Newsletter December 9, 2016

Happy Friday! We are just a few short hours from the program! Mrs. Curtis has worked so hard with the kids for this year’s show. It will be remarkable. Your kids are so talented! Remember, we will bus them over AND bus them back to Kessler. If you want to pick them up after the show, you are most welcome to do that, but please do it at the school.

Next Thursday, the 15th, will be our annual 4th and 5th grade versus the staff basketball game and some holiday cookie decorating. The kids qualify to play by doing the Hoops for Heart fundraising through Mr. McCauley. The Carroll women’s basketball team will be here to referee, coach, keep score, and maybe play a little. It promises to be a wonderful time!

Make sure the kids are coming dressed warm! If it is zero or above, we will go outside for recess. The kids want to go out regardless of the temperature! Also, please put their names on their stuff. I was able to return some gloves and coats and hats I found on the ground because of having names in them.  Next week has the potential to be just as cold or even colder.

Have a wonderful weekend and hope you can make it to the show today!

Mr. C