Parent Partnership Minutes 4/7/16

Kessler Parent Partnership Minutes
April 7, 2016
Kessler School Library

Attendance: Claire O’Connell, Annette Heinrich, Katie Gilbert, Holly McGraw, Ashley Buresh and Jenni Swartz

Items of Discussion:
Pending Items: Weekly Readers (Approx. $1800.00), Give Locally fundraiser $50

2016 notes needed from those who helped to organize. 2017 needs a shadow for Claire, someone who will take over in 2018.

Teacher Appreciation
Staff 40 people and Teachers only 15 to include Ginger, Marc and Laura.
Monday-Sharpie gift (Annette), Tuesday-Flowers (Claire), Wednesday – “May the 4th be with you” (Jenni), Thursday- Chili O’Brien’s (Claire), Friday-Carmel Apples (Katie)

New Officers
To be decided and voted on at next meeting.

Teacher Requests
Both Ashley Buresh and Holly McGraw expressed their appreciation for Parent Partnership purchasing the Rigby Level Readers for their classrooms. There are 6 each of 28 titles for both the Kindergarten and First Grade. (This purchase was $1,008.00)

-Discussion of how to get more participation from parents and teachers at our Parent Partnership meetings. Some ideas were 1) Teachers to directly ask select parents to attend and represent their class. 2) Offer child care during meetings.
3) Try a different meeting time. 4)Have a monthly update sent out to parents with what the current projects are and who they can contact if interested.

-Fundraising committee to coordinate their efforts with Conflict Managers and 5th Grade Party and 4th Grade Science Camp fundraising efforts. Annette suggested an AVON challenge to other schools may be fun as well.

-The trash along the fence lines and in the landscaping has been excessive. If we provide gloves, could this be one of the “jobs” for the Jobs Program? Communication with the contractor (source of most of the trash) building the along Overlook might help, as well.