Parent Partnership Meeting April 2017

Kessler Parent Partnership Meeting Agenda

April 13, 2017

6 pm, Kessler Library


In Attendance: Craig Crawford, Lisa Lowney,  Lolita Carter, Justine Alberts, Michelle Ford, Claire O’Connell, Annette Heinrich, Jill Burger, Jenni Swartz, Julie Vollertson, Terah McClain, Mandy Needham, Kyla Kauffman


Special Guests: Pam Attardo and Luke Muszkiewicz; both candidates for School Board.


Introductions and question of the month: Claire


Review and acceptance of February minutes: Jenni


Treasurer’s report/Balance: Jill

Balance                  $9,672.85

Outstanding          -$   460.80   (McGraw’s books Previously approved)

                             -$1,845.43   2017-2018 Scholastic Subscription


Kids’ College recap: Claire

Katie Clement will organize again next year.


Carnival recap: Claire

Our net is $2,005.46  This is already in the “Balance” of the account

Claire will help with organizing next year


Requests: 3

Craig – 4 basketball hoops; $3,400 or a partial amount-Approved $2,000

Shanna – online Mystery Science subscription for 3rd and K; $99-Approved

Laura – music band; $83-Approved

Justine and Michelle – Subscript Grades 3,4,5-Approved up

up to $1,500.00 Subscript Grade 4    $114.48-Approved Subscript Grades 4-5    $200.00-Approved





Teacher Appreciation Week: May 8-12 (Day is 5/9)

Mon- Katie Gilbert: Apples and Caramel Sauce

Tues- Luncheon

Wed- Support Staff brings breakfast

Thurs-Kyla & Terah: fun supplies

Fri- Claire: Flowers


Mrs. Begler is retiring

Mrs. Terrio is leaving

Mr. Crawford is moving to Bryant School


Next Meeting: May 11, 2017; Kessler Library, 6pm


Agenda Items: New officers, Field Day and Water Fundraiser, Retirements and leavings, Tentative August meeting date