessler Signup Genius ~ thank you! More helpers are
always needed.

*Aimee & Jill were contacted regarding the business letter for the
fall fundraiser.  Liz Ulrich found and an email will be send out on
Monday to parents asking them to reach out to a business they may know
of that might be willing to donate.

*Bravo Store: due to lack of storage space and feedback from parents;
there is no longer a Bravo Store happening, but students are still
receiving bravos and they are being collected within their classrooms.
Michah Kemper debriefed the group on this topic.

*Directory: Jenni & Amber said the directory is currently a work in progress.

*Costume Event: Annette said that the first annual ‘costume swap’ was
good.  Even though there were only a few that showed up; the school
acquired some costumes; Lolita said that those will get used the day
of the parade, as many students don’t have a costume to wear.

*Trunk-or-Treat: will take place on October 30th, from 6-7

*Jenni S. & Katie G. will be coordinating the food for the staff for
Parent/Teacher Conferences this fall. We will either set up a sign-up
genius or contact individuals over the phone for help. Thank you!

*PP has helped food share in the past and there was discussion again
regarding how to help.  We have decided as a group that for this
Thanksgiving season we will have a large jug/container for students to
put coins/cash into that will help families this season.  Annie is
creating the jug/container.  It will be a the front office and will
begin prior to the trunk-or-treat night and finish during the week of
Thanksgiving. There was discussion that there will be another
opportunity to provide to food share (canned/boxed food); maybe at the
holiday program at HMS and/or the carnival.  This discussion is

There were three written requests:

1. Micah Kemper, the school counselor, is working with the fifth grade
students on a kindness project which will conclude by taking the fifth
graders to the movie theater to see, Wonder. Her request is for $425;
50 people, $5.50 for a movie ticket and $4.75 for a snack pack.  Mrs.
Kemper is grateful for any dollar amount that the PP will donate is
willing to do other fundraising activities with the 5th graders in
order to cover the cost.  Many students do not have the opportunity to
go to the movie/nor have they been.
***PP made a motion to contribute $250 to this outing for the fifth graders.

2. Angie Daily, speech pathologist, has a written request for a newer
speech assessment that would help students with articulation.  There
were many questions regarding what Angie currently uses that Lisa
Lowney answered to the best of her ability; but the group concluded
that there were so many unanswered questions, we would like to invite
Angie to visit with us at a future meeting regarding her request and
provide some clarification. Lolita said she would ask Angie to come to
a future meeting.

3. All schools get to attend the Helena Symphony at the Civic Center;
Lolita said the fee is $200; the ***PP has approved this request.

Lolita has asked the PP to discuss & decide which individual from the
PP will be in contact with her regarding all emails that go out to
parents & when. It has become confusing to her when several PP members
are emailing her with slightly different information.

The next meeting PP meeting is on Thursday, November 9th at 6pm in the
Downstairs of the Brewhouse; Annie M. has this reserved for the group.

This concludes my notes from the meeting; If I have forgotten
something/there are errors or additions, please respond back to this
email. Please inform my by noon on Monday, Oct. 16th; then I’ll make
the additions/corrections and the notes will be sent to Lolita to be
posted. Thank you, Katie Gilbert