Parent Partnership Meeting September 2016

Kessler Parent Partnership

September 8, 2016

6 pm at the Kessler Library


Introductions and attendance:

Claire O’Connell, Terah Mcclain, Holly McGraw, Annette Heinrich, Kayce Koehler, Jill Burger, Kyla Kauffman, Craig Crawford, Annie McCutcheon, Jenny Swartz, Jenny Peterson, Aimee Grmoljez, Kelly Koon, & Amy Renshaw


Review and acceptance of August minutes: Claire O’Connell made motion, Jenny Peterson 2nds, all verbally approved


Treasurer’s report/balance: $3,990.97

  • Snack program: $409.49
  • Open house: made about $30.00
  • All expenses that have been approved are paid
  • Total = $2,972.23


Open House: Monday, August 29, 5:30-7pm

  • Went well
  • Welcome Parent Partnership Table: worked better than having PP members stand there – parents felt free to look at info. and sign up without feeling pressured
  • Thank you for the great display in entry way – many compliments
  • Suggestions: sell water next year and make sign with prices more specific


HEF Carnival: September 11, 11-4pm Basketball Game

Setup: 10:30-12pm – Craig: bring basketball game, Amiee & Annie bring banners, stickers, chairs, sign for $1 to play and table

12-1pm: Claire

1-2pm: need helper – ask parents to help with e-mail through Lolita

2-3pm: need helper – ask parents to help with e-mail through Lolita

Cleanup: Craig

Thank you to Emily Hankins for helping with Sign Up Genius.

Sign Up Genius – only one person signed up using this method.


Fundraiser: September 21 – October 12

Letters to Kessler Families

Kayla shared letter and suggested not to put separate section for snack program – others agreed. Possible suggestions to add to list of things Parent Partnership pays for: soccer goals, cub companions & snack program (be clear that is a supplement for children). Add to letter how much PP needs to pay for everything we do in a year. Have the option to do cash or check (make sure to put in letter who to make check out to) distribute paper copy to students to take home. Have parents sign and return with their children. Child gets a bravo for bringing back to teacher. Suggestion: Teacher who has the highest % of letters returned gets $100. Holly McGraw will check with Mrs. Gates about obtaining envelopes. Another option is to buy envelopes. Annie volunteered to fold letters and put them in envelopes.

Letter to Businesses

Specific request ideas to put on letters:

  • Basketball hoops for gym:
    • 1 goal with installation = $700
    • Need 4 goals for a total of $2,800 to $3,000
    • Suggestion: put the name of the business and the goal(s) they pay for, not all businesses should be advertised in gym (use discretion)
  • Water bottle filling stations: $700 ea.
  • Recycling for school: $450 a year
    • Note: Nestle has funded this in past years but has decided they are not going to this year.


Directory: Leslie Walton will help Jenny Swartz put directory together.


Requests: none


New Business:


Snack Program: Teachers and parents are confused about who the snacks are meant for. Clear up this confusion by informing parents and teachers the snack program is a supplement for students who cannot bring snacks or forget their snacks at home.


PP meeting suggestion:

  • start meeting by asking if anyone needs to leave early
  • if someone needs to leave early ask them if any of the topics of discussion are important to them
  • cover that topic before she/he leaves


Next Meeting:

October 10, Kessler Library

Babysitter: provided by Annette Heinrich