Parent Partnership Meeting 4/9/2015

Kessler Parent Partnership
April 9, 2015
Kessler School Library

Attendance: Jenni Swartz, Paula Golson, Kaycee Koehler, Claire O’Connell, Craig Crawford, and Emily Hankins

Items of Discussion:

Pending Items: Chrome Books ($2784.00) Mrs. Crase I-Pad (same Invoice-Pending) Weekly Readers (Approx. $1400.00) Money in safe for yearbooks (Pending balance unknown until all sold) Photo Booth for carnival also still pending.

Kessler Carnival Recap
Big success this year, carnival made money (waiting on numbers) and we had a lot of volunteers! Claire O’Connell noted this success came from pushing for extra volunteers this year, printing out a paper copy about the carnival to be sent home to parents (in addition to the emails Lolita Carter sends out) The baskets were a great hit, and new games were introduced that were popular. Claire O’Connell purchased the gift cards for certain staff that helped, and Jill has already reimbursed her for this. Bubble suits were suggested as a purchase to keep for games for this carnival and for other various events.

Cascade Quartet
Wednesday May 6th. 45-60 minutes. $225- Great Falls Symphony
Voted Yes- Will have all school assembly

Teacher Requests
No requests
Suggestions: Laminators, printers, chrome books, smart boards/smart t.v.

School Bond

Kyla Kauffman attended. Concentrating on community outreach and getting message out to go vote. Information on this can go out with the weekly email.

Teacher Appreciation Week
Monday- Sweets (we all bring something)
Tuesday- Paula Golson- Luncheon in Mardi Gras theme from Chili O’Briens Catering
Wednesday-Kayce Koehler- Breakfast and coffee
Thursday- Claire O’Connell- Flowers
Friday- Jenni Swartz- Thank you cards and salad cups
PP items being stored in shed behind school. Who owns? Clean and Kindergarten class interested in sharing.