Parent Partnership Meeting 9/11/14

Kessler Parent Partnership

September 11, 2014

Kessler School Library

Attendance: Craig Crawford, Lolita Carter, Karla Williams, Claire O’Connell, Jenni Swartz, Paula Golson, Kaycee Koehler, Amie Shanight, Kyla Kauffman, Ron & Gen Lacson, Kelly Koon and Emily Hankins.

Items of Discussion:


$5,176.70 as of last meeting

Income: Target $486.71; Open House $474.00

Expenses: Gifts for staff meeting $200.00; Brochure printing $110.00; Weekly Readers $1,253.22; ½ Beef for raffle prize $971.17, and Pizza for Open House $298.50

Ending Balance $3,304.52

Pending expenses: Sum Dog and Spelling City requests that were approved for Mrs. Alberts and Mrs. Williams. $500 per the requests. Also need to pay for raffle supplies and prizes.

Open House

(30) Pizza’s ordered; (4) cheese pizza’s left over $474.00 collected Suggestions for next fall: Include a sign up sheet for Parent Partnership meetings

Carnival Classic

September 21, 2014 Memorial Park 11-­‐4 p.m.

Canopy-­‐ Paula Golson provided; Claire O’Connell to take with her All volunteer slots are filled.

Claire O’Connell bringing the gunnysacks for the sack race, the banner and to buy candy.


School Mall-­‐ Aimee Shanight handed out packets to the classes, explained how it works, and Lolita Carter sent out an email to all the parents regarding this fundraiser. Goal is to return 40 books. This ends next Friday (September 19, 2014) Amie Shanight suggested to be looking at this years numbers and decide after that whether to continue with School Mall.


Starts Monday October 6, 2014 ending October 24, 2014. October 31, 2014 will be the raffle drawing!!! Currently making final decision on prizes for the kids who sell the most tickets. Prizes for raffle are as follows: ½ Beef, $500 cash, Family Package, and Fire Extinguisher $50 cash. Still accepting any cash donations. A volunteer for each grade, has been established who will collect the packets each week. Collections will be taken on 10/10, 10/17 and 10/24. Packets and money are to be given to Lolita Carter. Tri fold Kessler Parent Partnership brochure to be put in with the raffle packets.

Walk AT School Day

Walk to School Day is Walk AT School Day At Kessler on October 8, 2014

Directory Charlotte Lauerman will be getting the booklets together.


Two Cross Guards currently volunteering covering the week, working well. Copying for the teachers to save on printing costs-­‐ Paula Golson can commit to one day a week to help with that.


Mrs. Ratzlaff requested $75 to cover the registration for a librarian convention in October. She is already covering her own travel, meals and lodging expenses. This expense has been approved. Mary Werner requested help with water for the teachers lounge. Requesting either a PUR Water device (under $40) with two filters, (each filter under $30), another option would be to pay for the water to a limit, or best solution would be to help with a water cooler. KPP decided Craig Crawford could use the money from Carnival Classic, if he chooses to do so. KPP will go further into this topic with him.


There are concerns regarding lack of cushioning under the playground equipment. District supplying more pea gravel, but may want to look into additional solutions to make it safer. KPP wants to offer Mr. McCauley an extended $200-­‐$250 to his budget for Physical Education and gym needs. Claire O’Connell will email him regarding this