Newsletter September 9, 2016

Happy Friday, Kessler Families! It’s been a fabulous week having the kindergartners join in the school. LOVE their smiling faces and inquiring eyes and honest voices (apparently, Mr. C needs to lose a few pounds ).

This weekend is the HEF Carnival Classic out at Memorial Park. Your Parent Partnership is hosting a booth. This is just one of the many things Parent Partnership does for the school. Here is a link to use if you can volunteer to help for just an hour this Sunday.

The Parent Partnership will be sending home a letter next week outlining their goals for this year’s fundraiser. They are trying something different this year. No selling, no products, just asking for you to donate if you’re able. Before the letter gets there, I’d like to list out some of the many wonderful things Parent Partnership has done for the school. First, lets look at the word “Partnership”. It truly is. The Parent Partnership is why we are able to do school supplies like we do. They help manage the money and allow us to offer school supplies as affordably as we do. Helping them helps us do that. They have paid for the new soccer goals we enjoy on our soccer field. They produce the student directory each year. They fund a snack program that helps ensure no child will be without a snack at school if they were unable to bring one. They have funded visiting artists to the building and assembly programs like Miss Montana coming last year. They put on our Spring Carnival, Kids’ College, and Field Day. They provide meals for teachers on conference nights. They have put so much technology in the building for all students to use in addition to funding libraries of books for kindergarten and first grade. I could keep going, but I think you can see that YOUR Parent Partnership makes Kessler a much better, friendlier, and happier place for ALL the kids. I hope when you see the letter, you will truly consider becoming a part of the group and also help contribute to the many great things they do. Goals for this year include water bottle refill stations in the school, additional basketball goals in the gym, and funding to continue our recycling program just to name a few.

I am starting this year’s Dude Dining today. We have changed it up just a little. I am going to work through grade-levels versus going with a student from each class. Last year we saw that the kinders were really sheepish at the start of the year and the 5th grade was….well….not as interested at the end of the year. SO I will start with 6 kids from 2nd grade during first lunch and work down to K throughout the year and 6 kids from 5th grade and work down to 3rd throughout the year. Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Curry are using our Intouch system to notify the parents I will be calling. I’ll announce the kids’ names on Friday mornings.

Fall benchmark testing is just about done and great lessons are being taught. Your kids should be coming home with itchy brains. Proud of the efforts they are giving. The teachers here are the best. They work so hard and are getting the best from your kids. So proud of all of them.

Lost and found is starting to fill up. Yep…, jackets, lunch boxes, sweatshirts. Please come check for your child’s things. We’ll need to empty it out more frequently this year.

Please remember to pick up your kids on Granite Street after school. The buses will block off the parking lot in the afternoon to help keep the kids safe as they load up to go home. Also, vehicles on Silverette make it difficult for the buses to get out and get going on their routes. Parents have times they are expecting the bus riders to be at their stops and if the buses get delayed, it gets parents understandably worried. Picking up on Granite helps us keep everyone as safe as possible and helps the dismissal process go as smooth as it can.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for all you do for OUR school.

Mr. C