Parent Partnership Meeting 1/8/15

Kessler Parent Partnership

Kessler Library


Attendance: Craig Crawford, Lolita Carter, Jill Burger, Jenni Swartz and Paula Golson

Items of Discussion:


Jill reported $12,779.79

Pending Expenses: I pads for Mrs. Crase not ordered but budgeted @ $500 Chrome Books ($348 @ 8 $2,784.00) Movie License, Clay Day and Symphony

FEIN Number

$400 budgeted for this-­‐Jill, Aimee and Kyla will work together on this

Christmas Program Videos

65 ordered @ $10.00 a piece

Kids College

Jill Burger and Paula Golson can help set up. Other volunteers still needed. Jenni Swartz is currently working on getting volunteers to instruct the classes. Still taking volunteers for set up, classes, and clean up. Also still taking class suggestions. Will need nets for volleyball.

Suggestions: Self Defense, Military (Josh Clement), Fast Signs (Drone and Artwork), Exploration Works (Craig Crawford to look into) Confirmed: Sewing (Machines provided-­‐Music Room suggested for the class) Sewing and Art supplies may need to be supplied. Sewing class has 10 students thus far @ $15 a piece. PP can cover that cost unless additional classes are added, in which case we will refigure and possibly cover costs for those students who cannot afford the classes. Suggestions on raising money for these costs would be doing a hat day again, charging those parents who can pay anywhere from $1-­‐$3 and PP cover the remaining students.

Carnival: Friday March 13th 4:30pm to 7:00 pm

Claire suggested outer-­‐space and all are in favor. Need to order tickets and totes for prizes.

Games: Claire w/help. This is her last year~so wanting to train someone else. Paula Golson volunteered to help with games and train with Claire on games.

Food: Get detailed notes from Jenni Grovom. Need to find a volunteer to confirm to handle this.

Silent Auction: Suggestions were to possibly do a live auction instead. List ALL auction items. So we would need to know all confirmed items by a certain date. Two ideas were 1) Set a certain time to auction off all items and publish list and time 2) Auction off various items every half hour throughout the carnival publishing which items will be auctioned off at what time Last year 21 baskets were donated

Missoula Children’s Theater

Voted to table this for 2015

Playground Safety

Kyla Kauffman will be working on grant applications to improve the surface of the playground.


Lolita Carter requesting a monitor for a digital calendar where parents and staff can visibly see Kessler schedule and upcoming events. Suggestions to put it in nurses station behind glass or somewhere in office where it can still be seen but is in a locked secure location. 32” monitor estimated at $380. Pending costs would be tech costs to install, brackets ect. Craig Crawford to still look into the technical end of this to see if it’s possible.

Teachers lounge water-­‐ $135.25 total $$$ from the Carnival classic can be used to purchase a water filter.

Mrs. Hankins (Kindergarten) requesting dye cuts which all teachers could use. Requesting 7 various shapes. Estimated $300 budget-­‐ not including shipping. Can be ordered from catalog in which Lolita Carter can be responsible for the ordering.