Parent Partnership Minutes January 14, 2016

Kessler Parent Partnership
January 14, 2016, 6pm School Library

New Secretary: Kayce, Jenni and Claire will trade off until May elections

In Attendance: Claire, Kayce, Jenni S, Jenny P, Jill, Annette, Katie C, Brock Smith, Craig

Balance: $11,805.23

Big Ideas/ Goals for the year:
1. Play ground equipment and safety
-replace tire swings: This idea remains on hold.
-replace soccer goals : Brock Smith (Approx $3,000) This was approved by the group, Jill will order goals and balls, Brock will help with the set up/installation and with lining the field, Claire will call Diego as well.
-replace soccer balls, pinnies, basketballs, tether balls, etc.: At this time we plan to get new soccer balls for the PE classes and the playground

Teacher Conferences:
February 9th – This was funded by a business.
February 11 – Jill organized and others brought food and supplies.

Kids’ College – 3 weeks in February, Katie Clement to head – Thank you!
-Lots of variety, lots of volunteers, name tags for kids to keep and thank you notes and gift cards for the volunteers.

Carnival – March 11th, Western theme
-Baskets/Auction: Annette
-Games: Claire
-Food: Jenny P and Jill

Ginger Ratzlaff: $84.49 Legos for library -approved
Ashley Buresh/Holly McGraw: K and 1st books – $1,000 for reading materials for grades K and 1st for the range of needs in those grades
Miss Montana – $100 for visit with an anti-bullying platform
Next meeting: February 11th, Craig’s office (because of conferences)