Parent Partnership Meeting November 2016

Kessler Parent Partnership

Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2016

6 pm, Kessler Library


Introductions and question of the month: Claire


Attendance: Claire, Annette Heindrich, Mandy Needham, Paula Golson, Liz Ulrich, Holly McGraw, Jenni Swartz, Lolita Carter, Craig Crawford, Kayce Koehler, Kyla Kauffman, Katie Gilbert, Aimee Grmoljez, Terah McClain


Review and acceptance of October minutes: Jenni


Treasurer’s report/Balance: $9,936.99


Parent Advisory Council Report: Liz reported to us the points of discussion were the fire at HHS, EH working on getting their own High School, Helena High’s accreditation and online giving to the schools.



Thank you letters to donors: Aimee


Business sponsorships: Rocky Mountain Computer Supply,, Drake Law Firm, Dick Anderson Construction, Greta Wacker Tupperware, Robert Peccia & Assoc, Jessica Mongelli, PLLC, Performance Injury, WIPFLI CPAs and Consultants


Amazon Smile: Annette


Video of Christmas Program: Parent Partnership will charge $15 for the DVD’s.  Kevin Hamm will produce it.


Requests: Mrs. Crase and Mrs. Suchy have requested a subscription to Sum Dog and Spelling City for the 5th Grade classes.  Costs are $192 and $105, respectively.  This was approved.


Mrs. McGraw requested, for the 1st Grade and 2nd Grade, the following Rigby Reader collections….Nonfiction  6 copies of 18 titles for $691 and an additional 6 copies of 6 titles for a total of  $921.  6 copies of 6 titles were okayed for $230.40 + freight.


Craig Update: He is going forward with the four basketball hoops at a cost to Kessler of $3,300. The district will provide the installation in the gym. He hopes to have this done before Christmas. The water dispensers cost $1,500 each; this is ongoing and has been done at other schools.


Also noted,  on 12/21 Carroll College the Women’s  Basketball team play at noon.  The students will attend this game.


The Annual Students –vs- Teachers Basketball game will be 12/15.


November Conferences: Nov 15th and 17th

Tuesday’s theme: Baked Potato Bar

Thursday: Tailgating

The food will be ready for lunch which begins at 11:30 am

Please feel free to bring items!


Clay Days: Mary Werner, Claire O’Connell and Katie Gilbert will have Clay Days Nov 16th and 30th.


Bravo Store: 12/22 we will have gift bags for those items the kids will be purchasing as gifts.  Jenni S., Amie Renshaw and Aimee Grmoljez.


Science Fair: Feb 1st


Kids’ College: Katie C; February 8th, 15th, 22nd  Possible Read-A-Thon in conjuction with Kid’s College.  Aimee, Kyla, Katie and Holly will work on this.  Proceeds to go towards books.  The admin costs are $300 + 15%.


Next Meeting:

January 12, 2017; Kessler Library, 6pm