Minutes November 12, 2015

Kessler Parent Partnership
Craig Crawford’s office

Attendance: Paula Golson, Kaycee Koehler, Claire O’Connell, Craig Crawford, Jill Burger, Jenni Swartz, Jennifer Peterson, Annette Heinrich, and Lolita Carter

Items of Discussion:

Pending costs: $600.00. TOTAL-Discovery tickets, Magazine holders $80, Angie Dailey’s printer $259.00 (Lolita has receipt for this) Magazine Holders $80.00, Mirror $25.00, Mrs.Kemper’s Books$30.00 Leap Pad/Pen $280.00, $150 microwave, Angie Dailey Requests $88 (Swings for playground on hold)
Snack Program for 2016 will be $3,000

Raised: $11,781
Costs: $1,414.00 and Discovery tickets
Changes for next year:
• Photocopy a ticket and instructions on how to fill them out.
• List fundraiser information and copy of photocopied ticket on emails from teachers, Lolita, website, and Kessler School Facebook page. Lolita to attach the website link in each parent email.
• Have all the packets/tickets/money go through the front office. Lolita will keep all money in the safe.
• Buy prizes from our budget instead of donations. Cash donations would still be favorable. We now have an EIN, so this process should be smoother. Look into calling Community Credit Union and Valley Bank again. Send letters out to parents in regards to sponsorship with the raffle. For example, Mergenthaler’s sponsored the beef donation this year.
• Better track of ticket numbers, as per a request of a parent
• Tracking each student who takes a packet and who’s returning tickets

Shanna Kimble/Jessica Wacker: Approved and Jill paid already $35.00 for Exploration Works field trip (for students who were unable to pay)
Angie Dailey: Request 1) $20 for cards w/characteristics for model behavior. (socialthinking.com) Approved.
2) Four sensory earphones totaling $67.96 Approved.
Microwave- Parent Partnership approved $150.00 (Lana)
Goals for the year
A replacement for the swing. Craig Crawford should have an answer to this and/or the hardware by January. Something similar to the boat swing in Centennial Park was mentioned as a replacement playground piece.
New Soccer Goals: Brock and Denise Smith volunteered this donation. Parent Partnership extending help with overhead costs if needed or any help with this process.

Changes to EIN/Non Profit Status: Completed!!
1023 Submitted, ID number established, Student Assistance Fund is now aligned with Parent Partnership Checking account. If over $25,000 per fiscal year, Parent Partnership must file a tax return. Fiscal year runs from 7/1–6/30
$400 paid for tax-exempt status. Fee paid out of the PP account.
Craig Crawford, Lolita Carter, Jill Burger are signers on this account
Jill Burger, Claire O’Connell, and Jenni Swartz are signers on the Parent Partnership Checking account.
Big Thanks to Jill Burger and Amie Shanight for working on this!
PDF copies, various binder copies left with Jill Burger and Lolita Carter.

Teacher Conferences
November 10: Lolita took care of the pizza order
November 12: Jenny Peterson-THANK YOU!! (Leslie Walton for spring conferences) Jill Burger and Paula Golson also volunteered for Spring Conferences.

Buddy Bench
Paid $125 and there will be a school assembly to introduce it’s use!

Breakfast before the bell:
This is doing very well and breakfast’s are up by 40%!!! $5,000 grant comes with this program!!!! Staff ideas on grant money: Computers in the classrooms, four goals in the gym, IPods for teachers, music items, and rugs in classrooms were all mentioned. January will be a goal month to have something in writing.

Clay Day-December 2nd and 9th tentatively. Claire to handle but needs volunteers to help for two days.
Kids College- February- Best for parents to organize, lots of phone time and it’s a four-week commitment. Jenni Swartz offered guidance with any parents wanting to take this task on. We will call parents on volunteer list. Discussion of Para’s helping.
Conferences-February-$200 budget for catering– Paula Golson can handle, can also help with making food. She can coordinate with Leslie Walton for spring. Jill Burger also said she could help if needed.

Carnival-Western Theme- Claire O’Connell to head, Paula Golson to help with basketball game and cake walk, Jill Burger, Jenni Swartz and Charlotte to help with concessions. Need various volunteers. Cleaning volunteers-check with Neil again. Will start advertising for volunteers come January/February. Jennifer Peterson and Annette Heinrich volunteered for various events.

New Idea for next year: Selling space (for ads) for parents businesses, on pamphlets, yearbooks and directory. Also working in conjunction with the annual 5th grade party. Action Print was suggested as use again this year.

No December meeting! See you January 14, 2016