Newsletter September 2, 2016

Happy First Friday Kessler Families! It’s been a wonderful first week with your kids! They came in and got right after it. By 8:45 Tuesday morning all we could hear was the gears turning in brains.

Thanks for helping us get off to a great start this year! I hope your kids have come home with happy stories about week one. Our kindergartners join us on Tuesday. That will add some new excitement to the mix. Looking forward to their sweet faces.

Have an excellent weekend. The Parent Partnership meets next week. Please attend if you are able. They plan on having child-care available. They’ll meet in the library at 6:00 on Thursday.

Remember- car pick-ups at the end of the day should ONLY be made on Granite Street.

Enjoy the three-day weekend!

Mr. C

Craig Crawford

Kessler Elementary School
2420 Choteau Street
Helena, MT 59601