Newsletter May 19, 2017

Happy Friday Cougar Families! Looks like the weather is prettying up for the weekend! That’s GREAT! I hope you all have fun things planned for you and your kids this weekend.

School is winding down for the year. We are under 100 hours of schooling left before summer, but we still have LOTS to get done. Please remind your kids that we have work to do, school expectations are still in place, and they need to be kind, focused learners up until the end.

Yesterday was our Volunteer Appreciation event. It always reminds me of how fortunate this school is to have so many people willing to share their time and talents with the kids. It makes such an enormous difference in their lives. Big thank you to Mrs. Curry for putting it together and having yummy nummins for all of us to enjoy.

Spring Benchmark testing is taking place right now. It’ll give us a chance to share with you the growth your child has made this year. I’m proud of their hard work and the amazing things the teachers have done this year to know each of the kids and make the lessons fun and engaging for all of them.

My time here at Kessler School is winding down. I’d like to thank all of you for the trust you placed in me by sharing your amazing children with the school. I love all of them and I am excited to see what the future holds for them. I have been blessed to serve here for five wonderful years and I am most thankful for the things the kids have taught me over those years. This staff is fantastic and loves your kids and will continue to love your kids. I know life will go on at Kessler, but know that a piece of my heart will forever sit in this building and with the people who make the Kessler community amazing. Thank you!

Have a safe and fabulous weekend!

Mr. C