Newsletter February 17, 2017

Hello Cougar Faithful! I hope this finds all of you doing well and preparing for some wonderful things on this upcoming three-day weekend. The weather is warming up just a bit and the roads are much more accessible. Montana offers us a wonderful existence for sure!

HUGE thank you to Katie Clement and all the volunteers who have this year’s Kids’ College going amazingly well. If you haven’t yet, go to the facebook page and look at those faces. You will see miles of smiles and kids focused on the learning opportunities they are being provided. It is great seeing kids from across grade levels learning and sharing.

I have had guest teachers in the building compliment our kids as being some of the best they work with within the district. That’s a wonderful compliment and speaks to the great parenting you are doing and the strong relationships that are forged here at Kessler by this amazing collection of educators. While I AM proud of that, it doesn’t mean we can’t improve. Please help me in instilling kindness in our kids. I am asking them each day to give out two compliments to different people. Hopefully someone they don’t know. I want us to build on our community strength and show our kindness and compassion even more. It makes a difference for all of us.

The weather is adjusting and it seems we may still have grass out there somewhere. Continue to help us in teaching the kids to leave snow and ice on the ground. Our playground incidents have been fairly minimal, but we HAVE had some issues. Miss Mann and Mr. Dave are doing a wonderful job of maintaining safety on the playground.

We have added 22 students to our family since we returned from the holiday break. That’s a 9% increase in enrollment in a little over 4 weeks. (Wish my bank account could do that!) So thankful to have these amazing kids come join us. It creates some opportunities for volunteers to come in and work with the classroom teachers and help get everyone on the same page. Each grade level has times they can use additional people to help work with the kids. Check with your child’s teacher or ANY teacher about how you can help make things better for the kids.

Have a safe weekend!

Mr. C