Newsletter March 3, 2017

Hello Kessler Families! Happy Friday to all of you! It sure seems like the weather is trying to let go of winter. We are still working on being smart and safe on the playground. We need snow to stay on the ground….ice to stay on the ground….and, as it melts, we need the kids to stay clear of the mud. Won’t be long before it’s all grass and they can run their little hearts out.

We are two weeks from the Spring Carnival. ALWAYS a great time. Special thanks to the Parent Partnership for always doing such an amazing job with this annual event. It sounds like this could be one of the biggest and best ever! Please contact the school if you are able to help out. The more volunteers we have, the betterĀ it goes.

Thanks again to Katie Clement for the WONDERFUL Kids’ College this year. We are soooo fortunate at Kessler to have the parents and volunteers that help make things special for the kids.

Three weeks until Spring Break. Hard to believe how fast the year is going. We are easing into state testing season. There are some that will be completes before the break and others will await us after the break. The teachers are working hard with the kids to squeeze all the learning they can into them. As those test days draw closer, just remember- plenty of sleep, a nutritious breakfast, and words of calming reassurance to just try their best will help your kids show their stuff.

Please spend some time chatting with your kids about school rules. We have been getting rather “handsy” on the playground and not saying the kindest of things. I know the weather may have caused some cabin fever in our little darlins, but we have had a few drift away from what they know they are supposed to do. I think some Spring Cleaning of our restlessness will benefit all of us.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Mr. C