Parent Partnership Meeting August 2016

Kessler Parent Partnership

August 24, 2016

6 pm at the Brewhouse Downstairs


Introductions and attendance:

Claire O, Lolita C, Annie M, Katie G, Aimee G, Kyla K, Kayce K, Annette H, Holly M, Jenni S, Liz U, Craig C, Jill B, Kelly Koon & Amy Renshaw



Review and acceptance of May minutes: verbally approved


Treasurer’s report/Balance: $5,787.56

– Scholastic: $1,796.59

Total = $3,990.97

(Received a check for $270.20 from Spring Helena Area Community Foundation fundraiser. We should do this again if we are invited.)


Note: There was a net loss of approx. $6,900 for the 2015-2016 school year


Open House: Monday, August 29, 5:30 – 7 pm

Pizza: (Last year 15 cheese and 15 pepperoni)

Soda/Cups: Costco- Aimee and Katie

Popsicles: Costco- Aimee and Katie

Napkins/plates: Costco- Aimee and Katie

Welcome PP table: To be set up in foyer

Tri-fold: Annette will make a table top tri-fold

Brochures: Review, Claire

Sign up lists: Claire

Claire will also be the cashier

Teachers will be there from 5:30-6:30

1 slice of pizza+soda+treat=$2

2 slices of pizza+soda+treat=$3


HEF Carnival: September 11, 11-4pm Basketball game

Aimee will set up a Sign Up Genius and send it to Lolita to distribute


Snack Program: Lolita and Craig Cost is about $300 month.  Holly McGraw expressed her gratitude for the program.


Fundraiser: Review letter, Kyla Change suggestion to $50. Also an addition on the backside to support the snack program.  Letter to parents to go out mid-September.  Business letter will also include the option to purchase an ad space in the directory.



Lolita: Movie renewal licensing, $408 Passed


Requests (cont.)

Craig is looking to request water bottle filling stations in September.

Holly McGraw – Rigby Readers

25-30 licenses for I READ program



New Business:


Meeting Attendance:

  1. Ask teachers to invite a parent from their class to come to the next meeting.
  2. Contact those who signed up at Open House to volunteer and invite them to the next meeting.


Craig expressed the need to concentrate on getting classroom volunteers this year.  It is important to have the time planned and organized to make the most of the volunteers’ time.  It can be tricky with the school schedule with PE, Music, etc.


Staff changes:

  1. Nurse: Blanche Sturtz
  2. 5th Grade: Ali (Richards) Suki
  3. Para: Terry


Lolita has a new meal time system.


Next Meeting:

September 8, Kessler Library