Parent Partnership Meeting 8/20/14

Kessler Parent Partnership

August 20, 2014

Jill Burger’s residence

Attendance: Craig Crawford, Lolita Carter, Jill Burger, Jenni Swartz and Paula Golson

Items of Discussion:


Jill reported $5,176.70

Weekly Readers Pending (last years two invoices total cost $914.39) This year additional teachers ordering – Directory (approx. $300) Discussed possibly targeting more businesses for sponsorship. Must keep $1,000 set aside for raffle prizes.

Open House Nicole Emineth can provide last years totals and helping organize Open House-­‐ Jenni S. will be sending emails for volunteers to work Open House. Sign up sheets for volunteers and TriFolds to be provided at Open House –Claire O’Connell to provide TriFolds (need to add in printing costs) -­‐ Soda Machine provided by Lehrkinds-­‐ Pizza (15 cheese) (15 Pepperoni) were sufficient last year.

Carnival Classic Paula Golson can provide a tent if needed. Volunteers needed to work this event. Held at Memorial Park. Gunny Sack Races to be this years event. Claire O’Connell can provide gunnysacks. 9/21/14 @ 11-­‐4 pm.

Fall Fundraising

Raffle-­‐ provided great fundraising-­‐ Touch base with Kayce Koehler regarding prizes (possibly do a 2nd raffle in the spring)-­‐ Ideas: Superior, Believe Kids Magazines or World’s Finest Chocolate.

School Mall-­‐ Suggested handing out information on this fundraiser at the Open House. Lolita Carter can also email the link to parents as well as any other function KPP wants put in the weekly updates that parents receive via email. Lolita must receive by Friday mornings. Jenni S. will confirm with Aimee Shanight that she has the School Mall geared up for the beginning of September.

Walk To School Day

Walk to School Day is Walk AT School Day At Kessler on October 8, 2014


Use Action Print (lower cost)-­‐ Charlotte Lauerman will handle again this year.


Staff meeting-­‐requesting gift cards (up to $250)-­‐Approved.-­‐ Justine Alberts and Karla Williams requesting $300-­‐$400 (estimate pending) to fund SumDog and $106.00 for (Covers both classrooms for entire year) Need to set aside money for new teachers to have what last years teachers received (Ipads ect.) Craig Crawford to get an inventory on Tuesday as to what teachers may need.


To save on printing cost, try to find volunteers to come in to Kessler and make copies for the teachers. Headphones to be considered into the budget costs. Big ticket items for fundraising: Additional licenses for Successmaker. Ten away from where we need to be (about $9,000) Macbooks, Ipads, Desktops ect. Crossguards-­‐ Will look into staffing and/or volunteers.