Parent Partnership Meeting October 13, 2016

Kessler Parent Partnership

Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2016

6 pm, Kessler Library


Introductions and attendance: Katie Gilbert, Emily Hankins, Annette Heinrich,

Kyla Kauffman, Holly McGraw, Terah McClain, Ginger Ratzlaff, Laura Curtis,

Kayce Koehler, Annie McCutcheon, Amie Renshaw, Liz Ulrich, Claire O’Connell and

Jenni Swartz


Review and acceptance of September minutes:


Treasurer’s report/Balance: $11,309.75



Effortless Fundraiser….How much did we make? $8,575


Effortless Fundraiser expenses? $94.48


Thank you letters to donors: Aimee (Possible delivery to parents at conferences?)


Business sponsorships: Aimee, Jill, Jenni Copies of the letter will be at all meetings and can be given out throughout the year.  Please let Jenni S. know which businesses you will be giving it to as we don’t want to bombard any single business.


Going forward? Claire will set up an Amazon Smiles Account for Kessler School.

Possible Community Night at a local restaurant.  Committee to discuss.


HEF Carnival: Went well; raised about $150.


Kessler Carnival:  Note that it will be March 17, 2017.


Bravo Store:  Amie R. proposed we have a gift wrapping table at the December store so the students can have any gifts wrapped.  10/14 update: Most items are small and in baggies.  Maybe small gift bags will work best.  The December Bravo Store is scheduled for 12/22 from 8:00-8:30 AM.  The Playground Paras have agreed to let us do this.


School Directory: Jenni


Parent Advisory Council:  Liz is the Kessler School representative.  She notes that Mr. Copps will stay through the next Bond, there are only 6.9 Full Time Nurses for the Helena School District’s 6,000+ students.


Recycling:  Liz will head up this project with the Recycling Challenge that the Parent Advisory Council is having that will take place from October to June.  There is a grant for $250 through this challenge to cover some of the expenses.



Ginger Ratzlaff, US Presidents set of books and ebook set; Cost to PP: $778.40 (library to pay the other half)

Marc McCauley: $750 for Cub Companions

Emily Hankins: $400 for 4 Osmo stations


Craig Update: He is going forward with the four basketball hoops at a cost to Kessler of $3,300. The district will provide the installation in the gym. He hopes to have this done before Christmas. PP will need to decide how much of this we want to fund.


The water dispensers cost $1,500 each; this is ongoing and has been done at other schools.


November Conferences: Nov 15th and 17th

Tuesday’s theme: Baked Potato Bar

Thursday: Tailgating

The food will be ready for lunch which begins at 11:30 am


Next Meeting:

November 10, Kessler Library, 6pm

Babysitter: Catherine B.